China’s Radar Cameras Capture Amazing Pictures of UFO’s Circling Comet Ison

Source Link: 2012 The Big Picture


 Two UFOs Circling Ison as Seen from China’s Radar Cameras


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This is very interesting….  gives me chills. Our guardians are hard at work protecting us and our planet as much as possible.  

From what I hear, the Galactics’ entire existence is pretty much all about us. Their lives were  virtually put on hold for years to guard our air space and us, as much as possible, from the Illuminati and to mitigate Earth changes. They might have a brief furlough to visit family but they’re right back at it before long—and fascinated with their work. Talk about service to others.

Who knew life would get so exciting?  ~ BP

From BeforeItsNews – images posted Oct 2, 2013

Much talk that incoming Comet ISON was being accompanied by two objects on its flight across our universe has been written off as conspiracy even though there is much visual evidence to prove it. This video below of Comet ISON taken by the Chinese Space Radar clearly shows two accompanying objects along with Comet ISON. Why are the mainstream news media not telling us about this and how will NASA explain this one?

And here’s another view in HD…

25 thoughts on “China’s Radar Cameras Capture Amazing Pictures of UFO’s Circling Comet Ison

  1. Slaade used to post here warning us about Ison not being a comet but an alien mothership hell bent on taking over earth. Doesn't matter, the cabal already took over earth. I give it 96% odds that nothing will happen with Ison. Every comet comes with it's own conspiracy theories, yet nothing happens. We will find out in November when Ison gets close enough to show details in amateur telescopes.

  2. I will only say if the Government shutdown continues through Monday, that will be my indicator to head to my little place in the mountains. I'm very uneasy with NASA's shutdown, the Park closures (never happened in 19 previous shutdowns). Also uneasy about baiting people to create violent situations that could result in constraints to our freedoms. ISON is strange indeed but, pls take note of a "rogue planet" announced yesterday and carefully read between the lines of the article. Also, note the "artist depiction" of the "planet" vs the actual photo of it at the bottom of the article. Here's the link: are accelerating very quickly. No fear but keep informed and don't be fooled by what is being preached to you on MSM. Just my thoughts (and diligent research lol)

  3. Thanks for your reply Slaade, ignore Brandon as he's rude and offers nothing. I checked both links(disinfo?) and it's a dim planet without a sun 80 lightyears away. Is this "Nibiru?" Will you have Internet in the mountains to keep us updated? Yes, huge things are happening but even awake people know very little of what's going on other than what the cabal are doing openly. Have you read about the truckers/vets going to DC tomorrow? It's hard not to be fearful of the unknown. What are we supposed to do, most of us can't just take off and run to the mountains.

  4. Anon 346 I have no direct knowledge of anything at this point. I will restate that info I received from 3 different sources indicates that we may have visitors incoming. Celestial objects? Extra terrestrials? I don't know. The govt hoopla as of late certainly is quite a coincidental in timing and scope. I have no fear of whatever comes as what is happening on our Mother Earth is an abomination in my opinion. I am between work cases at the moment and have the flexibility to go to my little "getaway" and connect and I'm going to take it. Spiritually speaking, I believe our future is in each of our own hands. I'm sorry I can give you no more than that. Oh, and if I am being referred to as "Space Ace", how cool! Love it! I will cherish it as a compliment…intended or not 🙂

  5. ..and to answer your question, I will have internet service on good weather days lol. No phone service tho. All the better..If I have any pertinent info, will gladly share my friend. Namaste~

  6. Space Ace is the guy who posts "we die and go to heaven" over and over, and talks about how "the light might lose" over and over, and gives made up odds like "I give mass arrest a 1:10 chance of happening this year" over and over and over and over…. Those of us who have been here for the past few months have seen him post the same comments hundreds of times at this point. Someone found him making the same comments on another blog, under the name Space Ace. He's a self-confessed basement dwelling kid living in his parents' house.

  7. Inquiring minds would like to know what makes Ison different from all the other comets that turned out to be nonevents? What will you say if nothing happens with Ison? There could be other reasons for the government shutdown, such as to make the 99% miserable.

  8. Make your mind up Spacey! One minute your saying nothings happening then the next one you say a lot is happening. The government shut down over obummercare is fake btw. Check out the recent vid enerchi posted.

  9. I say most of what you read on here is garbage. Sorry that's just the way it is. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong on this. But I've can't think of anything that has has been touted here as having ever come to pass. The bad stuff is generally on point. Anyone can see and verify that. But anything good that supposedly going to happen never does. It's always soon, soon, soon. But soon never comes. And then we start reading about some other good thing that is coming our way…SOON. So we forget about the last thing that hasn't come to pass and we start hoping for the next good thing that's coming our way soon…SOON. And so on, and so on, and so on. Everyone is patting them selves on the back for being AWAKE and aware. But everyone is busy sleeping through what is staring them right in the face glaringly. The good stuff aint happening soon. It aint happening ever. Your hopes and desparation are being played on. And you like it because it makes you feel validated and better about yourselves and your future. But the truth is, no one is coming to save you. No one is going to change the system. No one is going to lift you out of your situation. No one is going to jail, except maybe you. And certainly there aren't any space families coming to reunite with you. This is the most unawake, awake movement I've ever run into.

  10. Seems like everytime a comet comes buy there is some idiot that screams "it's not a comet, it's a UFO!!" It's so annoying. You just want to slap those idiots in the face and tell them it's just a fucking comet!!

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