CNN to Drop Piers Morgan


Sources tell FTVLive that CNN Boss Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.”

Morgan signed a one year extension to his contract and as time winds down, Zucker is looking for someone to takeover his time slot.

Word is that Zucker really wants Katie Couric in that slot. Couric should be available soon as many expect this is the last year her talk show “Katie” will be on the air.

But, CNN sources tell FTVLive that Zucker is not putting all his eggs in the Couric basket. “He’s looking at other people besides Katie,” says our source.

Zucker might have learned a lesson when he planned on putting Erin Burnett on CNN’s new morning show. It blew up in his face, when Burnett balked at going to mornings.

Word is that CNN could offer Morgan another role at the network, most likely something outside of prime time and likely in the late night hours.
Morgan, his agent and CNN have been working on his new role or his exit strategy from the network.
One group that will likely be happy that CNN is pulling the plug on Morgan in prime time… the NRA.

Morgan has been very critical of the gun laws in the United States for years and has made it one of his main topics on his show.

Stay tuned…

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14 thoughts on “CNN to Drop Piers Morgan

  1. Russian hitmen will slot him first, the game of thrones is hotting up. Blairs daughter got stopped by gunmen in the city in broad daylight last week, I worked the city day and night for 20+ years and never even heard a gun go off. The world news on MSM is pure pantomime and there will probably be a revolution by gnostic societies due to the stalemate currently going on.This or military intervention to remove the nastiness that is deep rooted in Washington and Babylondon etc..The big fear factor is on the populace of innocents by MSM but it's the one's who currently call the shots that will be first inline for the guillotine if a solution is not reached soon. This is fact, take it or leave it, not every one is a shill.. Game of thrones is not just fiction, the federal reserve rights to print th dominant currency if being viciously competed for and this is financial WWIII played out by financial terrorists. Hence shutdowns etc to keep people in fear and confusion.. Watch the film killing them softly and see how predictive programming works, don't follow just the main plot, follow the sub plots and witness how secret intelligence and true gnostics talk to each other, being aware is a lot more than many believe, it can be scary at first due to the bigger picture is nothing like you've been dragged up in to believing. But if you're not in the game you cannot lose..

  2. I have been saying for months that mass arrests need to happen very soon or the cabal will get their ww3. I have been feeling a sense of urgency that we have reached a tipping point that will decide our fate. If cops and positive military are awake enough and do their jobs mass arresting the cabal and forcing the mainstream media to disclose, the light will win. The government is currently shutdown so this presents a window of opportunity to act. Insiders are claiming the light already won, but I do not believe this and Brzezinski shows proof that the cabal are moving very quickly to exterminate 90% of the population unless we act even quicker. I do believe we are all immortal spirits, but should the light lose, death may not come quick or painlessly for most of us.

  3. Some folks think they are teflon coated…..or they have a place reserved for them in a bunker. Chances are their employers will use a bullet on them because its cheaper….or leave them to the crowds to deal with. You take the money, you take the consequences.

  4. Not a mugger, they were Russians sent by oil oligarchs due to the shadow war we are not being shown on TV BRICS alliance transition of global power and Blair chose the wrong side.. Many did.. BBC is shitting itself due to being a Zionist fascist lead nasty franchise and people they slotted in WWII have come back with more power, gnostic societies etc are at it right now.. Lots at stake like controlling Geo-politics. MSM is green screen fakery and total lies.. Internet is full of disinfo also so go with what resonate with your truth..All this while the birthing of new realities is manifest in the nebula in the heavens, very powerful energy is here and it will sort the wheat from the chaff, some need to take heed and not let words of wisdom slip through the finger like wasted waters..

  5. 12:29 V interesting. The press 'reports' of Blair's kid seem a bit odd tbh. Held up at gun-point yet nothing taken and her old man being one of the most reviled politicians ever to draw breath? hmm.

  6. She was braced and Blair was braced also, but he is a high functioning sociopath so his own daughters safety might not be a priority, but it's a message regardless. Game of thrones for real, study Russian true history with zionists and the blood feuds, it's all playing out right before us. You wouldn't want to be one of them now, many would still want to be part of that "elite" but that's because they don't understand how fucking insecure it all is, they don't have security to protect themselves from the unaware public so why do they have such high security if its not from within their own walls, paranoia must be very high with them right now and it's all falling apart.

  7. Not flooding out fast enough imo. Needs to go much higher than the entertainment industry – v sick irony there.Blair and Mrs Murdoch story seems to have stagnated too.

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