They’ve done something to harm my children. — Dr. Bill H. Weld

Published on Oct 10, 2013
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**Skip to 4:15 to see a photo of my son’s arm and the strange skin condition he has developed.**

This is my latest update, where I discuss what is happening to my family and my son and daughter, who’ve both become very sick over the past few days.

If anyone can identify or help us with what this thing is, that would be greatly appreciated.

The doctors don’t know what it is, they’ve never shown symptoms of this before, and I sure as heck don’t know what it is, either. It could be shingles, but the doctors they’ve seen don’t think it is.

I do feel this is related to the classified information I’ve released. I feel my children have been attacked.

I ask humbly that those of you out there who are supporting us to please pray for us.

God bless,

Dr. Bill H. Weld

Dr. Weld’s son, Bill Weld Jr., also appeared on ‘Heads up Warriors Radio’ on October 6th:

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2 thoughts on “They’ve done something to harm my children. — Dr. Bill H. Weld

  1. Im just curious if anyone knows if this guy accepts donations anywhere? Jus sayin…..The wound kinda looks like one of those ones with the fake skin and stuff you can by at the Halloween section around this time of year.

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