Trucker Ride To DC All Day Live Updates (Photos & Videos) – Wake up America Blog

By Susan Duclos

NOTE- If anyone has updated photos of this event and want them published in this article, email them to

For those unaware of what is going on, a quick intro. Truck drivers across the country are heading to Washington DC for the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution,” Facebook page for them can be found here. The event is scheduled for October 11-13, 2013, to shut down DC. Twitter hashtag #T2SDA.

They have given warning, there is a Live Coverage event going on at Before it’s News by Radio host Pete Santilli.

Already one report has come out about cops pulling over portions of the convoy, by Live Free or Die at Before It’s News.

The Truckers have also offered free rides to Veterans to DC for their Million Veteran March on the memorials that Washington has banned them from due to the shutdown.

Ok, all caught up here.

Below will be continuous updates, photos, videos, news accounts, first person accounts from the Truckers’ themselves, so come back often.

New Before It’s News article by Liberator, “Happening Now! Truckers Roaring Into DC

Starting with some of the early photos coming out.

Updated videos will be shown before the the updates on photos below.

Via the #T2SDA hashtag, and so it begins…..

Below is a photo that was emailed from Frank T. with a note that said “We can’t make it to the other Washington, but we’re showing our support in Tacoma/Browns Point, WA.  Roll On!!



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22 thoughts on “Trucker Ride To DC All Day Live Updates (Photos & Videos) – Wake up America Blog

  1. It's ashame they are not arresting congress and all the rest of the scumbags. Running into Washington with a bunch of trucks is a waste of time. Monday, all those fucking criminals will be back to work destroying the country and continuing to execute all of humanity.

  2. The real humor is how the mainstream media is talking about their usual BS and completely ignoring the truckers. It just reinforces what so many have learned about the networks just being propaganda channels and nothing to do with real news. They are pathetic.

  3. Observe, Forgive, Allow & Love! Those who have committed treason & refuse to ask for forgiveness will be swept away into the nothingness from which they came. Treason, greed, corruption, fraud, theft, murder, war, separation mentality & all the baggage that accompanies it are fading away. Soon, all will be "Poof!" gone! Abundance, Peace, Love & Prosperity for All. Coulove

  4. LOVE IT! Great job Truckers! Hopefully this will be the start of nationwide protests. Let's try to get this organized for each state capital to have protests organized!!!

  5. The truckers are helping to create awareness. The fact the msm is not reporting on this will prove to millions of people that we cannot rely on them for our news. This truly is the movement of the People. I love the idea of protesting in every State capital! Let's do it!

  6. Trucker protest hits Beltway but causes no major delays, authorities say

  7. The mass arrests are the jobs of the police and military. Things will continue to get worse till we either see mass arrests or ww3. Go truckers, maybe they can wake up enough sheeple to move things along.

  8. 25 miles on the beltway today during morning and evening rush. Not a single protest truck. Official Washington is running scared, Locals are underwhelmed. Guess they showed us how to stage a protest Haaaaaaaaaaa! The pictures here are mostly from outside the area I-81, I-70. Radio said they were in the Alexandria, VA area and parts of 95 between the beltway and Fredericksburg, VA then decided to return to Doswell, VA (the staging area) to regroup and come up with a better plan. Heavy rain all day and more this weekend, have fun!

  9. "Soros-funded Media Matters slander campaign to discredit DC Trucker ProtestThis week, Media Matters has been working overtime in attempt to convince Americans to fear this weekend’s DC Trucker rally protest, branding it as the work of crazed conspiracy theorists. There are many people high up in America’s left and right wing branches of the establishment who do not want to see a nonpartisan demonstration, or display of civil disobedience in public – because such an event would undermine their expressed task of dividing and ruling along various lines – Democrat vs Republican lines, racial lines, or gender lines. Busy bodies in Washington love their lines so much, that they spend fortunes snorting them up their noses (so say nine out ten overly enthusiast interns)."

  10. The Global Controlled-Media may not be covering this … yet … but the World-Wide Awake are fully tuned-in all the way. You are doing this for the World-Wide 99% not just the U.S. Feel the Love!From "Downunder".

  11. Dittos 1,000 times Ovomit could start lopping heads on the White House lawn and it would still be business as usual and this will happen if they get any further with this madness.

  12. I believe it was all shut down and everyone went running home with tail between legs. Let's face it. We are all done for. It's over. We will all soon be dead or in a prison camp and not a friggin thing we can so about it but watch it all happen

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