U.S. Capitol placed on lockdown – Shots Fired

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, describes the scene near her Cannon House office. Gunshots were reported on Capitol Hill on Thursday, October 3.

The United States Capitol was placed on lockdown Thursday afternoon after shots were fired in the vicinity of the chamber. At least one Capitol Police officer was injured, officials said.

The FBI was responding to the scene, and a helicopter landed in front of the Capitol. A message from the Capitol Police ordered anyone in a House office to “shelter in place.”

“Close, lock and stay away from external doors and windows,” the message said.

The House recessed, and the Senate went into a quorum call — dispensing momentarily with its official business — shortly thereafter.

“We’ve locked the doors. We closed the window shades. And we are awaiting further instructions,” Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) told MSNBC. “We’re more or less cut off here. We’re watching TV and just trying to figure out what happened.”

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill tweeted: “Shots fired outside the Capitol. We are in temporary lock down.”

Congress has been locked for the past week and a half in a contentious debate over funding the government, a disagreement in which contributed to a government shutdown that came to pass at the end of Monday.

Last night, Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy, R, was the victim of a “minor incident” outside of the Capitol complex.

“A random individual, unknown to the Congressman, began screaming at him and grabbed his arm,” a spokesperson for Duffy said in describing the incident. “Mr. Duffy was unharmed. He reported the incident in compliance with House security procedures. Congressman Duffy has requested no further action be taken and there will be no further comment on the matter at this time.”

Individuals can be seen running Thursday at the U.S. Capitol following gun shots.

On September 16, a deadly shooting occurred blocks south of the U.S. Capitol complex which contributed to a partial lockdown of the Capitol at that time.

A shooting on July 24, 1998 left two Capitol Police officers dead. And at a constituent event in her district in January 2011, then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., was seriously injured and six others were killed in a shooting.


16 thoughts on “U.S. Capitol placed on lockdown – Shots Fired

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  2. Today I received an mail sent to me two months ago! 🙂 This is a gem! The mail was sent from my ASUS Pad which was in Hong Kong. I received it today…after two months on…my ASUS Pad. This e-mail wanted to come home. So sweet.

  3. Anon 5:16, the clear reality is that the "Hopiete of the Masses" (Obombma) is really just a high ranking minion but he's also the face & voice of the final attempted implementation of a very Dark, very Fascist NWO… He is fully complicit in this and as such deserves the most intensive scrutiny and resultant judgement that can be brought to bear… Though I personally do NOT suggest direct violence towards any complicit party in this ridiculous & pathetic government that has taken hold here in America, the time is coming when we may have no other choice but to defend our families & communities to the death. Indeed, that will be a very sad day. More likely though is the carrying out of Agenda 21 through other means that can NOT be defended against such as Mortal Viral outbreak, Extreme Weather (HARRP & Jet Trails combo), Extreme Earth movement (HARRP) and so on. Lets face it, we have the sickest, most psychotic, utterly soulless beings heading up this New World Order. What these pathetic morons can't seem to grasp is, the utter lack of respect & honor of all life they are expressing into this reality must, by it's very nature, fail and collapse in on it's own creators. They are creating a "Nobody Wins" scenario due to their own naivete & stupidity beyond any who've ever lived…

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