Ken’s Blog: Do the Dragon’s Really Own The Earth?


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94 thoughts on “Ken’s Blog: Do the Dragon’s Really Own The Earth?

  1. Woops, NOT PDFs –Tiffs or JPEGs, I forget , my viewing was two years ago.I could not care less at this point — I viewed them well.All 60 or so of them.Locked up and SAFE in the hands and control of theoriginal owners and KEENAN.And surrounded by a bunch of drooling wannebeeshoping to control things, like Crayford the CrawFISH.And LIED about by the FATASS BLOB Ken, the WANNABE important LIAR.Good thing you OUT OF LOOPERS have ZERO CONTROLof we'd all be up shit creek.

  2. AND the little matter of FLEETS of LIMOSand FLEETS of Boeing JETS (on order, awaiting funding SOON as freaking possible)For the NEW IRAQI AIRLINES AND MILITARY ! ! !And the little matter of the LARGEST EMBASSY IN THE WORLD ———THE USA EMBASSY IN IRAQ.AND the little matter of new high tech searches revealingmassive previously undiscovered resources in Vietnam.

  3. "Good thing you OUT OF LOOPERS have ZERO CONTROLof we'd all be up shit creek."None of us want to be where you reside.Dr Frankenstein, you have let the Duck escape again! Somebody shoot the sucker and put us all out of his misery.

  4. AND the little matter of FLEETS of LIMOSand FLEETS of Boeing JETS (on order, awaiting funding SOON as freaking possible)For the NEW IRAQI AIRLINES AND MILITARY ! ! !And the little matter of the LARGEST EMBASSY IN THE WORLD ———THE USA EMBASSY IN IRAQ.And that's your idea of a brave New World? More greed and stupidity. Possessions do not mean shit! Period. People with your attitude are the problem not the solution.

  5. "Oct 1Oct 8Eternity…."You said it right there.It won't happen October 1st. IT WILL NOT. Come back to this post next week and see how absolutely wrong you were, AGAIN. Same with the 8th and the next date you'll salivate over next.Forvevr chasing that carrot on the string like the well trained slave you are. So well trained that you'll rationalise every failed date and prediction away with your idiotic "oh, the plan was changed / the schedule was extended!" line of thought/conditioning.And Keenan, the glorious brave savior and warrior of humanity… You cannot prove his legitamacy or benevolance beyond what he and his followers say themselves. So you're on the level of a cultist beleiving without objective evidence and on faith alone. Any idea contrary to your cultist ideology reverts you to illogical blathering. Your inablity to critically think hides the possiblity that there is an agenda behind that which you are fed without even blinking. You represent the very worst of this entire truth seeking movement.

  6. Well dummy, LIARS DO often prompt rebuttalin the form of in-the-loop researchers tossingin their two cents to help prevent morons from believing the false information.If you want to call that a nerve, your choice.But any credence you give the faker Ken simplycasts a horribly hued light on YOU. You do a severe diservice to other dummies.I happen to be done with preparations for securing currency exchange profits so I thoughtI'd comment on the lying wannabeeeeee Ken.People who've not previously secured millions of dollars in funding have no idea of the complexities involved in simply the original preparation, nevermind the later required work to maintain things undercontrol and safety. Dramatic all in itself.Done with THAT I got bored as hell so I thought I'd see if any dummies are still promoting Ken the SLUG (YEP).Now back with you to sucking on Ken's pants.

  7. "In-the-loop researchers"That's cute. Research usually implies evidence. Not a single iota of reliable, objective evidence has been produced by you or Keenan.Lots of talk, but no substance. Stop deluding yourself, you unwitting cabal shill.I don't know why you seem to think the eastern cabal ("dragon families) are so much more benevolant then the western cabal. Why? Because they told you so? Are you stupid enough to take them by their word alone?

  8. Actually I demonstrate the raw idiocy of not just KanHead's data, but indeed the verylie based TITLE of the shoddy piece.Man, WHAT a bloated lying retard.If you dweebs believe Kanhead, no wonder you believe the vast OCEANS of OIL in Iraq will simply sit there untapped (even as the oil now flows, yet withoutcommensurate currency backing for the time being).How can anyone believe Iraq and Vietnam will simply stagnate? ? ?Unreal.

  9. I don't think this bunch are even in the truth seeking movement. Did anyone notice in one of Keenan's last vids he mentions his money is running out? I'm willing to bet that next thing we hear is either him asking for donations or else some poor misguided suckers will be sending him some anyways.

  10. AnonymousSeptember 22, 2013 at 7:05 AMDo you even think about what you post? Keenan more or less infers that whoever claims ownership of this mythical gold owns the planet. You really do not have a clue. It seems its not Ken who 'dreamt' this up but KEENAN! Watch his videos and read all his posts on Sally Tallen's blog.go duh! yourself!You're the biggest idiot here.

