9 thoughts on “Gonab Radio Talks With Karen Hudes aka ‘The World Bank Whistleblower’ – Intel Update

  1. Divide and conuer Karen Hudes is always a treat to listen to. Yes it's the Jesuits, Yes it's the Jews, Yes it's the Queens, Yes it's actually the Royals. Yeah right, to all four of those non-sensical ramblings!!It is not and has not ever been any of them, it is the Zionists out of the P2 Lodge, the Israeli government, the communist sect of the U.S.A and the Pentagon and the whole world knows it. Denying this fact just makes you sound like a fool, an ostrich with head in the sand as good old Thomas Jefferson would say. This is them: http://nesaranews.blogspot.jp/2013/09/obamas-crimes.htmlThe Federal Reserve | IMF has been found in violation of the logan act and the forteiture law, having violated the law by embezzling funds and providing conflicts of interest for over a hundred years. Now the Vatican, the Churches, the Royals and what not want their money returned so you can guarantee this major revolution is in their best interest. Since the Federal Reserve has violated the law and the franchise was therefore forfeited, it is time to close this enterprise of total treason down. I'm sure all the bank heads and Royals want nothing more than to see this disaster closed down, they are prevented from doing so because of the crazies in the Pentagon, P2 Lodge and Preury of Zion and the whole world knows it now. Interestingly through Hudes' double-talking she mentioned an Asian signatory for the entire world's stolen Gold. Obviously that did not make any mention of the Neil Keenan character, so Keenan is probably a fraud. Why would a one-trick pony like that have such relationship with the Royals, King, Heads of Church or State who are all as fed up with this situation as we are? I did find a lot of evidence about this alleged person needed as signatory for the Gold, so some of Hudes report matches the evidence. Could Matuhishista have anything to do with the new found Leo Wanta gold? The truth is undeniable, the signatories need to finish signing the Gold over right NOW…..The rest of America needs to draft legislation to Abolish the Federal Reserve, added to Dr. Paul's original abolition bill and then pass it through Congress. All the more important now that so many states have implemented their own state banks nationwide. The Reserve must be abolished and Obama if he does what people predict he does absolute impeachment articles are in order.

  2. Karen Hudes is controlled opposition and is why she's allowed to live. She's pro Obama! Any article that talks about money is just a distraction because the release of suppressed tech will make money obsolete.

  3. Anonymous 11:09 – Shut the fuck up. Fucking hate people like you. Karen is a true hero and is fighting against the corruption. You are a shill or a fucking low life piece of shit. In fact I look forward to the day that you lose your job as a shill. Scum of the earth will not survive the change.

  4. my, my! An opinion with merit and tact that butthurt somemne and placed their knickers tightly into their posterior… here is some freeingknowledge for you: simply equating someone as a paid shill because they express their perspective makes you look like a remedial jackass!i donut trust hudes either. Look at the fate Hastings met! The ones who can do damage get 'dealt with'. The plants do not! Jesuit/inbred/khazar/zionist games… Silly fucking rabbits!!

  5. Why don't you tell us how you really feel?Karen is giving the information she has from her experience. She's an attorney after all, for the World Bank no less.She may not have all the background some do on the factions pulling the strings but to me they all seem to be related fractals of each other anyway.Calling people names doesn't show any maturity , class or tact. Having a bad day? Need a hug?Absolutley the Fed needs to be held accountable, funds restored and the creation of our currency returned to our governments. That's a no brainer.Write your congressperson and let them know that you know and want to help free the country. If nothing else it let's them know we are on to them. Pressure. Keep pushing, never give up.

  6. Karen Hudes is a whistleblower. She was fired from the World Bank in 2007 for doing her job. She uncovered corruption and reported it over and over so they fired her. I saw one interview where she was asked how she stays alive. She said the most vulnerable she was, was back when no one knew who she was and she knew things were very, very corrupt in the world of finance. She said she has done this work because it was the right thing to do. The more she made waves the safer she became. Now she has over 180 nations behind her. She has found many other whistleblowers throughout the world and they are working together to bring the cabal down. We all need to be grateful for her and spread the word.

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