Neil Keenan Update: September 19, 2013

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Ø  Neil Keenan aggressively moves to confront Benjamin Fulford’s misrepresentation of the Monaco Accords in an online dialogue with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes
Ø  Fulford goes fishing – who will cash his notes?  Not Neil Keenan, who knows an illegal move when he sees it
Ø  Karen Hudes steps outside her area of expertise – makes major gaffe on Monaco
Ø  Who is M1?  Not the cabal-appointed and long-dead Ferdinand Marcos…
Ø  Sukarno was chosen by the nations – Marcos was appointed by the cabal
Ø  Cracks in the freedom movement?  No.  Just the guy in the driver’s seat setting the record straight

by Michael Henry Dunn

September 18, 2013 – Yesterday’s post on this site (in which Neil Keenan personally exposed the cabal’s vulnerability by displaying explosive incriminating documents) shook the banksters’ cage in a way they have probably not experienced since the fall of Atlantis.  Today Keenan’s sources report furious in-fighting among the corrupt oligarchs as the free world closes in on our soon-to-be-former oppressors.  But this bold move has also provoked “friendly fire” from within the ranks of the freedom movement as competing scenarios jockey for position over control of the vast assets in the Global Collateral Accounts.  This is expected.  What is not expected is that an important figure like Benjamin Fulford would deliberately misrepresent the nature and documented history of the Monaco Accords of 2011 in an apparent attempt to persuade World Bank whistle-blower Karen Hudes to support what can only be called a hare-brained (and likely illegal) move to cash in a trillion dollars in Federal Reserve notes (to which he has no legal claim), in order to set up an environmental restoration fund to be controlled by – yes, he really said it – the Vatican, and prominent Agenda 21 proponent Jeffrey Sachs.

Karen Hudes, a twenty-year veteran legal counsel in the cabal-controlled World Bank (who has courageously come forward to expose the World Bank’s corruption), is having nothing to do with Fulford’s highly suspect plan, dismissing the proposal as “not in the cards.”  But Hudes then commits a serious misstep herself  – one of several in regard to Neil Keenan and his allies – and displays disturbing ignorance regarding the nature and purpose of the Monaco meeting in the fall of 2011 (and Mr. Keenan’s crucial role in it), which resulted in an accord among the non-aligned nations – now 178 countries – to regain control of the Global Accounts.

Competing scenarios are one thing.  Moves to hand the Global Accounts back to the cabal in the guise of the Vatican — and to put a key globalist in charge of environmental restoration — are another.  And the misstatements by Ms. Hudes cannot be allowed to go uncorrected either.

In a blog exchange on the Ascension with Earth site, Fulford addressed the following request to Karen Hudes:

“I would really like to hear her take on Neil Keenan and his activities. He claims to have been at a Monaco meeting a few years ago with many finance ministers and that he runs some kind of BRICS alliance. Somebody linked to the Rockefeller family also told me that such a meeting took place. Can she confirm this or was this some elaborate fiction designed to muddy the waters?” 

This was a foolish move by Benjamin.  He knows full well the truth of the Monaco Accords.  He knows full well that Neil was there. Keenan’s lawyer can testify to Keenan’s presence.  And Benjamin Fulford ought to know that Keenan’s trillion-dollar lawsuit against the cabal was the triggering event that led to the global gathering (the Rockefellers certainly know the meeting took place, as their attempt to crash the gathering was firmly rebuffed.  Cabal black helicopters buzzed the yacht as it moved out into the Mediterranean, but the oligarchs were not allowed at the table).
After pretending to question things he knows to be true, Fulford then goes on to make his stunning proposal:

“Also ask her if she is willing to support my group’s plan to cash about $1 trillion worth of historical bonds in order to finance a massive development and environmental protection campaign. My personal candidate for running this campaign would be Jeffrey Sachs.”

Jeffrey Sachs is a distinguished economist who is closely identified with the globalist agenda – special adviser to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on the “Millenium Development Goals.” Is Benjamin serious?  Fulford also advocates bringing the Vatican into the picture to manage the Global Accounts (pause here to retrieve jaw from floor).

And we can be forgiven for wondering why Fulford would want to direct funding and attention to environmental restoration (shepherded by an obvious cabal wolf), which, while crucial, can only come after we free ourselves of cabal domination, free the Accounts, and restore the U.S. to its founding documents.  I’m not saying that Mr. Fulford is consciously working for the cabal, but they will clearly be pleased with these latest moves on his part.

