Did you Know We Are Still Under Martial Law?

The Admiralty Court Exists Because

the U.S. is Under Martial law


Source Link: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/master_file/martiallaw.htm

Admiralty Maritime Law Admiralty Maritime Law is the law of the sea. The way it comes on the land is by way of contract, which is essentially the same way it comes on the sea. In other words, when you go to sea, you enter into a contract with the Captain of the vessel, to be subject to all of the rules and regulations of the vessel. Part of that contract says that the Captain can do anything he wants to ensure the safety of the vessel, up to and including summary execution. The most obvious application of Admiralty Maritime Law, on the land, is in the military. That is why, (when you sign up for the military), that it is an iron clad contract, you have to initial every paragraph. Your oath says that you will follow ORDERS, and desertion in a time of war carry’s the death penalty. Also, military flags have gold fringe, which is actually a desecration of the flag, when done for any other purpose. The gold fringe flag is your NOTICE about the nature of the Court you are in. Therefore Admiralty Maritime Law is also Martial Law.

Source Link: http://sovereigntyinternational.info/Admiralty%20Maritime%20Law.html

Judge Dale, Ret’d ~ How To Defeat Admiralty Courts And “The Law Of The See”

Shift Frequency May 13 2013

The Catholic word  “See” conceals the influence of the Holy Roman Church over the corrupt corporate government and legal system.

The term “see” comes from the Latin word “sedes”, meaning “seat”, which refers to the Episcopal throne (cathedra).
The term “Apostolic See” can refer to any see founded by one of the Apostles, but, when used with the definite article, it is used in the Catholic Church to refer specifically to the see of the Bishop of Rome, whom that Church sees as successor of Saint Peter, the Prince of the Apostles.[22] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_See
Sedes Sacrorum (Latin Sedes for seat/see, Sacrorum for holy) otherwise known as Santa Sede and the “SS” also known in English as “Holy See” refers to the legal apparatus as a whole by which the Roman Catholic Pope and its Curia of Bishops claim historical recognition as a sovereign entity with superior legal rights. (http://one-evil.org/content/entities_organizations_holy_see.html)
The Catholic Church uses two legal personalities with which to conduct its international affairs: the first is as an International state known as the Vatican City State, to which the Pope is the Head of Government. The second is as the supreme legal personality above all other legal personalities by which all property and “creatures” are subjects.
The legal enforcability of its first personality as an International State is constrained by international law. The sovereign status of the Vatican City remains dependent upon the continued recognition of an agreement known as the “Lateran Treaty” signed between Catholic Facist Dictator and . . . Benito Mussolini in 1929 and his political supporter Pope Pius XI. This recognition remains in defiance and contempt to existing international laws prohibiting recognition of rogue states and laws created by mass murdering dictators.
The legal enforcability of the second personality of the Catholic Church as the Holy See is dependent upon the continued adherence to legal statutes, definitions, conventions and covenants as have been accumulated since the Middle Ages concerning the primacy of the Pope over all property and creatures. These statutes, conventions and covenants remain the fabric and foundation of the modern legal system of most states in the world.

To extend its legal strength using its second personality, the Catholic Church considers the region controlled by every bishop a See.

Admiralty Law

Admiralty law was introduced into England by the French Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine while she was acting as regent for her son, King Richard the Lionheart. She had earlier established admiralty law on the island of Oleron (where it was published as the Rolls of Oleron) in her own lands (although she is often referred to in admiralty law books as “Eleanor of Guyenne”), having learned about it in the eastern Mediterranean while on a Crusade with her first husband, King Louis VII of France. In England, special admiralty courts handle all admiralty cases. These courts do not use the common law of England, but are civil law courts largely based upon the Corpus Juris Civilis of Justinian.
Admiralty courts were a prominent feature in the prelude to the American Revolution. For example, the phrase in the Declaration of Independence “For depriving us in many cases, of the benefits of Trial by Jury” refers to the practice of Parliament giving the Admiralty Courts jurisdiction to enforce The Stamp Act in the American Colonies.[4] Because the Stamp Act was unpopular, a colonial jury was unlikely to convict a colonist of its violation. However, because admiralty courts did not (as is true today) grant trial by jury, a colonist accused of violating the Stamp Act could be more easily convicted by the Crown.
Admiralty law became part of the law of the United States as it was gradually introduced through admiralty cases arising after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1789. Many American lawyers who were prominent in the American Revolution were admiralty and maritime lawyers in their private lives. Those included are Alexander Hamilton in New York and John Adams in Massachusetts.
In 1787 John Adams, who was then ambassador to France, wrote to James Madison proposing that the U.S. Constitution, then under consideration by the States, be amended to include “trial by jury in all matters of fact triable by the laws of the land [as opposed the law of admiralty] and not by the laws of Nations [i.e. not by the law of admiralty]“. The result was the Seventh Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Alexander Hamilton and John Adams were both admiralty lawyers and Adams represented John Hancock in an admiralty case in colonial Boston involving seizure of one of Hancock’s ships for violations of Customs regulations. In the more modern era, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes was an admiralty lawyer before ascending to the federal bench. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Admiralty_law

