36 thoughts on “Tanaath & Sunfire with Drake – September 18, 2013

  1. Where's the proof good guys exist? If they exist, where's the proof of mass arrests? We saw the year 2012 come and go and it looks likely 2013 will also come and go. I asked an "insider" how long till the event? Months, years, decades? He could not even say if it would take a month, a year or a decade. This is not encouraging and skeptics are now saying nothing good will happen in our lifetimes.Nothing good will happen till enough sheeple wake up and figure out how to mass arrest the cabal. We were supposed to see them happen when Drake gave the greenlight but his positive military did not know what they were doing. I hope the light wins, but if things keep going wrong, they are at risk of losing. The cabal then will get their ww3 and we will be done with our incarnations on this prison planet and move on.

  2. How many more times will you post the same shit? You are not an insider and have no intelligence. You have no clue. Drake is not in any position to dictate to anyone as anyone with half a functioning brain cell already knows. Drake is part of a psyop and so are you. You have posted so many lies and inconsistencies over the past few weeks its clear you are a shill.

  3. I kinda dislike how these people operate. Go against them, and all the followers will spring into action and defend them. Like other people have stated, they have offered 0 proof of anything. Like countless others have said, Drake is a "trender" he moves around subjects and talks about what the community seems interested in.(Note, Drake is one of the worst people I have heard interviewed, he never answers a question properly.)Now it's spiritual awakening, one year ago he said the mass arrest would take place in 2012.Personally I don't listen to this kinda of hope "heroin", I think people like Drake and these others "ascended"/"incarnate" or whatever is just something to keep the bright minds preoccupied with silly internet stuff while the cabal can just do as they like. While we discuss "omfg tanaath, sunfire and drake is attacking tolec, saying he's possesed". And then of course tolec posts and answer to this…. It's like the cabal is making them selves visible to us, but we are all to busy playing the blame game."Drake is a part of an psyop" how do you know this? Because the man says "TRUST ME".I have a hard time with this trust thing now, since 2013 will soon be over and I am guessing no Andromeda ships will land to take people away from this planet before 2014. People like you who can only trust and listen to an internet voice, get help or wake the fuck up. Trust: belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc. and this description doesn't fit Drake as he has lied on numerous times.~Deep Thought~

  4. WOW, such a data filled rebuttal !You must be a really smart person.Don't bother taking an IQ test moron –the results scale doesn't go that low.Denial, the argument of monkeys.

  5. "…proof of anything."Low IQ people such as yourself have a greatdeal of trouble with evidence, original research,spotting veiled progress etc.You're easy to fool because you are stupid.Your comments reflect your own delusional drama spinning within your weak mind.But hey, you've got a right to publicly displayyou idiocy. And it is good for us as a warningthat you are a sort of mental disease to be avoided.

  6. 1:17 is FAR too dim minded to see the lately almost daily reports of progress and evidencewhich is obvious to smarter and FAR more mentally sharp people.Just another stupid sheep grazing grass with eyes shut.

  7. @1:17 You're either really this stupid, or you are PAID to lie. Both are equally DEGRADED conditions. It is easy to imagine you attempting the future of Earth, but with zero success. It will certainly play out that way for you, I am sure. Unfortunate situation that many are stuck within. BUT it will trim the morons and upgrade the culture via social pruning.

  8. Agreed Anon 7:14 I believe you are reflecting the consciousness that is becoming more prevalent, especially among the blogs. The awakened ones have been taken for a "ride" so to speak, probably to keep us at bay while the "plan" gets closer to its finale. Whatever that is. I have mentioned before (only to be slammed as well) this: Why would a group who has been dominant and powerful for so long (we're talking thousands if not millions of years) be willing to just rollover because we said so? Another thing, this mass arrest thing, is probably just a carrot. If the evEnt, which is obviously allusive and may not even be valid were such a super BIG secret then why would they allow the information out, like mass arrests to be distributed for 3 or 4 years now? What? Like the PTB's don't follow these blogs? Sure they do. They read the comments, they know exactly what we are thinking and saying. They can strategize based on the emotional reaction and intellectual input in the comments section.There has been plenty of opportunity to arrest the criminals yet nothing has happened. It is time to use non violent lawful methods to the best of our power. We start recalling all local and elected officials, we picket the TV stations and media outlets, we distribute information with valid links to real time events that are false flags.In the speech Obama gave on Martin Luther King Day, he "suggested" it was time that we all March. Well, he can't come right out and tell us what to do to take these evil ones out, but he can guide us to appropriate action. Let's stop being reactive, and start being active. It is true, WE are the ones we've been waiting for. Who knows how many of these awareness blogs are CIA or NSA owned and operated. We might be visiting the Devil's Den everyday and not even know it. Time to get to that sleeping dragon before it gets to us. Non Violence is the only way, and while LOVE might be the most powerful force on the planet, and we can generate that energy to everyone, we still need to take MASSIVE action and subpena every state and local official and demand the truth. We have enough evidence to make it quite uncomfortable for each one of them THEY WORK FOR US! It's time they start doing they're job or WE fire them. There is power in numbers. Each one of us is powerful in our own way, it's time we compound that together to 1,000,000 to the power of 1,000,000.Time for the people to take back OUR POWER! OUR RIGHTS! OUR SOVEREIGNTY and OUR DIGNITY!!!Peace everybody.

  9. Anon 7:35: You just outed yourself. Anyone with any sort of intelligence or higher learning does not resort to insults and innuendos to communicate. One finger pointing out = 3 pointing back at you.Jeeesh.