This begs the question of why Fulford would misstep so badly.  It is clear enough to Neil Keenan. Fulford went fishing for support from Hudes for his illegal and strange scheme to cash notes to which he has no claim, and was willing to throw doubt on Keenan if it could gain him the ear of Ms. Hudes.  Ms. Hudes was apparently Fulford’s last resort, as he had failed in his approaches to various others parties. Mr. Keenan informed this writer that Fulford approached him first, attempting to persuade Neil to sign off on cashing this rumored $1 trillion in Federal Reserve Notes.  With characteristic bluntness, Keenan replied, “Yeah, I’ll send you money, Benjamin.  Commissary money to buy cigarettes in prison if you try to pull off that scheme.” As to Fulford’s pretended ignorance regarding Neil Keenan and the Monaco meeting, all one has to do is look at Ben Fulford’s statement (above) and realize that Benjamin himself states that he had made contact with a Rockefeller member who confirmed such a meeting took place. Therefore, why would he call Karen after having received confirmation from a Rockefeller family member? Could it be that he was really looking to get that box cashed?

Fulford claimed to have the support of the U.S., Russia, China, the Vatican, and Queen Elizabeth II….but he needed Keenan’s signature to complete the deal.

Flattery will get you nowhere, Ben.  Neil knows full well that only the depositors – the actual historic owners of the assets – can legally sign off on moving any notes or assets, and only in the person of a legally elected (elected by the nations, not appointed  by the cabal) Monetary Controller, or M1.  Keenan turned Fulford down flat, whereupon Benjamin went to various Global Account wannabes, such as the fraudulent OITC, the now-disbanded sham of the OPPT, and finally Ms. Hudes.  And if he needed to publicly cast aspersions on Keenan – feigning doubt about the Monaco meeting, and floating the idea that it all might be “an elaborate fiction designed to muddy the waters” – then that’s what he’d attempt to did do!

it is perhaps time to reveal some important facts regarding Fulford’s sources. This writer has sat at Neil Keenan’s side in his hotel suite in Jakarta for several of Mr. Fulford’s Sunday evening Skype calls.  I was introduced to Ben, and have always thought highly of him – even when a good half of his “intel” appeared to be wildly erratic – because he has displayed a gutsy determination to expose the cabal and help free the planet, even at grave personal risk.  Mr. Fulford makes his living from his newsletter subscriptions – and there’s nothing wrong with that. And his newsletter comes out on Monday.  So come Sunday evening, he would often find himself in need of an eye-catching story to keep his subscribers and hopefully procure an increase.

And so he would call Neil Keenan. And Mr. Keenan would give him news on inside developments.  Sometimes.  And sometimes not.  Mr. Fulford displayed a troubling tendency to turn on his own sources, as when he outed the identity of a key intelligence contact from Keenan who had been instrumental in saving Fulford’s life after a death threat.

Playing off one source against another for personal advantage is a risky move in this perilous game.
I do not doubt that Benjamin Fulford has hundreds of other sources.  He is a longtime professional journalist with deep contacts throughout Asia, and he has made important contributions to the exposure of the cabal.  How much solid intelligence those sources are able to give him about the unfolding story of the Global Accounts is an open question.  I can tell you I observed a direct relationship between the intel Neil Keenan would occasionally share with Benjamin, and the stories that would appear on his blog the next day.

It’s a really bad idea to bite the hand that feeds you, Ben.  Unless you’ve decided the loss is worth the prize?

And just exactly what is that prize?  What’s in this for Ben?  Cashing in Federal Reserve notes to which he has no claim?

As for this outrageous notion of bringing in the Vatican, it is worth noting, perhaps, that it was Mr. Fulford who first suggested to Neil Keenan the idea of making Vatican financial insider Daniele del Bosco the designated custodian of $144.5 billion in FRNs entrusted to Keenan by the Dragon Family.
We all know what happened to those notes.  Del Bosco absconded with them.  I expect Mr. Keenan will remember this fact when taking in the news of Fulford’s advocacy of making the corruption-riddled Vatican the guardian of humanity’s stolen heritage.  “Fool me once…” I believe the saying goes.