The Roman Court is very confusing – even for some judges – because it does not operate according to any true set rules of law but rather by presumptions of law. If these presumptions presented by the Private Bar Guild (BAR attorneys) are not rebutted they become fact and thereafter are said to stand as a “Truth in Commerce.” Despite the façade, the world is a playground of commercial business and is secretly owned by private foreign corporations.

Why is the Bar Guild so hell-bent on keeping everything on the private side? Because the public side invokes constitutional issues and nothing they do can withstand a constitutional challenge. The organic Constitution still exists in its original glory and authority and is buried in the US Printing Office.

All amendments since 1871 do not exist. Why? It was the “corporate mission statement” for the District of Columbia that was written in 1871 to resemble the organic Constitution. It is that corporate mission statement that has been amended since 1871 and chopped up as of late.

A Legal Way To Defeat This System

Specifically, there is a defendant living in Florida who discovered the answer to this puzzle and properly embraced his (all caps name / strawman) by registering it as a “Fictitious Name” with the state of Florida.

This process identified him as having a commercial and intellectual proprietary interest in the (all caps name). He, by entering it as such clearly on the Public Record, successfully rebutted all (12) presumptions on the private side of the Admiralty Court and nullified its “jurisdiction.”

What did he do?

The Registration of a Fictitious Name is something you might do if you wanted to open a commercial business and you wanted to reserve a “creative name” to identify that business. The process, however, does not obligate you to ever open a business or to incorporate. It simply reserves the name for your future use and as your commercial and intellectual proprietary property.

For many years patriots have attempted to disassociate their sovereign beings from the legal fiction – the all caps name / strawman – created by the corporate government because this was designed to make you personally vulnerable and convert your living being into a corporation – a thing – and the property of the corporate government.

Certain patriots properly decided to embrace the corporate fiction / strawman as their own personal property by affidavit using a Financing Statement filed under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) as a notice to the world. This is because an unrebutted affidavit stands as Truth in Commerce and the government never rebuts these affidavits.
So why didn’t it work?

The patriots bypassed one crucial step. They failed to rebut the presumptions of the private side of the corporate government and courts that imprisoned their sweat equity and labor.
An unrebutted presumption stands as Truth in Commerce. Their presumption nullified the affidavit and placed them on the private side.

There are twelve (12) key presumptions asserted by the Private Bar Guilds, which, if left unchallenged, stand as Truth in Commerce.
These are:

  • The Public Record
  • Public Service
  • Public Oath
  • Immunity
  • Summons
  • Custody
  • Court of Guardians
  • Court of Trustees
  • Government as Executor/Beneficiary
  • Executor De Son Tort (not a party to)
  • Incompetence
  • Guilt

I’m only going to discuss (6) of those (12) presumptions. However, Frank O’Collins did a superb job addressing these presumptions in an expose’ titled “A history of today’s slavery and I encourage you all to read it.

Canon 3228 (i): The Presumption Of Public Record

Any matter brought before a lower Roman Court is a matter for the public record, when in fact it is presumed by the Private Bar Guild as private business. Unless this presumption is openly rebutted by filing or stating clearly on the Public Record that the matter is to be a part of the Public Record, the matter remains on the private side as private Bar Guild business under private Guild rules.
The defendant in this particular case recorded on the Public Record the Registration Certificate issued by the state of Florida, identifying his registered ownership of the fictitious (all caps name), which proved that he was not the alleged defendant on the Courts Docket. I believe I should refer to him as the alleged defendant from here on.

