Benjamin Fulford Responds to Latest Neil Keenan Update and than David Crayford of the OITC Jumps in With His Commentary

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E-mail from Benjamin Fulford, Reponse to recent comments

Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 20-Sep-2013 03:11:08

(Thanks, Ben. 🙂
Benjamin Fulford writes:

Well, there seems to be a lot of huffing and puffing going on with Keenan, Crayford and others claiming their group is in sole charge of the world’s money and thus the future of humanity (with their secret controllers behind the scenes).

There has also been a lot of mud-slinging but, I am not going to stoop down and pick up mud to sling back.

The few legitimate points being made do need to be addressed though. First of all, I make it clear that I am just a journalist who got involved in this world of esoteric finance because I started asking why Japan was not allowed to use its overseas assets to finance development and environmental projects (it turns out the money was being extorted by high level gangsters). I never claimed to be owner of the world’s assets.

In the case of the $1 trillion of bonds I have talked about (and the countless other trillions worth I have been shown), all I have done is been contacted by the current holders who claim to have proof they are real. The appropriate authorities are checking these claims out.

My personal reaction has been to suggest, in public, that we use the money to finance a massive project to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. It has also been my personal proposal (and it is just that, a proposal) that one of the groups that could help carry out such a venture would be a newly established, meritocratically staffed development agency. Such an agency could carry out major long-term projects for the good of the planet and the species. If people think Jeffrey Sachs is not the man to run such an agency, they should propose their own qualified candidates and we can have an open and free selection process.

There is clearly a high level deadlock at the top of the world’s financial system and we need to break it. As a journalist who believes in freedom of speech, I think the whole issue should be discussed openly and transparently. We do not need secret invisible controllers. All we need to do is focus on the common good.

I would also like here to publicly and personally thank Neil Keenan’s colleague Tom Clines and other agency white hats for saving my life on numerous occasions.

Benjamin Fulford $B8EJbF;%Y%s%8%c%_%s(B 090-3439-5558


David Crayford’s response to Fulford‘s latest

In Response To: E-mail from Benjamin Fulford, Reponse to recent comments (hobie)

I specifically address this response towards Fulford.

WE at the OITC do not CLAIM that we are in sole charge of the Collateral Accounts. We make a factual statement and declaration that we are in control of the Collateral Accounts as the Legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter as fully supported by legal documentation executed by the Nations of the World.

Of course, being just a reporter you do not have the necessary clearance levels to verify this fact, but many countries have already done so, are satisfied with the positive verification received from the Headquarters of the UN, and are now working with us.

I would therefore request of you to not misinform or give misinformation as you always appear to do, thus allowing the people to be misguided by your statements.

I am also duty bound to advise you that, by your own admittance, you are in possession of stolen property which is a criminal offence against The International Treasury Controller as legal Heir, Owner and Sole Arbiter of the Collateral Accounts of which those financial instruments referred to are part of said Collateral Accounts. You have been warned of, and about, your criminal activities, so do not be complacent on these matters because sooner or later we will be coming for you, on the grounds of self-admittance of criminal activities.

David P. Crayford


Benjamin Fulford, to Mr. Crayford

In Response To: David Crayford’s response to Fulford‘s latest (igots2no)

E-mail from Benjamin Fulford:


To Mr. Crayford,

The fact of the matter is that I am not in possession of these instruments, the original owners are. They are backed by the Chinese military and the pentagon so come and get them if you can. Otherwise, they will be coming for you and demanding you pay them the money they are owed.

Also, if you are in possession of the world’s money please explain why you and your cabal have been so incompetent at managing this planet. Why are a billion people hungry? Why have 30% of all species been wiped out in the past century. Why is the planetary extinction even accelerating? Why are mass murdering criminals being financed by your so-called trading programs?

Why can’t you publicly prove the OITC is real? Why do you need to hide? Why does your so-called sole arbiter need to keep his or her identity secret? If you are legal, then prove it publicly.

We are all sick and tired of these self-appointed people declaring the sole right to control the wealth of humanity and do so in secret.

Benjamin Fulford $B8EJbF;%Y%s%8%c%_%s (B 090-3439-5558


58 thoughts on “Benjamin Fulford Responds to Latest Neil Keenan Update and than David Crayford of the OITC Jumps in With His Commentary

  1. Interesting, tell us more of what's going on and does it benefit the cabal? Insiders are saying it was planned by the cabal and the reset is a one world government and currency system. I hope those insiders are wrong.

  2. Dunn is a writer and actor. Here's his twitter details and what he says about himself.Michael Henry Dunn@mdunn551Globally prominent commentator on the Global Collateral Accounts & the freedom movement, award-winning classically-trained actor, writer, singer, kirtan artist.Los AngelesThis report is mostly hearsay as its written by a third party, not Keenan himself. At least Fulford, whether you believe him or not, writes his own posts presumably from his own direct involvement.Gotta ask why an actor and writer needs to be involved with these Global Accounts. Its not the obvious choice of help where big finance is concerned.

  3. Common sense should tell you good guys won't be talking on the net or anywhere else till its over. Any one could claim to be an insider on the net. Some bozo on here has already been spreading disinfo by making claims that a poster on here was an 'insider' when the poster concerned said categorically he was not. You gotta question the motives of some one spreading that disinfo. Makes them look like a shill don't ya think?

  4. 3:22 I agree with you. If the case is legit it is huge, so why has it only appeared in the alternative media. A case of this magnitude should be all over the msm. Remember Al Hodges?Always thought from day one that Keenan and co was a distraction and an energy harvest. First there was the Keith Scott debacle. Now there's all this crap about Sally Tallen/Jean Haines a supposed little old lady with a blog which now seems nothing more than a store front, Drake with his Lord of the Dragons, Keenan's only helper banged up in an Indonesian jail and a writer bigging himself up, maybe even writing the plot, who knows???Does it sound legit from this cast of characters?

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