As for Ms. Hudes, there is an urgent need to clarify her misstatements in regard to the Monaco meeting and the subsequent Accords.

Ms. Hudes was not there, as Western G7 powers were deliberately kept out – the World Bank as a notorious cabal institution was definitely not on the invitation list.  China is the primary depositor of the assets in the Accounts, and the entire non-aligned world has seen the European-American controlled-cabal hijack the assets twice in the last sixty years.  The Monaco meeting triggered the momentum towards the current showdown with the cabal.
In response to Fulford’s proposal, Karen Hudes gave the following reply:

The Vatican/Chinese bankster coalition you are pushing is not in the cards. Instead, what is happening is that the US through a grassroots movement assisted by local sheriffs, US marshals, in collaboration with the white hats in the Pentagon and the rest of the US’ allies are calling for the rule of law. It is this framework that will be calling the shots. There was a 95% likelihood that this would happen ever since the World Bank whistleblowers got through to the UK Parliament. This article explains

This statement refers to a well-known scenario unfolding within the American militia movement (as chronicled online by prominent spokesman Drake Bailey) in collaboration with patriotic elements in the Pentagon for restoring the U.S. Constitution – once the proper legal framework is in place.  The role Hudes credits to the “World Bank whistle-blowers” as the key movers in making this happen is questionable – Neil Keenan certainly had something to do with it – but we’ll let that go, other than to observe that Ms. Hudes is a Joanie-come-lately to the freedom movement, and has apparently decided to attempt to co-opt it and shepherd it back to the cabal’s corrupt and discredited global domination structures, such as the World Bank and the IMF.
Hudes goes on to say:

The Monaco meeting was a bogus attempt to ignore the succession laws governing Marcos’ signature authority and rests upon a legal opinion from the US Treasury that is not worth the paper its written on. This opinion, together with Treasury’s audit of Germany’s gold, will go the way of the fiat currencies See Mr. Fulford’s attempt to move from the OITC to the Vatican is a leap from the frying pan to the fire.

 The long-dead Ferdinand Marcos had nothing to do with the Monaco meeting, and the Monaco meeting had nothing to do with “an opinion from the U.S. Treasury” – especially considering that the UST assisted in defrauding the nations present at the meeting for nearly a hundred years.  If Ms. Hudes is willing to present this “legal opinion” from UST and explain what it had to do with the Monaco gathering’s determination to throw off Fed and UST control, that would be helpful.  As to what the Treasury’s audit of Germany’s gold has to do with any of this, we are left in the dark.  Ferdinand Marcos was never “M1” or “monetary controller” – he was appointed but never elected.  It was the fraudulent appointment of Marcos by the cabal that violated the succession laws.  Only President Sukarno of Indonesia held that role, as he was chosen by the nations of the world after World War II. The succession laws were not ignored at Monaco.  No successor was chosen – the gathering did not pretend to have the power to do that.

The nations of the world chose Sukarno – and since his passing the principal Asian depositors have assigned the role of M1 to a likely successor, whose identity remains undisclosed.   The official and legal election of a future “M1” – and even perhaps the nature of that role – is yet to be determined. The first priority is to unite behind the move to free the Accounts and defeat the cabal.  The nations can then peacefully sort out how to move the Accounts into action to heal the world.
Ms. Hudes goes on to say:

“I am bringing the rule of law to bear so that the members of the Bretton Woods institutions can get down to brass tacks and consider all proposals transparently, including the $1 trillion in historical bonds that Mr. Fulford is referring to. Jeffrey Sachs, or any other individual, or committee, or smoke screen, only diverts, delays, and brings the world closer to permanent backwardation in gold. If Mr. Fulford wants to continue this dialogue, I invite him to email me directly.”

 Well, it might be more accurate to say that the nations of the world are bringing the rule of law to bear.  Ms. Hudes’ contributions have been courageous and crucial, but we have not exactly placed our fate in her hands.  As a lawyer, Ms. Hudes should know that the statement “I am bringing the rule of law” is a contradiction of the nature of law itself, which is by definition a communal, not a dictatorial reality.  And placing the Accounts into the hands of “the Bretton Woods institutions” – i.e., the cabal-created and cabal-controlled World Bank, the BIS, the IMF, and the UN – is not a plan the world will be eager to embrace.  An independent world court endorsed, recognized, and given jurisdiction by the 183 nations behind the Monaco Accords is more likely to serve the cause of freedom and peaceful resolution.

