Classified docs on "Nano" kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill H. Weld

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Published on Oct 11, 2013


Classified docs on “Nano Domestic Quell” DoD kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill H. Weld


This is how the military will be respond to the economic collapse, and how they will put down armed uprisings, riots and domestic revolts.


As promised, these are some of the classified documents given to me by my good friend in the Department of Defense, a very highly ranked official I have known for many years.

The program is called “Nano Domestic Quell”.

As the documents clearly demonstrate, the U.S. government has embarked on a program to implement a secret “Armageddon nano device” that mimics a flu virus, to be activated on the public in the instance of domestic uprisings, riots and armed resistances.

The nano devices are in, or “carried” by, an estimated 87% of the population at this point, with a projected 98% inflected by 2014.

Chances are, you already have this nano device inside of your body as you read this.

Please understand: these nano devices are inert until activated by a radio signal or transmission.

You are safe until a cell tower, drone or other method of transmission activates the device. (I do not personally know how this transmission works. The documents I’ve received do not go into any detail on that specifically. I do know drones and cell towers will be used, however.)

Once activated, the device will mimic the flu virus. You will be dead within 10 to 12 days. There is no known cure or way to prevent this. (I go into more detail on this in some of my videos, of which I recommend viewing all of them to fully understand and appreciate what is going on.)

The military can target very specific locations, particularly with drones (why do you think they want drones over U.S. skies so desperately?). They can target a room, a small house, an apartment complex, a city block, a town, or a whole metropolitan area.

By simply firing this signal, the nano devices in your body will be activated and you will die from what will appear to be a very severe case of the flu.

The virus outbreak can scale from individual or group-targets, or to a large city-wide outbreak.

This program was not created to kill everyone. Let me repeat: they are not trying to kill everyone. They created this program to deal with domestic uprisings during an economic collapse.

It is now ready and being implemented. When the collapse happens, they won’t have enough troops to control the country or deal with the armed resistances. They needed another way of keeping control. By not having to fire a single shot to put down an armed uprising, they’re essentially “killing two birds with one stone”. A flu virus will appear to be a random “act of God” instead of perceived government aggression.

Why do you think they haven’t banned guns? They don’t need to with this system in place.

Please bear in mind that there is an active campaign underway to discredit me, attack me and bring me down. Please understand my children are sick and I believe their sickness — a bizarre skin condition that is worsening for both of them — is a result of my blowing the whistle. I believe they have been harmed intentionally. I believe they are trying to send me a message by messing with my children.

I need your help. I need your trust. I need you to help this spread. I have more documents, with even more frightening information, but at this point, my life is in danger. If no one is paying attention or listening, it does me nothing to continue with this, other than put my life and the lives of my family in certain danger, all for nothing.

If it doesn’t spread or go viral in some manner, we are finished, because they will continue to destroy me, remove any trace of me from the internet (records from my some of my previous employers are already missing, among other things), they will destroy me and the public will never find out about this.

Please pray for us, pray for my wife, Helena, my son, Bill Jr., my daughters, Katherine and Grace. We need your help more than ever.

If you need to contact me, please feel free to email me personally:

Download high res copies of these classified documents at my blog:

In Christ,

Dr. Bill H. Weld

P.S. I would like to thank my webmaster, Chris, for all of his help during this, and the time he’s taken to personally support me and my family. I couldn’t do it without him.

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18 thoughts on “Classified docs on "Nano" kill-switch program released by Dr. Bill H. Weld

  1. Drake addressed this issue on his last update, he said they could not make it work period! THIS IS FEARPORN ONLY!!! WE, the 99% HAVE THE POWER NOW…THE DARK HAS ALREADY LOST!!

  2. Until the Light has CLEARLY won, with evidence we can verify, it's unlikely that the average Joe will know the real truth from any of these sources, no matter what ' side ' they claim to be on. Logically, it's less complex to instill fear and have people stop themselves from action. When these government idiots are arrested, tried, convicted and executed, the flow/content of information about this topic and many more we never heard of, will likely cause a lot of ' Holy Shit ' moments. When the worst and most heinous abuses are exposed, some of us may find ourselves loathing the behavior humans are capable of. As far as this guy is concerned, most either have these ' nanos ' already, or they don't. Nothing we can do. I hope his family has not really been targeted, but who really fucking knows. frj

  3. Agreed, we must assume that anything can happen till then. The light has not won and we don't know if they will. Been reading more articles on comet Ison, small chance it will be a game changer.