  11. Smarter people, encountering a datum, be itfarted from a studious gnat's ass, or perhaps screeched from a window filled with the face of a frustrated student of some wild and ancient data array, will take that datum and begin a search of their own to secure a higherlevel of certaintly than that available via simplyhaving heard some wanker make a claim.Spoon feeding seems to be the current expectation of the latest crop of idiots run through the current version of indoctrinationand mind control called modern schoolingor education — breathing fart gas providesbetter results than current propagande mills.This has produced intellectually stupefied moronic social droids the likes of which hasnever before been seen.These will survive or not the upcoming turmoiland should they make it, they can seek correctionvia real education later.Right now the cabal must die a final and completeand unresurrectable death.Part of that unressurectability is a FUNDED MASSof GOOD people certainly, but also SMART and TOUGHand RISK-TAKING people to begin and continue the greattidal wave of rebuilding which MUST happen to stabilize thisidiotic planet.Thus is our drama spreading out before us all.NOT to worry — all idiots, should they survive, willbe gainfully employed under benevolent masters ofa non-evil orientation.

  12. As I recall, Ken tells us to do our own research. He's not the one flapping his beak with inanities here. Unlike the shill. He was told way back that he was doing his heroes no favors by acting the way he did on this blog as it was likely he'd discredit them by his actions. As if they needed his help! LOL!!!

  13. Can you demonstrate the evidence that helped you "secure a higher level of certainty" for the claims of "a FUNDED MASS of GOOD people" who will "begin and continue the great tidal wave of rebuilding"?C'mon, let's see that proof which ensures that these people are DEFINETLY using these claimed funds for positive "rebuilding". Where is the proof that ascertains that "rebuilding" isn't a euphemism for establishing NWO centralisation. Where is the absolute assurance that our new masters (because we are apparenly so lowly that we must still be ruled over) will be "benevolent" and "of a non-evil orientation"?Do you have this good solid evidence? Or do you only have heresay? Do you only have their WORD alone?I highly doubt you can produce it. Of course, your warped justifcation for NOT establishing this proof is that you'd be "spoonfeeding" the "intellectually stupefied moronic social droids".Your language reeks of the conditioning.

  14. Avoid Keenan and his enbracement and validation by Asian ancient families.Avoid Dinar and Dong and the power they would provide to you to help in cultural rebuild.Hold your realities.You will be provided for, and your basic needs met.Many quadrillions are on the way to feed your brilliant self.However the sequential priorities: – Children – Elderly – The remainder

  15. Same old reply because he doesn't have any answers to offer as back up to his statements. Typical mind-programmed response – like Scientology programming. The similarities are remarkable.

  16. Millions of DOLLARS.Yes, you can NOT even handle the CONCEPT,let alone USE that level of energy to DO something useful.IT would own and control YOU.Millions of dollars is RAW ENERGY.Ever attemp control of an activated FIRE HOSE?The WEAK cannot even envision the reality.NO WONDER you avoid this much RAW ENERGY !It terrifies you all.So like I said, you will be cared for — like a fish.Sunlight and food and a bit of work to do.

  17. Fascinating.ONE of the recent severe concerns has beenHOW to disallow bad guy use of the Dinar andDong to rebuild evil beginnings of evil empires.This will apparently remain an ongoing operationfor some time as those networks are thinned andfinally nullified to adequate degree at some pointin the future.Many traps — false cash-ins — have been set and activated to date, thus snaring those who would have been the future cabal.I suppose more remain, but the details are certainly restricted to compartmentalized action teams.And of course the dimmer ones don't even botherto invest, so we are safe from their future potential heavily funded and likely dangerous antics and ineptitude.Sheeeeeeeesh. Dramatic.

  18. Apparently the large three-zero Dinar notes willremain limited to a time frame for cash-in, afterwhich they no longer will be honored.This will prevent large accumulations from fundingbad guy's future evil doings.I now wonder about the Dong, although it's exchangerate will be much lower than the Dinar. It could still be used nefariously. If there is a plan regarding that,I don't know it.And THEN there are other countries which will RV theircurrencies as they join the world.SO, forever watchful will obviously remain the plan and action.Dramatic.

  19. The various global gold masses (Keenan's Asians friendsbeing 95 bunkers worth) will flow out via non-govermentalfoundations.The priorities: – Children – Elderly – OthersHow long for this to progress into the averagepopulation?Hopefully it will move quickly.It's SUCH a relief to lay aside all that financial preparation, because I really have no great loveof that sort of thing. Really it's just a pain-in-the-assresponsibility. A couple manager types will deal with further details and projects.Good, back to……

  20. Well, on a final note, good luck with whateverstrange timeline you create for your own personalroller coaster car.Heh heh, may I suggest the leather retention strapgoes 'round your neck.Heh heh.

  21. ~~ C I T A T I O N ~~Know Ye By These Earthly Words,I hereby certify that demands for the SPOON FEEDING OF MORONSremains ever a stratic presenceupon our spherical glob of dirt.~~

  22. DAMMIT!I feel duty bound:HOW does one cease the unfortunate status ofidiot or moron or similar?The *decision* to BE, and embrace and assumethe actions and related game-engagementizationsof…an otherwise scenario player or participant.Powerful stuff decisions, agreements.Infinitely variable, though often cemented in via duresses engineered by slavers and other scum.And corolarily speaking: One DID adequate slavingof their own earlier to "deserve" the Kharmic resultant now.What a tangled weave we dream.~~

  23. What an interesting comment section: standard vicious shillery down through the middle, and the airy superiority of false-light elitism near the bottom.I extend my thanks to all the shill-stompers who showed up to fight the good fight, and to Juan for articulating the basic choice so brilliantly. I'll follow up on that comment in a coming entry.And just for the record, I'm not fat. 🙂 I don't know how DS got started on that one.Love to all….

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