Dr. Bill H. Weld Update – Intel Report – October 7, 2013

Published on Oct 7, 2013

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(You can also skip to 3:40 for where I begin speaking in detail about these classified documents. Skip to 13:12 where I address the attacks and threats I’ve been getting, and where I explain my background a bit more.)

They have put something in our food and our water supply that *will* be used in the coming months, and you need to be prepared and aware of it.

Classified documents have been given to me by one of my sources, currently serving in a very high position with the Department of Defense.

What he told me, and what I’ve seen, is terrifying. What I’ve learned in these documents *will* be activated and used by our government in the coming institution of Martial Law and the economic collapse, and many people *will* die if we don’t do something now.

I ask humbly that those of you out there who are supporting us to please pray for us.

God bless,

Dr. Bill H. Weld



I just wanted to give an update today, because I’ve seen some confusion on what these documents really mean.

They’re *not* planning on killing the whole population. They just want to use this technology as a sort of crowd control, to put down uprisings, revolts or riots, when the economic collapse happens.

You’ll see a lot of isolated flu outbreaks that kill dozens, or hundreds, maybe even thousands, and you’ll know that it’s not the flu at all, it’s our government activating this system.

It also relates to drones and why they want them so bad over our airspace.

A few other clarifications: research for the system *began* in 1995. The technology wasn’t available until a few years ago, when they began testing it and implementing it.

It was dispersed through the public water supply, through bottled water and through the food supply. As I said, the documents indicate about 87% of the population is currently carrying one of these nano devices.

The nano device itself will not hurt you until they activate it with a specific radio signal.

I’ll be posting another video to go into much more detail. In the meantime, please let us know if the above video is playing for you or not. We’re getting a lot of reports it is not playing correctly or at all, which is *very* suspicious.

God be with you,

31 thoughts on “Dr. Bill H. Weld Update – Intel Report – October 7, 2013

  1. Cobra is proven disinfo himself and a conman. If what Bill says is true and happens, the light(99%) has only a few months left to mass arrest the cabal or we will start dying till 90% of us are dead, just as the cabal NWO had planned for. Very scary stuff indeed, but at least we know we are eternal spirits.

  2. Ignore it. Its a pathetic attempt at fear porn. This guy pops out of nowhere and expects us to believe he's got info for us all just because he's ex-military? Get real! This kind of stuff is for those who were born yesterday. I wasn't. Were you?

  3. Someone find one, put it under a microscope, take a picture and post it online then ill believe. Propaganda i say. If its true im sure i just digested all of mine and shitted out the rest.

  4. We ARE absolutely more powerful than we can possibly imagine, yet, if you visualize yourself as being chip-free, your power will make it so. Abundance, Peace & Love for All. Coulove

  5. 'We know all their diabolical plans!' Do we really or is it just someone spreading fear poop? If you are privvy to them and have details, not hearsay, then feel free to tell us all, IN DETAIL like I said. Otherwise you are just another fear-pooper.

  6. We know what's been done, we've witnessed it. You said you knew ALL their diabolical plans. You haven't answered that.Every blogger has indeed been posting regularly from their *insiders* ~ some of it true but most of it made up baloney. The cabal like to feed us fear poop in the hope that we will be immobilized with fear. There's more of us than there are of them, way more! I fear nothing and neither do my friends and family 🙂

  7. He says this small nano device the size of sand grain that we can't see with the naked eye is designed to kill us, meanwhile something we can see which is 1 sandwich 7.6 oz (215 g) with thousands of calories called a ''Big Mac'' something we can see was also designed to kill us does not stop us from ordering a side order milk shake with death already digesting in our stomach washing it down with liquid cake and fries does not scare me, because the only difference between a burger and this nano device is that the sandwich takes longer. We don't need any special intel to figure that one out. This is why the fear porn does not work anymore all the things they say are coming to kill us are already here, and guess what? 99% of the American population enjoy those things, it's called, meth, cocaine, unprotected sex, guns, molly, purple syrup, extacy pills, alcohol cigarettes, etc. This was a waste of my time. Guys use your common sense all these people claiming to have all this special information are not even considering how you can also have your perspective that might make more sense then what they are telling you. I'm sick of this intel shit, it's becoming or if it's not already redundant and useless.

  8. You sound like a shill, Ariel but I will educate you anyway. You can't compare nano devices forced on us vs. junk food that anyone can avoid. The cabal want to kill over 90% of humanity and quickly before we become awake enough to figure out how to mass arrest them. Oh and you were saying that good things were going to happen, still waiting!

  9. THINK ABOUT THIS PLEASE: This guy is doing suggestive hypnotherapy. In order for a "chip" like this to cause the effects that he is talking about, a person would have to have been "violated" through the blood supply. A chip coming through the water is going to go right through your urinary system. If it is "almost visible to the naked eye – IT IS NOT MOLECULAR. This IS THE HIGHEST SOURCE OF FEAR PORN OUT THERE – SUGGESTIVE HYPNOTHERAPY!!!Additionally, who IS this guy, and WHAT ARE his credentials.FEAR PORN….FEAR PORN….FEAR PORN. Faith in the creator will help you dispel this crap.Remember these words. GOD IS, I AM.

  10. When I check this guy energetically for telling the truth, he comes out at 30% truth. I would suspect that his "sickness" is the only part of this video that is true.Enerchi!! Why are you posting such junk???

  11. Drake *ordered* that the cabal be arrested???? How old are you, 12?? The only thing Drake can order is a pizza! When are you gonna get that thru your noddle! There's a sucker born every minute and it looks like your IT!

  12. Bill H Weld, you are a liar and a cabal shill. Hope what they paid you was worth it because whatever they promised you will be short-lived. What you are doing will come back and haunt you, believe it!

  13. Spaceace is the shill here. Just read back through his posts and see how much he contradicts himself. You've got to have a good memory to tell so many lies and he hasn't.Common sense should tell you this vid has more holes in it than a sieve, but Spaceace is using it to push his masters fear porn agenda around this blog. Weld has been outed as a fraud! Spaceace says he's trying to wake up the sheeple – yeh right! He's the one who is still snoozing! Yeh but no but Spaceace!

  14. This guy is stoned. I don't know he's taking. Maybe it's oxycotin since he is in pain all the time so he's probably stoned all the time. I go by what my gut says and it's telling me it's all bullshit. I do believe there are no white hats or galactics (resistant forces). It's hard to trust any of this shit.

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