11 thoughts on “9/11 WTC 2nd plane slow motion – Look at the left wing go behind building

  1. Wild theories like "the planes were holographic" discredit 9/11 truth. The wing disappeared behind the building because the building is in the foreground, as you can clearly see starting at the 3:52 mark of this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpUKM0MFNaM which shows the impact from 43 angles. And no one has said that the plane shredded the building; clearly, the building shredded the plane. Real planes hit the buildings, then they were imploded by pre-placed charges (with the possible help of more exotic weapons technologies).

  2. Anon 6:23 You can argue what building is where all day long. Until someone can explain to me why all 5 networks changed the plane video that they were showing on the AM of 911 to the blacked out scene of the PM, I will be convinced that all the networks were in on the planning and execution of 911. I saw the nose come out the other side and then appeared to get yanked back in. Since that is impossible, a failed special effects video masking is the only answer. Besides that, nobody heard an airliner come in and the roar would have been deafening.

  3. 7:08, I am not arguing where the building is because it's in the foreground between the videographer and the plane. Case closed. And which is it in your mind, CG or a hologram? What about the gazillion videos of eyewitnesses talking about what they saw and that it was a military plane with no windows? This kind of half-assed analysis and jumping to the gun makes 9/11 truthers look like a bunch of loons. We aren't.

  4. I found this video very interesting. I'm just as aware as all of you about all the evidence of 911. I think this video is perhaps a little over analyzed although at first it appears the way the uploader describes it. If the building that the left wing went behind was indeed in the background behind the south tower, then its height would be well over half the height of the tower itself I would think. Taking a look at pictures of the surrounding buildings of the towers pre-911, there's hardly a building that even comes up to the halfway point of the towers in height. The towers dwarf everything around them.It seems to me that the perception is that at this angle, the building is not behind the south tower from this point of view but instead is foreground or closer to the viewer then the trade centre (in between the viewer and the south tower) making it shorter than what would be implied in the video. The plane would be flying higher than this building.However, I'm not saying that no footage may have been tampered with.

  5. Anon 12:06 Case definitely not closed. In fact the 911 case is drawing even more world wide scrutiny daily. It is just too easy to fake witnesses with the media being complicit. Many witnesses turned out to either work for media or military and all 6 so called amateur videos have proven to be frauds.What we saw on 911 was a special effects movie, designed to cover up what was really taking the buildings down. It was very sloppily done and they got caught which is why all networks changed the Flight 175 video by mid afternoon. Millions of people saw the Nose of the plane come out the other side of the building and then go back inside the building. The wall was never breached other than broken glass so we know that the plane was Computer generated. I ask again, if the media was not complicit, why did all five networks cover up this Nose Out- Nose In scene? BTW, pick any one of your "gazillion witnesses" and let's analyze the testimony.

  6. Only a computer generated airplane can fly that close to the ground and never make a sound. Nobody heard it. It should have been as loud as an airliner coming in for a landing. Can you talk over a landing plane? NO, yet we have an eyewitness on the ground speaking into a cell phone to Fox news and supposedly the plane flies right over his head and we never hear a sound until the explosions. What kind of Moron wrote this script? I know someone who works across the street, close to the food court and she never heard a single plane. Her mother had to call her from Kansas and tell her what was going on because her mother was watching the brainwashing news.

  7. I still get hung up on the pristine passport of a "known terrorist" and planes taken over by box cutter-wielding terrorists… image the horror had they been equipped with staple guns and a Yanni cd!!

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