Benjamin Fulford Selling Interview With Karen Hudes for $500,000

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Quick Overview

This is a two-part interview with Karen Hudes, the former Chief Council of the World Bank. Since we both directly watched the people who actually run this planet for decades, we were able to fill gaps in each other’s knowledge about what is really happening at the top of the global financial and power system.  
This time, I will be selling only one copy of the video and asking for $500,000 in payment for it. The money will be deposited in the White Dragon Foundation bank account and used to purchase $1 trillion worth of Federal Reserve Board bonds from the original holder. We will turn over the ownership of the bonds to the Japanese government and then go through official channels to try to cash them. This will be done publicly and openly in an attempt to break the deadlock at the top of the financial system and unleash vast funds for humanitarian work.

31 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford Selling Interview With Karen Hudes for $500,000

  1. Ben: Can I pay you with IQD's after the rv? We could all listen to the interview now and I'll pay you later after the global reset………….promise……..soon…….shortly…… week?

  2. Just when I thought Benny could not be anymore insane, he goes and does something like this. Well, hopefully this will expose to all the people that still listen to him that he is not playing with a full deck if he really believes he can get someone to pay $500,000 to watch one of his interviews. He is both crazy and a fraud, nice combination.

  3. It's clear they are asking a wealthy do-gooder who is awake and understands the current state of affairs to step up and help. Oprah, are you listening? This is perfect for OWN network! This isn't about the interview, it's just a means to an end.

  4. I wonder what commission Benji gets or is he the one who handles its use? Why is it also every time Benji starts soliciting for money he always brings the White Dragons into it, as if the WDS need funds to survive? Aren't the White Dragons supposed to be beyond rich?…and for $500,000 , I'm sure Karen would show up at your door step herself to give you a foot massage. You can then ask her anything you like!

  5. I do believe that Karen Hudes is very important to the future of our planet, I also know that most people do not know or care about the problems Karen has brought to the light. We live in a world of people who are blind to the criminals that are running the governments and how they are robbing us and our children as we all get less and less and they get more and more.It seems to be getting worse because most people focus on a cell phone in their hand and never look around or think critically about anything. They believe anything they are told.Good will prevail because it must and the cell phone people may not even notice they have been wrong all along.

  6.***Dinars are a cabal scam, she is admitting the dinar is a cabal plan to give them the money they need for wars, including ww3.***I tried to look at the coming war in Syria and what ground work was laid in these last few years to support this ongoing effort and what they needed Iraq (their patsy Maliki) to do for them. This too held up the RV. Remember now there is a plan to supply the rebels with weapons and to pay for them with this revalued dinar. How can they do this without revaluing the dinar now. Could this now be the next item on their checklist? I think this will happen prior to any invasion.I believe too that the US government is also sending out mixed messages to intel sources to pacify us on these dinar sites just like in Iraq when they announce to the people for the zillionth time “its going to happen in the coming days”. Why do they do this? I believe they want us and need us to invest in this dinar. They do not want us to give up. There is a larger plan for using us investors and also a plan for post RV. I have talked about this plan in prior posts. If they did not want us to have these dinars they could have stopped us from buying them at anytime. Remember they have to get through customs of every country. They also could have just simply put a law in place and made it illegal, as they have in come countries where they do not want the average person to have the kind of wealth it is about to bring us. They also could have just stopped selling them in the auctions.

  7.***slaade is warning us about Ison. Is she a disinfo agent? Is she believing the lies her "sources" have told her?***This has nothing to do with the financial system. Smoke and mirrors. Get out of the big cities and on high ground. Mark my words here and now. Time is short. Call me what you will. I am simply trying to share what my 2 years of research and intuition tells me. Will a financial crash happen? Perhaps. War? Perhaps. Have none of you noticed the acceleration of events? I can share with you what I believe to be true but it would be rather lengthy. In brief…a "shutdown" will most likely occur in the next 3 weeks. This is to institute martial law to prevent panic. "Comet" Ison is NOT a comet. I am not a follower of Tolec. The entrance of "Ison" to our solar system will create effects yet unknown, however, some are already happening. NO ONE knows it's purpose for coming, though it is believed (and I'm sorry but can not at this time share my source of this information) that it is coming on a rescue mission. Whom it is coming to rescue is also not known. All governments are aware of this. Any distractions are just that..distractions. There is some truth to the videos above. People are leaving the country. The resignations we have all seen over the past year have nothing to do with fear of arrest. These people are frightened and have gone into hiding. I live in a coastal area and am making my preparations to leave in a few weeks. Hopefully I will still be able to travel unhindered. Feel free to check out any of the posts I've made here in the 2 yrs I've been visiting E's site. I'm no shill..not a "nutcase", etc. Just have had a knowing that something was coming, and I now believe I do. I could be wrong of course, but feel the need to share. Simple as that. God speed…

  8. Fulford has exposed his agenda and he may not be on the up or up, or this could all be a purposeful diversion. I've heard from high up now that there is certain fake-outs occurring. If you can get past it being on a kabuki site, you may need to read the article. It may explain some things as Ison is related to their home world, that is why the cabal greatly hates and fears it's arrival. It has been posted all over the web not just there.

  9. One copy of the video…sold to a member of the elite cos only they have that kind of money to burn…whatever info, new or otherwise, it contains never sees the light of day again… does that help us? it doesn't….$500,000 buys 1 trillion dodgy bonds….really?…no, thought not….time wasting distraction

  10. Hello slaade, NASA=never a straight answer. If they show us any photos, they will be fake anyway. I read more conspiracy theories on "comet" Ison and most of them are doom and gloom. Some insiders say the cabal want to use Ison as an excuse for a false flag. Government might shutdown tomorrow, think it has anything to do with Ison?

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