It would also be wise for Ms. Hudes to reconsider how to handle communication with highly-placed contacts provided by Mr. Keenan.  An attempt to go around Keenan to a highly influential spokesman for the allied Asian families with historical claims to the majority of assets in the Global Accounts backfired badly for Ms. Hudes.  The gentleman in question immediately informed Mr. Keenan, and Ms. Hudes has now burned that bridge.  These clumsy end-around moves generate distrust, as do the bullying tactics she employed in a conversation with Keenan’s trusted associate, Jean Haines, who had to endure a one-sided scream-down from Ms. Hudes, until Mr. Keenan intervened.  It is difficult to credit Ms. Hudes’ recent claims to represent the 188 nation consortium, as global support of that kind cannot be won by such clumsy means.  Ms. Hudes represents only Ms. Hudes, and as she no longer works at the World Bank, she has a constituency of one.  She now claims in a recent interview with Fulford that she no longer works with Keenan.  The truth is that Neil Keenan cut off all contact with Ms. Hudes – as did the influential S.C. Chaing and Keenan’s network of other allies due to her attempt to do a dishonest end-run around Keenan and his team.

There is a crucial need for clear and respectful communication in this pivotal moment. We’ve been doing our best to clear the clutter, but apparently there is still some out there.

And we need not squabble over the wealth of the planet.  The astonishing truth is that there is abundance beyond imagining.  We simply need to unite as one human family, disarm the oppressors, and heal our world.
Michael Henry Dunn

37 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Update: September 19, 2013

  1. Well done Michael. In my opinion, Ben has been acting strange lately. Possibly mind control or something.Karen Hudes acts and talks like she only sees a very narrow piece of the pie.Neil acts and talks like he has a piece of the pie albeit somewhat larger than Karens.Bottom line: very little talk regarding the involvement of the Galactics. This is sooooo much bigger people. Think and 'feel' outside the box.The bad entities have had their day. It is now time for the positives to have their day and their (our) day is here.

  2. Thank you Michael. Very interesting and highly enlightening. There seems to be some truth with the claim in this article, though I nevertheless am thankful to both Fulford and Karen for their work and effort to bring down the old Matrix. And of course I am also very thankful to our Irish friend Mr. Keenan for his part in this legal process to save the planet. I just hope that we all cooperate harmoniously together in this very crucial stage to terminate all insanity on our planet.

  3. what a surprise. a Jew with connections to the Rockefellers, who held high positions in one the cabal leading magazines..Forbes, may be cabal!oh, let's not forget the cabal time tested, tactic of, 'as they screw us over, they want us to pay for the screwing'! Sounds alike like Fulford, a supposed multiple, best selling writer in Japan, making money off the freedom movement by asking for monthly subscription fees and his new pitch of fee based videos.

  4. To make a sad story short, Cobra also regrets in his latest interview that Ben's last reports are decreasing in their quality. Cobra nevertheless praises most of Ben's intel he published in the last years and he hold Ben's sources accountable for the poor quality., that's a great day for all hate lovers, nay sayers and nihilists – and a little joke for all cabalists, brou hah hah …But he laughs best that laughs last.

  5. How can WE trust any of these people if they can't even fucking agree what hymn sheet they are singing from, it's pathetic. people who make proper moves don't fuck around with parody on the internet. psyops.Hudes makes a lot of sense, she is honest about the Jesuits etc, I think a global Jubilee in it's truest expression is long over due and there are gnostic societies with immense power who agree to this. But they are not tittle tattling about each other on blogs

  6. I tend to agree with you. Why the confusion and obvious contradictions and corrections?I wanted to point out that the black book and the maklamat that Mr. Keenan showed from a distance appeared to be loose leafed, unbound, almost like they just came from a print shop, which doesn't prove anything, just an observation.I was beginning to wonder about the Irishman. He better have really good security.Good article, yes.