Canon 3228 (ii), (iii) and (iv): The Presumptions Of Public Service; Oath And Immunity.

If the Judge ignores the alleged defendants Fictitious Name Registration entered into the Public Record, which is clearly presented to him in open Court and then decides to move forward with the case, he violates his public service oath and judicial immunity under these sub-sections.

Canon 3228 (v): The Presumption Of Summons

A summons, when unrebutted, stands as Truth in Commerce. Attendance in a Court is usually invoked by invitation and therefore one who attends Court initiated by a summons, warrant, subpoena or replevin bond, is presumed to accept the position of a (defendant, juror, witness or thing) and the (jurisdiction) of the Court.

If these instruments are not rejected and returned, with a copy of the rejection filed clearly on the Public Record (jurisdiction) the presumed position and the presumption of guilt also stands as Truth in Commerce.
In this particular case the alleged defendant rebutted his forced appearance by presenting the Judge with the recorded registration certificate issued by Florida. This certificate stated he is not the defendant on the courts docket. ‘The name is fictitious and I am the registered owner of that name under Florida law.’

Canon 3228 (vi):  The Presumption Of Custody

Those who attend a Court initiated pursuant to the command of a summons or warrant, is presumed to be “corporate property or a thing” and therefore is liable to be detained in custody by the Courts appointed or elected “Custodian.”

Custodians may only retain custody over “property and things” and not flesh and blood living beings. Unless this presumption is openly challenged by rejection of the summons or warrant on the Public Record, the presumption stands as Truth in Commerce and you are thereafter treated as a “thing or property.”
In this particular case this presumption was absolutely rebutted when the alleged defendant proved his arrest was a case of mistaken identity and in no way could the Court Custodian detain him after that.
Sixteen words written across the face of the summons or warrant; notarized and filed on the Public Record will cure most problems. Those words are:

I do not accept this offer to contract and I do not consent to these proceedings.

In addition to the above sections of Canon Law 3228, the defendant has also unknowingly rebutted the balance of the (12) presumptions:

  • Court Guardians
  • Court Trustees
  • Government as Executor and Beneficiary
  • Executor De Son Tort (not a party to)
  • Incompetence
  • Guilt

This particular defendant succeeded in accomplishing all of this by “registering” his ALL CAPS name as a “Fictitious Name” in which only he now owns an absolute commercial and intellectual proprietary interest in the state of Florida. By entering it in the (Public Record) he has overcome all (12) presumptions and nullified the “prosecution and jurisdiction” of the private Roman court. His next step would be to record it in the UCC, which is a notice to the world.


There is no way for the corporate government and private Roman Court to proceed against this living being. If the prosecutor was to disclose the presumptive frauds that the Court has been operating under in the private side, it would also nullify the case and subject the judge to arrest and damages for “prosecutorial fraud” and the “absence of jurisdiction.”

Please note that the judge’s only legal response to the alleged defendant is to Order a “Stay” until the defendant secures counsel (meaning an attorney and BAR Guild member). If it is reported that the alleged defendant has not secured counsel the case remains absolutely deadlocked! If this open “stay” does not cause him any harm (and it shouldn’t) he can choose to
  • do nothing or
  • he can file a two page “Motion to Dismiss” or
  • he can file a “Rule to Show Cause” seeking a summary judgment for damages on behalf of his living being.

What would happen if the individual follows the judge’s advice and hires an attorney? In all probability his attorney would use the alleged defendant’s “signed power of attorney” to withdraw the “Fictitious Name Registration” from the Public Record. The defendant would more than likely be imprisoned, tried on the private side, and convicted!
What other applications can this process be used for?

  • licensing
  • tax collections
  • foreclosures
  • debt collections
  • the vehicle code, to name a few.

All of these matters are found on the private side and none could withstand a Constitutional challenge.
Again, checkmate! (Don’t you just love a good story with a happy ending?)


Doing nothing on the CRITICAL – We Must Act Now!

Source Link: One World of Nations Blog

Doing nothing on the CRITICAL Capital Release for the Private Placement Loans, RV’s and Dinars is unacceptable…

A choice must be made!