  4. FEAR OR FEAR PORN AND WHO THE HELL IS BILL H. WELD ANYWAY?He has a youtube channel and claims to have a newsletter and has been busy citing inside sources predicting a stock market collapse and concomitant start of Martial Law in October. Weld claims to be a Lawyer and a Medical Doctor and graduate of Duke University Law and Medical School. Dr. Bill’s fantastic life appears to have been one of doing great service to his country, and of learning and awakening to the crimes of a foreign usurper banking cartel now occupying positions of power in America. Dr. Bill’s accomplishments are apparently extraordinary, including having been a Orthopedic Surgeon in several hospitals and on the Board of Directors of the North Carolina Hospital Association and Co-Chair for the Sun Life Financial “Run for the Cure” and much more. Among Dr. Weld’s many accomplishments is the creation of a law firm in Las Vegas and Los Angeles called “Bill H. Weld and Associates”. Dr. Weld’s “LinkedIn,com” page says Bill has been a Lawyer in practice and also Senior Attorney at law with “Bill H. Weld and Associates” since 1985 till the present. Now here is where the shiny and successful story of an American loving Doctor and Lawyer runs into a few problems. If the law firm of “Bill H. Weld and Associates” has been operation in Las Vegas and later Los Angeles for nearly 30 years, why is there no record or listing or address available for the firm? Further, why is there no listing of Bill H. Weld or William H. Weld in the California and Nevada Bar associations records?Continuing, there is no listing of “Bill H. Weld and Associates” in the two State’s records of licensed businesses and there is no references to his law practice in any google searches for Bill H. Weld or the law firm. Following this line of thinking I checked out the other claims in Dr. Weld’s incredible list of accomplishment and associations shown on the “LinkedIn” page here : was not able to verify or find Dr. Bill in any of his claimed businesses or positions or directorships, in fact not one claim of Dr. Bill’s resume can be verified. The resume of Dr. Bill H. Weld is reminiscent of resumes discussed by Dr. Robert Hare in his book, “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work.” cont'd at the link above…..

  5. based on the fact that obamacare rolled out with significant success, such a nano device being developed and tested ( yes tested ) would be doomed to failure since it would be far cheaper to simply release the "real thing" as a virus than cover such a project up. it was cheaper to phish for fools who would press a button to auhorize their own IRS penalty so if this program were real, in the least sense, then they would be also advertising some cure to control you.

  6. All the numpties that take what they read as gospel deserve to have the shit scared out of them! Do some checking before you fall hook link and sinker for the latest psycho on the blog. Otherwise people might think you have an agenda ;/Some of us do our due diligence."The resume of Dr. Bill H. Weld is reminiscent of resumes discussed by Dr. Robert Hare in his book, “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work.” Dr. Hare describes the nature of psychopaths ending up in various corporate positions of power and how often they obtained these positions by creating fantastic resumes that are actually totally fabricated. Another interesting aspect of the good Dr. Bill H. Weld is the name of his Youtube channel, I doubt this is coincidence, but rather an example of psychopathic love of mockery. Dr. Bill’s Youtube channel is “WebFraudSquad “. Amazing, because it would seem Dr. Bill is a Web Fraud. A psychopath’s moment of ecstasy is the moment he or she is able to create a false reality so fantastic a normal person finds it impossible it could be a lie . A gigantic lie created by a psychopath will cause a conflict of reason in the mind of the receiver such that cognitive dissonance takes over and the “consumer” of this information will force themselves to accept the story, because they are in disbelief such as story could be fabricated.Use Dr. Bill H. Weld as a reason not to trust self created records on the Internet such as Youtube channels and LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages and google profiles. These records do not have any authority and have no obligation or expressed implication the information contained is real or true.

  7. weld is obviously a dipshit. why doesnt frj ever ask anyone to prove the cabal exists? i have never seen proof of that. it could all just be random people being assholes. prove theres a cabal, frj, then maybe youll have all the proof you ever need for the rest too.

  8. exactly………this guy is expanding on a roumor that went around years ago it is total fear based bullshit……..if we all die tomorowwe win….we win in any case…….live your life defend yourself as best you can…and do as much good as you can

  9. You're a fucking wussbag. If your happy with your piece of shit life, then go blow your brains out now. You're just taking up space. I won't be happy until every fucking cabal is dead and I'll die doing it. Who wants to waste their live getting to be an old fuck. Get out there and kill these mother fuckers.

  10. Drake is full of bull shit, just another journalist who doesn't know the first thing about weapons. These damned arrests are a joke and the cabal is still the kahuna. When I go outside my house and still see fucking chemtrails, I know the cabal still has us by the balls.

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