25 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford interviewed by Aaron Wilson – Tough questions about Keenan, Drake and Stew.

  1. From this, it is very obvious that the criminals involved in the drama to cause this are NOT the masons, NOT the mafia, NOT the vatican and NOT the christians. It is very obvious the people doing all this are high level Zionists from all of these groups, who are trying their best to hide in plain sight. It is this small group of Zionists who must be removed as surely they will all fail now with all of these recent bankers arrested… However it is obvious this group of high level Zionists is an insane, very dangerous threat with claims that they are going to cut all the electric power grids in America. That is an act of insanity. http://nesaranews.blogspot.comSo everyone must be proactive and not allow these people to continue these schemes….obviously everything he is reporting is the truth, however the same can't be confirmed about anything for Keenan so people should remain skeptical. Skepticism is healthy. I would absolutely guarantee it doesn't hurt to have food and resources stocked up, this extremely small group of Zion trouble makers will try anything. That's coming as soon as October yet that means there is absolutely no way a lot of the military is on their side….Unless the military went insane, there is going to be a severe power shake up.

  2. All these fucking wackos will still be in power well after Benjamin Fulford has died a natural death (maybe 90 years). I can't understand why these cocksuckers are still in power and yet I hear these fucking lies "Oh, there about finished, we gotem now." Cut the bull shit now and admit defeat. I'm so damned sick of hearing the same crap every day. This so-called "Event" is a bunch of misled do-gooders wishful thinking. I don't believe there is a god creator because this shit would have never happened in the first place if there was a god. I don't believe in God who mindlessly allows billions of innocent people to be slaughtered. It clearly appears God and Satan are one in the same. A psychopathic lunatic.

  3. Remove Islam and many of the Muslims too!!!! Thousands of Muslims given free visas by the great one and now the heritage foundation claims criticim of Islam is anti-semitic. Cantor and Pelosi love them. What a total farce and sick joke! If the psychopath Zionists go then take many of the Muslims too!!!! Islam is an evil insane order, probably many belong to the same Shabtai Tsvi cult of criminals anyway. We will not live near barbarians.

  4. If the cabal remain in power a few more years, they will get their ww3 and it's game over for humanity. I already know what the cabal are up to and it's truly evil. You are right that there is no proof that the cabal are finished. There is proof that we are all immortal souls that are one with source so even if we die, we gain our freedom in heaven anyway. Freewill is a universal law and we either defeat the cabal and gain our freedom on earth or we die trying and gain our freedom in heaven.

  5. Well what we do know is that something is planned for October and it looks like it involves martial law. There is enough information to prove that much for those who have been paying attention. What we do not know is who is planning what or if it will be one side against the other with us as hostage. My instincts say this is it, what we have been waiting for, government shuts down, banks close and with a little help from the galactics the good guys win.

  6. To those insulting Ben Fulford. He doesn't have to reply to you given Fulford is far down the chain of command anyway. Not everyone has to agree that Fulford is trustworthy or that there will be an RV, however the RV is happening. What Fulford says many times does not provide the full picture, nevertheless his news ought to be digested anyway since with it you can always learn something. The event that is coming will be so reality shattering that it will not be deniable, since the light already won. However don't ever accept someone's word for it like a Drake or such, this has never occurred before…..there are thousands of cabalists to arrest and strategy is key.

  7. http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/a-brief-comment-from-jean-concerning-ben-fulfords-last-post-it-will-be-his-last-on-my-blog/#commentsLuwdmke says: I don’t think Karen Hudes is trust worthy either. Both Fulford and Hudes seem to be back peddeling now. I think they have been bought off.My comment: Do your research, Jean is exposing Fulfraud as the fraud he is. The RV is a cabal scam, even Ben and several dinar gurus have come clean on this. It will only benefit the 1% if it ever RV. Cobra believes there will be NO RV before the event and after the event, the RV will not make you rich, just a small profit which won't even matter with the release of free energy and other advanced technology. When and if the event comes, even awake people like me will be shocked because it indeed will be so reality shattering. The light has not won unless they are able to mass arrest many thousands and thousands of cabal. Most people are now skeptics, such as 9:54 and 4:40

  8. Skeptics should remain skeptical, it's people like Cobra who are half the trouble as it is. They aren't involved and aren't to be trusted. There will be an RV however and the light has already won, that will make it all the more shocking as the thousands of more arrests occur. There's already been another five thousand arrests the past two months, don't underestimate the real forces at work. It will be all the more shocking when it happens, because then it will be proven that many possible shills like Keenan or Cobra were disinfo.

  9. Thank you for interviewing Ben…. Also do you know why the sound on your side is reverbing? It is sometimes hard to hear you speak. Maybe you have both the mic on your laptop recording at the same time your headphone mic is on? If so, you can disable your laptop mic and you should be able to hear clean sound.

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