5 thoughts on “Ron Paul Warns of Martial Law and Economic Collapse

  1. If what was posted here was true then Ron Paul is another cabal stooge.http://www.ascensionwithearth.com/2013/10/intellihubcom-powerful-changes-to-come.html?showComment=1381030930560#c3404490582898119614 When you are ready to wake up to the Israel / Muslim treason within this country. then you will wish to talk to us. Romney was supported because he was a "stealth infiltrator" who we were going to run inside the establishment, to defund the military industrial complex and step out of the way as Dr. Paul took the helm. That is the only reason Rand Paul gave his support to Romney, that is the only reason any of us had any outward support for Romney. Romney support was our way to easily infiltrate the establishment, toss him aside and elect Ron Paul. If Romney didn't actually run and nearly get arrested, we would not have had the civil war in the GOP which was needed to elect all the Ron Paul electors and delegates to seats across this country and prove Paul wins. Which we did complete and initiate, and which straw-man Romney served his role up to and including arrest. We have direct access to the real revolutionaries in this country, including Justin Amash, Cruz and Rand Paul. Should you wish to fully wake up, you're not going to want to stay in Occupy Wall Street. Their solutions involve a communist bank! You will want to cross over to us, and discuss these serious allegations with the Tea Party. We are the Tea Party, founded by the grand father of that revolution Representative Ronald Earnest Paul.

  2. Alex Jones has been saying a total collapse and Marshal Law are "imminent" since I first heard one of his interviews back in 2003, 10 years ago. And I guarantee you 10 years from now in 2023 he will still be ranting about how a total collapse and Marshal Law are "imminent". Alex Jones is a fat lying sack of shit!

  3. It won't happen. Ron Paul and Alex Jones are both shills for the dark, they only want to spread fear to keep humanity in the lower vibrations. They will fail though as the forces of light are too powerful. The Ascended Masters and Positive ET's will help us free ourselves.

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