  10. ^^this^^ bravo!The alphabetty's have infiltrated the new age movement from day one. That includes ascension blogs. They have been playing anyone and everyone. Folks who thought they were awake are finding out daily that they weren't. Time to liberate ourselves!!

  11. There are many other ways the cabal can and will destroy earth. It's a race of time between mass arrests and mass extinctions. Wake up sheeple, such as 7:35! Even Jean is saying we will die if good guys don't act very soon!http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/live-updated-presentation-the-most-important-topic-of-our-time-geoengineering-chemtrails-2/#commentsDane reports, among other things, on:• Geoengineering related climate disruptions, extreme drought and deluge• Ozone depletion• Methane release• Drastic reduction in arctic sea ice• Global oxygen content reductions• Oceans on the brink of collapse• Massive fish die offs• 200 species becoming extinct every single day• A drastic rise in Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia• Crisis level forest reductions• The sterilization of soils making it impossible for plants to grow without Monsanto’s aluminum resistant seeds

  12. More SPAM from Space Ace the other shill. You've had those points addressed where you posted the same DISINFORMATION yesterday.Give it up and stop working for the cabal while there's still time. Save yourself before its too late.

  13. Anyone attacking another has exposed himself as a shill. 3:30 AM, 7:42 AM, 7:48 AM, 7:23 AM could be the ducksoup shill. He's there to call skeptics a "moron" but shows no proof.

  14. 11:38 nice try at deflection Space Ace but we all know Duckie's style and those other posters are calling out you as a shill because of all the disinfo and contradictions you have posted and continue to post. You and the duck are both shills.

  15. ^^^^^^^^ Bravo too! The skeptics are growing in number and this makes the cabal nervous. They are sending shills to attacks us for questioning everything and wondering if the light can win. We have been asking why haven't mass arrests occurred? We also have been asking for proof, but none is ever shown. Good stuff from the likes of Putin could simply be controlled opposition. I do NOT believe that the light has won, will only believe it when and if mass arrests happen. There is a real danger the light will lose if sheeple don't wake up fast enough and get their act together. If good guys exist in positions of power, they need to move fast to help sheeple wake.

  16. The only shill is 11:34 and he goes by the name Ducksoup! Looks like his hero Jean and Keenan are also disinfo. Even the Duck thinks there will be a reset but Jean says no reset! Ooops!

  17. Yes, we humanity are the ones who give the cabal their power, it is our consent, either by our silence or willingness. But the time for marching or protesting is somewhat old tactis which the cabal are prepared for. What I would suggest is that we all renounce the entire system and not give it our energy any more. This means to renounce our citizenship, our social securty cards, benefits, all documents which tie us to the system. And not just that but stop using money whatsoever, stop payinng all debts and bills, stop working, kids stop going to school and universities, basically bring the system to a grinding halt.We only need to do this for 1 week and we can watch the cabal fall, together, by our very own acts of non-compliant, passive, peacefull resistance to the tyrannical system put in place.If we did this, we would regain our true powere becuase it is we, humanity, who allow the cabal to continue their evil deeds because all we do is write on blogs but never create action.The most difficult part of this is the unity needed by humanity to accomplish this task which no other generations has faced before, but we can do it, and we must do it becuase no arrest will occur until we the people make it happen.We are billions and the are few, we have the creator on our side and it is time we reclaim our inherit rights bestowed by the most high.Freedom, here we come!!!

  18. 11:46 was that your best shot? Your employers will be demanding their money back. You are the one who should be worried because anyone can see what you are. Hope you wake up to the reality of what lies in store soon. Love you!

  19. We now have guys like AOne saying that aliens are saving us because sheeple humans are too dumb to do anything on their own. 12:00, humans are far too dumbed down to stage a global strike on their own. They will need help from good guys or aliens.

  20. 11:50 is telling the truth. You have spammed that post already at least twice yesterday and TYE addressed the issues you raised then. You are the one who is acting suspiciously. 11:34 is definitely not DuckSoup. Posters can be recognized by the way in which they phrase ;>) If you are a shill you'd be wise to heed 11:34's words.

  21. Why label them skeptics. They are lightworkers who already know there is nothing to fear. They haven't wasted their time listening to all the taradiddle coming from any 'soon' merchants. Their job is to expose the lies and to help people kick the hopium habit. They are shining light onto all the scams and scammers and shills.

  22. Anon 12:15. It is true, We are not skeptics but believers of the highest order. However, while I got derailed into believing all the mis/dis info about this project/process, I almost lost track of my soul. Now I am back, aware, awake more than ever and while I am still positive and expectant of good and for the highest good, I now can see that it is time to have another perspective and way of looking at this. I fully trust that I am guided into the right place at the right time with the right people to effect the right changes, for all of us. I don't know what that looks like but at least now I am open to perceiving the information that is correct, and generated from Source.Anon 11:04

  23. If humans are too dumbed down then the cabal or far dumber because we dumb humans are the ones who make the system work and we are the ones that will bring it down. Not too smart are the cabal since they rely on humans to do their work for them, the day is near that all those who committed the highest crimes against humanity will gnash their teeth win accountability comes knocking on their door.They will not escape what is comming to them, not one single member of the cabal will escape their fate.

  24. *********SUNFIRE********* please consider doing something about the audio, Tanaath, Drake, and host are so clear but it's hard to understand what you are saying, it sounds like you're on speaker phone from a distance or talking out of a can.

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