Cobra Audio Update – September 19, 2013

New Cobra Interview

You might want to listen to this new Cobra interview:

And enjoy the progress of the Eastern Alliance:

I will post the second part of the planetary situation update next week as there are certain developments still in progress.

10 thoughts on “Cobra Audio Update – September 19, 2013

  1. Wonderful, a swell CIANSA briefing via the SCALY TUBE BOY AI liar disinfo yakking construct.Earth, the strange spherical inbred pit where people believe toilet gurgles have deep meaning well beyond those subteranian reeking flows.What's long and full of shit? Cobra and sewer drains. DUH.

  2. Even Cobra followers are becoming skeptical! We know he's a conman.NikiWonotoSeptember 20, 2013 at 2:06 AMwell.. this seems to be a good news,..but I'll choose to remain pragmatic 1st,..and see how it goes, and if it's really *real* and not just some vivid wishful-thinking..-a truthseeker from Indonesia-

  3. Video links to the eastern branch of the NWO? BRICS alliance is what happens when the federal reserve shuts down in America and opens up shop in Russia and China. That cannot possibly good for Americans. How many Americans bought in to COBRA? Cabal shill is about right.

  4. It is striking that, after Pope Francis called on all Catholics and all people of good will to fast and pray for peace in Syria on Saturday, September 7, and that after Francis, in a very public and outspoken manner, condemned and deplored the march to war, saying in his Twitter feed, "Never again war! War never again!" … it is strike that even in light of these historical facts, Cobra attempts to condemn this pope, and claims that it is all a show to "act nice." By attempting to cast suspicion on Pope Francis, who is clearly passionately anti-war, Cobra shows his true colors as an agent for the dark cabal. Anyone who is so inflexibly anti-Christian must be met with deep suspicion and their lies must be categorically rejected.

  5. POPE Francis is th head of th e biggest paedophile ring ever known to humanity.COBRA is also a fraud and there are many out there, false shepherds so stop following them and use your own heart as a guide.

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