18 thoughts on “Truckers Unite to Shutdown D.C. & Restore The Republic – Oct.11th-13th

  1. This is good news and has potential to give the light a chance to win if enough sheeple can wake, cops and soldiers in particular and mass arrest the cabal and their puppets in DC. I wish you truckers all the luck in the world to turn the tables around. Could the truckers be the reason the government shutdown?

  2. Just thought I'd let you guys know the truckers website seems to be bugged. When I tried to copy the flyer things went wrong and it won't copy it correctly.I restarted the page and tried it again and it did the same thing.This time I closed the page and tried to open a different one and was shown a screen telling me there is some kind of error and monkeys are working on it.I never have problems like this, this page is being corrupted.I also noticed there were no comments on any of the articles they had listed. I deciced not to try the chat.Frickin Bastards! Gotta mess with this because this is too big and can make a difference. Government buggers!

  3. At the very least, these people are real and legitimate. Do not be deceived by all the lying shills like Neil Keenan etc, they are nothing but actors! They are paid to lie for a living and you shouldn't waste even a moment of breath on them, not even Alex Jones unless you enjoy fear smear nonsense. That is your choice, yet we warn you they are all total hoaxes!!! Hudes and the others, too. http://www.teamlaw.netBe prepared!!! The light may have won, yet you better have all your food and water & supplies now!!! This is going to be a hell of a fight and anyone who professes otherwise, is just another Neil Keenan. We all have this proven now!

  4. You're right. Keenan is a cabal front acting like he is helping humanity, but instead he is stabbing We the People right in the back. I am convinced he is one of the biggest liars to keep the cabal alive.

  5. I don't trust Keenan and him begging for donations is another red flag that he is irrelevant. There's no proof that the light won, not from Keenan nor any other insiders. Nothing is proven except more sheeple are awake.

  6. We are rightfully called skeptics after being sold one story after another, but nothing good ever happens. Insiders claim the light already won, yet the cabal keep cracking down on our freedoms.

  7. Weeeeelll I dunno about the Al Queda endorsement but I hear you all loud and clear. I guess they can't build those FEMA camps fast enough now but let's see if we can't make our voice heard while the Feds are licking their financial wounds as a result of our distinguished leaders fighting over the US mint.

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