  • The Implications and Risks of Meltdown IF Triggered by US Failure to Act!

  • Never has America needed its Patriotic Freedom Fighting Blogs more to get Truth to the Nation.

One World of Nations
Exclusive 31 July 2013 

We are approaching an era of unpredictability because of doing nothing. Patience is fast running out over the lies and duplicity. Failure to act carries serious Global consequences.

This time, we see the unfolding reality of a Leading Nations Insolvency. All, while its citizens sleep on watch, in a Cuckolded stupor of false euphoria. They are wrapped in propaganda lies by a scurrilous media, who acquiesce to a State Monolith. The flame of Liberty is dying, crying as it sees the failing nation of Moronia emerging on its watch. The Fourth Reich Neo Nazification of America is in full rapture. None understand. With the Tri Lateral New World Order Coven working hand in hand with the Council for Foreign Relations to build a Global Order, intending planetary control and subjugation of all nations in their way, the world has all to play for. So many wars are started. But none are finished with success. Chaos rules, with an unelected, worse- unaccountable Cabal as beneficiaries. Only their Political Family and Cabal owned Contracting and Defense Supply companies’ profit. And how!

A misogynistic cross mix of Big Oil, manipulative co conspiring Bankers, totally out of control ruthless Spy Agencies, Drug dealers and a Gung Ho Military / Political Elite who have now developed the very rotten Feudal Fiefdom families the Settlers and Founders fled to escape. There is no longer any American Government functioning nor Democracy. Why seek to impose on others what is needed first at home?

Hitler said, give me a child under 7 and I will make him mine for life.


Bush said, give me the Presidency and I will enslave these Swine for life.

Hand in hand with duplicitous Zionists, they slowly removed all Banking control from Non-Jews, took control of the debts of the nation, and indebted them all. The Goyim are so gullible.

We know the history, chicanery, lies and betrayal of a nation which has and is taking place in America. Free nations look in, see clearly and ask, how can they be so gullible? How can the people not see what is happening to America? 

It’s because core knowledge of the deteriorating state of the American nation, its ailing finances and escalating degeneracy, is being denied to them by a complicit handful of Treasonous Media Barons. These are bribed and degenerate men of no honor.

If America folds, the whole world’s financial systems will fold with it. 

Street wise countries like Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa and others are building the BRICS currency based system to escape the clutches of the bankrupt and ailing petro dollar. But, will there be time? As ever more Civil Disorder training takes place in the US, Huge fleets of Helicopter gunships, and armored personnel carriers are delivered to a burgeoning Homeland Security (read Enslavement) FORCE, now actively and blatantly practicing and readying Police and troops to open fire on Americans and to impose Martial law. The masses are simply mass ignorant of what is being readied.

Trade Bartering is now growing between nations to avoid the entrapped use of US dollars. Countries, even continents, are shifting away from this ailing Behemoth. They see a dying Emperor and prepare for Regime change. But, for the American people, what will be imposed is an unelected, unaccountable Military autocracy, directed by Spy Agencies, with truth subverted and draconian consequences for any citizens considered subversives. Freedom will be a Treasonous word. We are now all fighting to head off a cataclysmic collapse if the PP, RVs and Dinars are not released soon. Only recapitalizing the market needs by settling what is long overdue owed will head off the pending tinderbox of realities bearing down on us. In Rome, Nero fiddled as the City burned around him. Obama just takes ever more vacations and Freebies.

Prior to WW ll, Chamberlain came back from Hitler in Berlin, deceived with idiot paper, despite all of Churchill’s clear warnings.

As long as Summer Camps, the Ball Games, Dumbed down TV Reality Shows roll on, and Muppets march to a now defunct flag, the blind ostriches just don’t see what’s tracking down on them. Never having experienced war on their homeland, they have no idea of reality. Nor of the geopolitical consequences which will roll out to others if America fails. We ARE all in this unfolding Fiscal debacle together waiting for the long overdue release of the RV’s, PP and Dinars. Economies are destitute. Where is the Washington urgency, shame or moral conscience?

Work is increasing on FEMA Camps with vast budgets. Why?

map of active FEMA camps, click on to enlarge

Yet Official Policy Denies Them? As also did the Nazis. While 6m shuffled helplessly to a terrible end believing their lies, until it was too late. See below. Believe your eyes or their BS? Wake Up!

