Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors October 1st, 2013

Published on Oct 1, 2013
* Global Collateral Accounts & Gold Bonds (01:00)
* 300.000 UN Troops to Surround Washington DC (3:40)
* Mall Shooting in Keynya (4:40)
* Pope Francis Named as an M1 (7:10)
* Cabal’s Comitee of 300 Restruction (8:40)
* Dalai Lama (9:20)
* Assets Ownership, OPPT, Neil Keenan Group, Assian Royal Families (12:00)
* Positive Military & Pentagon (14:55)
* NSA (15:14) (33:00)
* Pope Francis (16:02)
* Cashed Bonds & THE EVENT (18:00)
* Egypt & Muslim Brotherhood’s Fall (20:43)
* Cameron & Positive Templars Move in England (21:10)
* Blackwater Founder Erik Prince Hiding in Qatar (23:00)
* Fukoshima Radiatioactivity & Industrial Waste (23:25)
* Lemuria and Paradise on Earth Project (24:00)
* Agarthans, Pleidians & Primary Race for First Contact (24:55)
* Mega Quake M9.7 (25:55)
* THE EVENT & Global Awakening (27:00)

* Cabal Running Out of Money (29:00)
* Get Your Money Out of Banks (29:50)
* Rebels in Syria (30:00)
* Financial Collapse (31:40)
* Archonic Activity & Human Behaviour (32:00)
* Wikileaks & Disclosure Leaks Risks (34:20)
* Global Warming Fraud & Mini Ice Age (34:40)
* Navy Yard Shooter & Mk Ultra Programing (36:40)
* Syria & Global Chemical Weapons Eadication Campaign (37:50)
* Poland’s Role & Unerground Groups (40:30)
* Bengazi & Libya Transportation Weapons Channel (43:00)
* October 1st & Government Shut Down (44:18)
* Isreal’s Chemical Weapons Removal (45:40)
* Debt Forgivenes & THE EVENT (46:57)
* Red Rain (47:30)
* Fireballs & Falling Meteors Increase (48:10)
* Black Whirpools in Oceans (49:30)
* 3 New Islands in Pakistan (50:18)
* New Atlantis Society (50:50)
* Political Changes in Italy & Greece (51:40)
* Tibetan Monks & Protests in China (52:50)
* Fall Equinox & New Male-Female Balance (53:45)
* Underwater Pyramid in Azores Island (55:40)
* New Window Opportunity in the Second Part of October (56:30)


28 thoughts on “Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors October 1st, 2013

  1. have been saying for months that mass arrests need to happen very soon or the cabal will get their ww3. I have been feeling a sense of urgency that we have reached a tipping point that will decide our fate. If cops and positive military are awake enough and do their jobs mass arresting the cabal and forcing the mainstream media to disclose, the light will win. The government is currently shutdown so this presents a window of opportunity to act. Insiders are claiming the light already won, but I do not believe this and Brzezinski shows proof that the cabal are moving very quickly to exterminate 90% of the population unless we act even quicker. I do believe we are all immortal spirits, but should the light lose, death may not come quick or painlessly for most of us.

  2. The cabal have done a great job placing shills and disinfo agents to distract us and buy the cabal more time. But things are moving fast now and it's very scary what the desperate cabal plan to do if they aren't mass arrested.

  3. "He's like the energizer bunny of con men. He just keeps coming and conning."This disinfo agent was quick to comment. It's almost as if s/he was waiting for the post.

  4. Roger that – he's telling some truth, sprinkled with dis-info. Won't admit that Afghanistan was a mistake – hah – because we're still guarding the poppy fields. If he was REALLY telling the truth, THEY would bust a cap in his @$$ just like they do everyone else who gets in the way….. hah

  5. Ishtar Antares is a fraudster and he simply spreads info readily available and adds disinfo to the mix, same shit different arsehole. The voice mod is a lame attempt to hinder fraud charges for obtaining money by deception in the future. All this info can be gleamed off the web for any one capable of doing a bit of their own critical research but parasites like this rely on people to be lazy and turn to new age "gurus" You are being taken in, and if any thing happens in th future he willingly take credit for it but actually has nothing to do wit any of it.Any thing bad or things don't happen then it's the "Archons" fault despite the constant historical contradiction that many simply forget that come out of Ishtar's mouthHe has a lot of bad energy coming his way for being so deceitful to people. I take no enjoyment from this I can just see it coming.

  6. People should be asking proper questions like what are they spraying us with in chemtrails etc, high dose lithium is one thing, this has blissed a lot of the love and light brigade in to submission, when on certain drugs you will applaud while the building burns down around you, so much blatant criminality to force the awakening back down that is failing and then there are the plethora of shills and trolls and disinfo drones who just supplant lies and make a nice bit of money out of it too.He still modulates his voice, but NSA has info on every one? So why hide if not to simply protect himself from any future implications of fraud when people demand their money back/ Please people, how can you claim to be "aware" when you're being fooled by a global conspiracy to keep you dumb and have your energy harvested from womb to tomb..

