Russian military: ‘Space troops not yet ready to fight aliens’

Servicemen of the association of aerospace defense of the Central Military District deploy a command post with an acquisition radar of the S-300PS air defense system  (RIA Novosti / Vladislav Belogrud)

Servicemen of the association of aerospace defense of the Central Military District deploy a command post with an acquisition radar of the S-300PS air defense system (RIA Novosti / Vladislav Belogrud)

Despite being called Russia’s space troops, they are not ready to deal with invasions by aliens from outer space, according to a statement by a Russian defense official.

In a surprising move, an apparently serious journalist raised this question of extraterrestrial security during a media conference at the Titov Main Test and Space Systems Control Center near Moscow, Russia’s main satellite control center.

“So far we are not capable of that. We are unfortunately not ready to fight extraterrestrial civilizations,” the center’s deputy chief Sergey Berezhnoy explained.

“Our center was not tasked with it. There are too many problems on Earth and near it,” he added.

Titov space center, which is run by Russia’s Aerospace Defense Troops, controls around 80 percent of the country’s satellite fleet, both military and civilian. It is also engaged in launches of spacecraft and strategic ballistic missiles. The facility located about 40km southwest of Moscow is manned by some 1,000 officers and soldiers.

Russia’s space troops, in their current form, were created in 2011 through the integration of several military branches responsible for anti-missile defense, strategic anti-aircraft warfare and control of outer space.

Among its facilities are an early ballistic missile launch warning center with a corresponding network of radar stations, a center for space surveillance, the Plesetsk Military Cosmodrome and a strategic missile testing range in Kura.

While they may not as yet be able to deal with an alien attack, Russia’s space troops at least have extremely effective and high tech means for dealing with terrestrial issues and threats.


Published on Sep 11, 2013

I have received information originating from a well-known former General at the Pentagon; everybody knows this guy’s name. This information comes to me second hand, but I consider the go-between to be very reliable.

The information that I have received so far is that five of the US Military’s highest-ranking Generals have met with Barack Obama and warned him that if he orders an attack on Syria he will be arrested and charged with Treason for attempting to provide aid and comfort to our enemies, namely the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front in Syria.

The generals reportedly punctuated that statement with a promise that if he is convicted of Treason, Barack Obama will find himself swinging at the end of a rope at Leavenworth.

It’s ON ladies and gentlemen. I KNEW the military would not put up with this Traitor forever. You can also listen to the audio at

MAKE SURE THAT YOU SHARE THIS POST EVERYWHERE!!! We could be on the cusp of a historical event, and The Truth Is Viral is leading the charge!

PLEASE, Lord God in Heaven, let this be true!

God bless and SEMPER FI!!!
Bob Powell

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I will get Part 2, with much better audio, uploaded to Youtube later this evening. Until then the RAW version is available on the blog.

US military sick and tired of war, have no faith in government

Image from

Image from

The US government has no more credibility with the American people and the military that are “sick and tired” of war which has now lasted for 13 years, Gordon Duff, a marine veteran has told RT.
As President Barack Obama is seeking support from Congress for military action in Syria, anti-war sentiment among the population is growing. Earlier last week, images emerged on social media purporting to show US servicemen speaking out against a looming strike against Damascus.
People wearing military uniform are seen posing in front of cameras with posters saying they did not join-up to fight with Al-Qaeda in Syria. Those pictures cannot be verified but the Pentagon is reportedly already looking into the identities of those involved.

RT discussed the issue with Gordon Duff, a marine veteran and the editor of the independent news website, Veterans Today.

RT: So, how likely do you think that these images portray people who generally serve in the US military?

Gordon Duff: Well, since we have somewhere between – the polls estimate – 50% to 70% of Americans clearly opposed to operations against Syria. And members of the military particularly lost 5,000 killed fighting the same groups in Iraq that we’re supporting in Syria. So, members of the military from either side, and there are clear visions in the military, all – the left and the right – none of them have any reason to support Syrian rebels.

As for those people that we were seeing, I have no more verification than you do; the uniforms and medals look legitimate. We hear a lot of feeling about this from the military and there have been some very strong opinions from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, that he is strongly opposed toward military action in Syria.

Syrian rebels fighting pro-regime forces gather along a road in Syria's eastern town of Deir Ezzor, on August 17, 2013. (AFP Photo / Abo Shuja)

Syrian rebels fighting pro-regime forces gather along a road in Syria’s eastern town of Deir Ezzor, on August 17, 2013. (AFP Photo / Abo Shuja)

RT: As a former marine yourself, can you guage the mood for us about the military personnel, and what they are saying about the potential intervention in Syria? If you have any sense of that.
GD: By this time, 13 years of war, people and the military have no faith in anything the government has to say at all. They are sick and tired of the war, and the government has no credibility with the rank and file in the military.
RT: What do you make of the fact that Washington is backing Syrian rebels who are fighting alongside militant groups, some of them linked to Al-Qaeda?
GD: You know, it’s something we are noticing every single day. We look at Washington and we’re finding that Washington, especially these statements by Secretary Kerry are increasingly divorced from reality. When we see, the blood enemies of President Obama, and that’s Senator McCain, and Senator Graham, invited to the White House, to visit a president that they have long criticized and even hate – we call this problem “strange bedfellows” and this is what this has brought about – it’s
RT: President Obama says he wants a narrow and limited action. And if the US goes ahead is there a danger do you think of mission creep?
GD: Mr Brzezinski was talking about that today – the idea of a limited action will make the US look weak. A major reaction will destabilize Afghanistan and put a Jihadist, anti-American government in place. President Obama has got himself painted into a corner, there is no way out, mission creep is on the cards exactly as you predict.
RT: The US is continuing to boost its military presence near Syria. Do you think that indicates that among law-makers there may be a desire for an intervention?
GD: Well, among lawmakers and in particular, Ron Paul at the Republican side, a Senator with tremendous backing in the Tea Party, has called the attacking Syria “a false flag”. At the Democratic side Alan Grayson, highly influential, certainly a major player in the A-pack lobby, has said exactly the same thing. Even Henry Waxman has come out, so the President’s support on either side of the aisle is very weak.

US Military "Space Fence" Shutsdown September 1

US Military’s ‘Space Fence’ Shutdown Will Weaken Orbital Surveillance Network

This computer illustration depicts the density of space junk around Earth in low-Earth orbit.

This computer illustration depicts the density of space junk around Earth in low-Earth orbit.
Credit: ESA

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Air Force’s decision to shut down a key component of its Space Surveillance Network will weaken the service’s ability to accurately detect and characterize objects in Earth orbit, experts say.

The space fence shutdown, ordered by Gen. William Shelton, commander of Air Force Space Command, also will reduce the overall capacity of the system, these experts said. At the same time, they suggested it could increase pressure on the Air Force to award a contract on a next-generation system, which has stalled amid a Pentagon-wide review of its acquisition plans.

According to two recent memos obtained by SpaceNews, the Air Force will shut down the aging Air Force Space Surveillance System, also known informally as the Space Fence, Sept. 1. The memos, from Austin Frindt, a contracting officer with Air Force Space Command, were addressed to Five Rivers Services of Colorado Springs, Colo., operator of the current Space Fence, which consists of a line of VHF radars stretching across the southern United States.

David Wilcock Update: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve – August 22, 2013

CONFIRMED: US Military Alliance Defeating Federal Reserve

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The hacker group Anonymous has now gone public with its connection to the US military.
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