Obama is nothing but the new Neville Chamberlin. A man duped by power and the treachery plotted beyond his blinkered vision. YES WE CAN!

  • Chamberlain: Yes, we did. 

  • Obama: Yes, we can.          

And Havoc may follow.

What will constitute such a Federal emergency as to unleash the Dogs of War being assembled under the guise of Homeland Security? Financial collapse or a viral epidemic unleashed.

Whichever it is to be, it clearly is preplanned and draconian Martial Law powers have already been drafted under this token Presidency. The State is already NOW fully empowered to seize all. You would lose – Everything!

A man of no American heritage or loyalty, with a clear White aversion, has been pre countenanced by the duplicitous Cabal to run under a false flag American identity, to coerce the mass vote, pre-revolutionary change planned by them for a new emergent American society. A Doppelganger cloaked in a false identity. He operates under a bogus Birth Certificate and false flag of their convenience. He is just a Manchurian Puppet front for multiple forces, just none benefitting Americans. This Narcissistic Nero came to manipulate and conquer – All of you. Elected mainly by a race vote, most of which are Welfare Beneficiaries contributing little, he operates his domain with impunity. A Puppet Troll reacting to his multiple strings. His own Voters are the Turkeys voting for Thanksgiving. Clueless. This man is No Nelson Mandela, just a seriously dysfunctional crooked Kenyan / Indonesian Fella.

These are dark and dangerous times not only for Americans, but for the recovery of nations. If America goes, it all goes. There is no plan B. Just pending anarchy. 

Society needs Leadership, Not Dictatorship.

The fate of nations hangs in the balance here. Will a malfunctioning Cabal who have squandered the fortunes of Empire, by allowed continuing the demise of this great nation wake up and pay up fast to stop collapse? Where such Leadership and Vision is needed to heal the Global wounds, which Leader will emerge to help stop this tailspin into madness?

All the Taxes America needs can be accrued from releasing the RV’s and Private Placements alone. Vast Trillions can be collected even now in August. Sufficient taxes to remove the Deficit. Failure to act by this Usurper and his Handlers will unleash upon the American people the collapse of the Society and pending risk of Martial Law. That is only one short step away from the imposition of Soviet Style Gulags. For a nation of which 95% have never traveled outside of America or the Caribbean, and with no concept of Culture, the Culture shock of State Repression may be just another Reality TV Show, until they find they are now in it.

Oscar Wylde said– “America is the only nation which has developed from Barbarism to Decadence without ever having experienced culture in between.”

Damn great culture shocks are waiting if the US fail to act now and redeem what is long overdue owed.

Commeth the hour, where the Hell is the Man? 

Look at the Asian alternatives. Vibrant cities, mass employment with huge infrastructure investments made exactly as in our case for releasing the PP’s and Dinars so we can catch up. Jobs, Taxes, Wealth created and hope for the families.

Stop funding the Cabal and start funding our own people for a change. Create wealth stop wasting it on Agencies and Warfare. We can and WILL do all this once we pay out what is long overdue owed. Time we tighten the Beltways wasteful belt and put the country first.

We can achieve so much once these funds are put back where they rightfully belong. Agency power has to be cut back and the whole concept of Political Representation needs rethinking. It’s broken and we MUST change it. Democracy needs to be given back to the people. It’s an HONOR to serve our country, not a right! America can and will come back once we fix our broken and corrupt Political system.

Let us show the world we are fit to lead once again and fit for purpose.



Posted for your discussion, critique, awareness.  This is not for those who are sensitive to fear laced messages.  This could either be disinformation or the cabals last attempt to cause havoc, or it could be that the Navy Seal is not aware that all this is actually set up by the “White Knights” to stop the cabal.  It is up for discussion.
The following text messages have just been received from my former Navy SEAL source, who I interviewed regarding imminent martial law and OPERATION RING OF FIRE recently.

I have simply edited it for proper format to post it.

