GaiaPortal Update – October 7, 2013

Fortification of All Gaia Ascension Grids Occurs at this Time…

7 Oct gaia_energy1Fortification of all Gaia Ascension Grids occurs at this time.
Gaia Release grids are being fortified and opened to facilitate release of old-paradigm-aligned-and-outdated patterns that have ingrained into the hu-man component of Gaia whole.

Gaia Construct grids are being fortified and opened to facilitate increased resonance of hu-beings on all current consciousness levels to align with the Gaia New Paradigm. This will accelerate the “hu-being to Hue-Being” process.

Gaia Wisdom grids (as we would term such) have also been fortified to assist connection of both hu-beings and Hue-Beings to their respective Higher Wisdom channels.
Currently, Gaia Release grids and Gaia Construct grids undergo continuous fortifications and upgrades.

Wisdom grid upgrades, of necessity, take place in stages, to allow full acceptance by the hu-being component in absence of fear potential.

2 thoughts on “GaiaPortal Update – October 7, 2013

  1. More complicated, convoluted, made up nonsense with no evidence or proof I've ever seen or heard. I could create similar phrases and concepts out of thin air and try to convince you that aliens from somewhere said it was so. I'm only interested in facts and truths, as in demonstrable, capable of examination with evidence, and can be duplicated for interested parties.. That's why this conjuring above is so laughable, those asking for evidence and proof ( ME ) will very likely never see it, and those people posting this malarkey will not ( to date ) address it. If humans are so goddamn important, as claimed, why would we not be believably enlightened by more than text gibberish on a computer screen ? Are humans, because of thousands of years of religious indoctrination, assumed to be so gullible that proof of claim doesn't need to be seriously addressed ? ' Feelings ' and meditations seem to be fulfilling for some, those intangibles that are so subject to interpretation rather than examination. The Cabal likely have ' weapons ' that can cause voices to be heard in your head. Which is more likely, that other bad, controlling humans are screwing with you ( look at your income taxes for some proof ), or aliens and/or gods are talking to you ? Ask one of these conjurers/channelers next time for proof and see if it is demonstrated. Bet your ass it won't be. frj

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