  7. Many are questioning if Cobra is cabal. At first he claimed the event would be some type of physical event and now he's making it seem like it'll be a financial event. All these folks are scammers including Fulford, Wilcock, Drake so on. They r playing on the cycles of things to make predictions do when they happen you run to then like they are in the know and spend your $$ to hear them speak about really nothing. These people have done nothing but I do see so many making comments to each other in anger on this site now defending them. They are laughing at you all. You are all wiser than this so do lots of reading and research and don't believe anything. As you uncover more and more you'll begin to see how these folks play on you. Who cares if a new financial system is coming in. You can't do anything about it anyway so focus on something constructive instead of something you have no control over.

  8. it's so funny to read all the comments,. .. so certain judgments and statements without a single evidence. Just emotions, feelings and opinions. Right now we need to be critical and alert more then ever but just driven from emotions although some are thinking sometime it's coming from there hearts I think is not the right attitude. I'm sure most of the people posting negative energy are good hearted people but it looks like not all the time. Our negative emotions and thoughts are desperate to come out and keep us under control just like our surrounding reality. We need to be more alert on this one. Deep inside us we all hope to regain our real power individually and globally, in other case we will not be here trying to figure out the big picture. And judging using logic based on partial information will not help us either. The battle we all know for 100% certain is far beyond our 3D world that we can experience with our couple of human senses ( You can't think logically and use equations when you don't have access to all the variables. We don't have access to all the variables even in our 3D. In the Math you can prove that 1+1=3 using 99% truth and just 1% not certain assumption. My point here is that we have to concentrate on collecting true evidence and exposing false assumptions in order to connect the dots and solve the puzzle.Peace

  9. "it's so funny to read all the comments,. .. so certain judgments and statements without a single evidence. Just emotions, feelings and opinions"Then you go on to make a assumptions with no evidence.. Hypocrisy is staggering and ego will always attack instead of own up..Thanks for the projection, we are all here to learn from each other..

  10. "This disinfo agent was quick to comment. It's almost as if s/he was waiting for the post. "Nahhh, just not as easily duped by pathetic con men like Ishtar Antares as you most obviously are. BTW, do you want to buy a watch?

  11. thanks for pointing my possible false assumption. It was more like how I was seeing it from my point of view and experience and you are right "we are all here to learn from each other" I'm also agree that we all have lot of work to do to master our perfect objectivity, including myself, so keep learning is esential

  12. Lots of love, we are all in a galactic university, graduation time is fast approaching. Duality can be viewed from a neutral stance, the eye of the storm is always the calmest. October is a great month for many reasons, as above so below..

  13. I show in my site that we are going to the 5th Dimension, and we are already getting our semi-tranlucid, silicone based, crystalline body with pictures to prove it!These people all work for the Cabal. Willcock, Fullford, Cobra (The Serpent Brotherhood PEOPLE!), Drake (Dragon), all suspects. By their fruits you shall know them…None of them talk what is REALLY happening!Check my site! Check the White Sun!I feel a new Energetic Reality that happened on December 21st of 2012. I don't think the Cabal will fit well with these new energies.For me they are finished. But it all depends on Humans!There is also a picture of an UFO. PRAY FOR THE UFOS TO SHOW UP MORE!!!!It is our only true hope… The 'free'masons in the Military and Police are too corrupt to be of any use for these "mass arrests". OUR ONLY HOPE ARE THE ALIENS!They were very tender the first time they showed themselves to me. I share it in my site.AOne.

  14. July of 2012 Drake said the arrests were imminent……he said, and I quote….."sit back and enjoy the fireworks." From that, why would anyone even consider what Drake ever says again ?????????????

  15. "Seems the COBRA/Ishtar entity are two people, business partners: one is the writer, the other does the public speaking. Here is the “face” of Ishatr Antares. Do not gaze into his eyes too long, for he is a shapeshifter and master deceiver. “The Gaze” is a method used by a number of Eastern European New Age gurus, used by Croatian reptilian Braco." Here you can see a photo of his master deceiver. It's so pathetic how the interviewer hangs on every word. She seems like a genuinely nice person; too bad she is just a sycophant for this scam artist."COBRA: New Age Scammer from Slovenia or: Boštjan Košir Wants Your Ascended Money!" "One can see/feel the dark energy around him. Bostjan/Ishtar/COBRA is nothing more than a New Age scam artist, repeating the same that greater gurus have been saying, first scamming his Eastern European audience with seminars, a book, and asking for donations, now scamming the Western Hemisphere audience by jumping on the Drake mass arrests bandwagon, and asking for donations. He has in the past come to the United States to spread his disinfo, at the invite of New Age groups in Encinitas, California, home of the upper middle class Cabal-led cults." how so many people are sucked into this scam artist's BS, which has been going on for YEARS. Sad.

  16. What if aliens refuse to save us? So far, they have not done much when their technology could remove the cabal overnight. The cabal get their ww3 and it's game over for humanity. So you are saying good guys are unable to do their jobs in mass arresting the cabal? I have already saved my self by waking up to the fact we are immortal spirits.

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