12 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford interviewed by Aaron Wilson on 10/10/13

  1. Fulford is a cocksucker, then he is a mother fucker and last a low life scumbag piece of petrified shit. Somebody said it. What are youhiding wearing sunglasses? And the last thing I can't stand about this mother fucker is he is a know-it-all-talk-down-to-you-you're shit and I-am-better-than-all-of-you liar who constantly never gives pertinent and true facts. Fulford, do us all a favor. I'll give you my pistol and you walk down the sidewalk if front of the white house and blow four fucking brains out.

  2. Bens message is consistently good and optimistic and we are co-creators. If you are reading this and don't see this by now then I don't know what the fuck you are doing projecting your bile on places like this.. Ignore true wisdom at your peril..

  3. Wearing sunglasses inside is a way to hide, not only a style. Well known people should understand that an take neutral position as not wearing sunglasses to talk to someone EVEN outside. If I see anyone doing it my attitude is not being confident to them in any case except if they are taking it off of their eyes to talk to me. It is not the same for me who is not known publicly. So guys get right on the ethics or you will become the same as those scum bags you talk about. Also if you want to inform properly, get good sound in your videos. Think about those who listen to you…

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