The warnings are clear. Looks like the REAL THING is about to come down upon this nation.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
“Threats have been made against my family. Threats have been made to me. And one attempt made…
Moore, OK, was not a natural storm..HAARP was used. 
This WAS and is only the START
HAARP BASES are on full power…ORION went online[active] full power Monday. HAARP and ORION are now online and time frame for full use and power up is slated for this weekend.
Night rail use is really up…lots of military stock being moved to major cities.
DENVER [detention] camp is online [activated] and working.
Other such bases [detention camps] are already getting people for processing. Train loads of people.
Military is setting up check points using the Exec Order…
It is not GOING to start, 
Check points are being set up for “DUI and insurance checks”, this is the OFFICIAL REASON…BUT PEOPLE ARE BEING TAKEN.
So-called safety checks and free coffee are to become common for the week, and are not to be trusted from what I have been seeing..the supplies for these places are government.
I have started to use back roads only…have seen many spy type aircraft.
Highway 2, 1-90, 1-25, 15, US 287, US 93 (Montana, Colorado)already have or will have check points by weekend.
(05/22/2013, 1:25 pm MST)
…all teams have been told to fall back…stop any activities at once and may God have mercy on us …all the leaders are being rounded up….

[He is referring to their teams detecting/defusing the nukes planted for martial law and performing other anti-NWO military underground activities. I presume this is in NW Montana/Canada region…PRS]


Readers, none of this is a joke or a game. This information is being publicly posted at great personal risk. I have just received this text information and have posted it as I have received it, edited properly to fit my format.
Only certain info has been deleted for security purposes.
God has called me to be a “watchman on the wall” in this hour of America’s destiny. I will give my life to warn my fellow American Patriots and Christians of approaching dangers. 
I have no way as of yet to confirm this information I have just received from my SEAL source, and am hoping to receive more information soon. This is very serious information and if confirmed, can only mean that martial law is almost HERE. PRAY. 
Pamela Rae Schuffert

FEMA & DHS Sources Say Martial Law Between Now & June

(Before It’s News)

According to multiple sources, we will have martial law in America between now and June. The reasons for martial law, according to John Moore’s sources within FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, will be the collapse of our society due to economic reasons and/or violent pushback against anti-gun laws that may soon be initiated, including a Bill being introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein today.

John begins todays show with earth changes from Standeyo.com and then goes into a brief discussion about whether or not women should really be involved in ‘front line combat’ as has recently been approved for them by the Department of Defense. At the 5 minute mark, John welcomes a caller for a discussion about what John’s sources have informed him, that the US will be under martial law sometime between now and June. Fact, or conspiracy theory? We have been warned. All signs point in this direction. Only time will tell now…

Beforeitsnews Alternative Twitter account was taken down by Twitter for unspecified reasons. They would not reinstate it. You can follow the new Beforeitsnews Alternative Twitter account with all of your controversial and up to date alternative stories and information here.


Disinfo From The Dark Cabal… Martial Law Coming Soon?

Published on Dec 30, 2012
This Video segment features Dr Bill Deagle and John Moore. This video segment taken from….Dr Deagle Show 2012/12/28 – PREPAREDNESS, CIVIL DEFENSE, MARTIAL LAW AND EARTH CHANGES …posted by youtube channel urupiper2 LINK: http://youtu.be/3QavwmX-73U

Is this more fear porn?
Or is the likelihood greater than ever that the real deal is at the door?


Govt Sources: Martial Law Soon – Major News Announcement From John Moore

Monday, December 31, 2012 8:15

America’s worst nightmare is about to come true, and very soon, according to SEVERAL government sources of John Moore. Meanwile, Americans continue to sleep ‘en masse’, clueless as to what is about to take place in this once free land. John Moore visits the Dr. Deagle show and drops a bombshell, his government sources have informed him that martial law will be declared in America between now and Memorial Day with the most likely target of March 2013. Families are being threatened with murder if his sources do not follow orders.

Should we believe John Moore and Dr. Deagle in this video? Anyone who has been paying any attention to all of the signs unfolding around us would be lost to think that everything is ‘ok’ in America. Our economy has been engineered to collapse while a police state has rapidly unfolded all around us. This was the plan. They followed it all along; they have followed it perfectly. Of course martial law is the end game, to allow them to accomplish their New World Order. A ‘Police State’ cannot survive with armed citizens. That is what the gun control is all about. We are about to witness the culling of America. This will not be pretty.