GaiaPortal Update – September 21, 2013

Higher Dimensional Cosmics Permeate All Gaia Upgrade Grids

gaia_energy1Sentience of all Gaia Hue-manity increases dramatically during the 9-20 to 9-22 window, as Higher Dimensional Cosmics permeate all Gaia upgrade grids.

Fore-movement of these Cosmics portends major consciousness upgrades in all Gaia participants, Hue-manity as well as humanity.

Separation protocols, in place for centuries, have been dissolved and transcended as a result of these Higher Dimensional Cosmics.
“Fear aligneds” are unable to maintain such, and fade from all dimensional viewpoints.

Resistance to the incoming Higher Dimensional Cosmics is no longer an option of Hue-manity, and, at some point, humanity.

Those embracing the Higher Dimensional Cosmics thrive in the upgraded and refined energies.
All necessary Ascension Paradigms and Grids are in place.

3 thoughts on “GaiaPortal Update – September 21, 2013

  1. These changes are changes that we will all make when we are ready. Gaia is now fully supporting our Ascension. We still need to do the work but it is easier now than ever before. Meditate daily. Go outside and be in Nature. Commune with Gaia. Take the time to be still every day. Open yourself to the possibility of being Who you really are. There is nothing to fear. As we wake up, we wake up others who are close to us. Don't concern yourselves with what others are doing. Be the Light and be the Love. You will remember Who you are at the perfect time. You have to ask. You have to make the conscious choice to ascend.

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