  7. This is passiglight the person who wrote the articles at passiglight blog…No surprises to see the schills at works so fast (suspicios my ass) lol..i have turned the comments section off on my blog because just lately (last few days) they have had a systematic and undesired quality about them. This is the first time ever that i have had to turn the comments section off on my blog, which for me tells far more about what is going on here than your anonymously commented accusation..The article/s i have written regarding keenan stands Love passiglight (steve)

  8. Passinglight @ 7:12 Any blog that posts stuff an disallows comments is sus imo. Puts you in the same bracket as others like D of RTS. And call me names all you want. I'm not a shill and have the right to express my opinion because Enerchi allows us that privelege an we respect him for it. (Thnx E!)

  9. 1 other thing, I have not accused you of anything. I gave my opinion as already said.Funny ain't it that all these google accounts appear and start mouthing off about us anons. Makes a body wonder if its not an attempt by google to get us to sign up with them too so they can harvest our details an help them spy on us.

  10. If you are going to tell a story tell all of it Passinglight. Taken from his blog just now***edits added….. From here not 20 mins ago…here is my response to the anon comment regarding me turning off the comments section on my blog……quote: "AnonymousSeptember 20, 2013 at 6:50 AMNo comments allowed at that blog makes me suspicious." from me in the comments section.."passiglightSeptember 20, 2013 at 7:12 AMThis is passiglight the person who wrote the articles at passiglight blog…No surprises to see the schills at works so fast (suspicios my ass) lol..i have turned the comments section off on my blog because just lately (last few days) they have had a systematic and undesired quality about them. This is the first time ever that i have had to turn the comments section off on my blog, which for me tells far more about what is going on here than your anonymously commented accusation.."Within 22 minutes of me turning off the comments section of this blog the above comment is what appeared on the ascension with earth blog…. Now perhaps it is a bit clearer to see why have had to turn off the comments section….Cosmic Love*Add the reply you got from me at 7:20.AnonymousSeptember 20, 2013 at 7:20 AMPassinglight @ 7:12 Any blog that posts stuff an disallows comments is sus imo. Puts you in the same bracket as others like D of RTS. And call me names all you want. I'm not a shill and have the right to express my opinion because Enerchi allows us that privelege an we respect him for it. (Thnx E!)Sounds like you are full of your own self importance delusional ill or controlled oppositon. Its a given in blog land that heavily moderated forums are cabal disinfo.

  11. passiglight, I have read a bunch of your posts and you seem skeptical too. Is this whole "ascension" deal just a cabal construct or is there any truth in it? What do you believe is the ultimate destiny for earth and humanity? Will we get our golden age on earth or will the light lose and our souls leave our bodies and return home?

  12. Nope. The whole Neil Keenan soap opera is so far just a load of total bull crap. Let me elaborate… It should not be of any surprise, that I doubt Keenan's entire history in this fiasco. I can't help yet be skeptical, when the FEMA camps are already hiring and positioning to try to force new enrollments into their camps as well as Goldman Sachs openly admitting they are now preparing to implode the global economy. I can't help yet be skeptical, when even Fulford reveals who his sources are and while it also muddies the waters; he does not hide the business details of what he has seen and been directly involved with. I can't help yet be skeptical still, when the documents Neil Keenan reveals look like print out copies or possible printed copies of an original "Book of Codes" that the Cabal has stored away tightly in some locked dungeon across the pacific. I can't help except be skeptical, when Neil Keenan does not bother going to the mainstream news with these massive allegations that could bring down the financial system – given the news would have no choice except to alert 40 million Americans who are already sick of the financial corruption, who in turn would debate this in public and commence criminal prosecutions for certain. And based on the allegations, I imagine it would be a massive tidal wave of prosecutions. But hey, we can't all be heroes right? It is easier to tiptoe around the edges isn't it? Ron Paul was basically poisoned, for doing what he did and we're all glad he did it. Yet that is what it takes to go against the Cabal and be really effective, it takes going public, it takes putting your guns and money where your mouth is. Notice how once Paul spread the movement, the entire country began speaking up and vetting candidates – looking at their histories, their records and criminal record for the first time in a hundred years. That is unheard of for Americans to get that involved, that active, and that effective at altering this country. On the opposite side, you have Neil Keenan who does all these brash talks and insults Leo Wanta and so forth who were also poisoned. Yet for all the good ideas he proposes, where is the action? Yet I'm prepared to wake up surprised, so why don't we see Mr. Keenan get a legal team together and deluge CNN as well as Fox News with this huge news finally? I'm sure they would be extremely interested, and willing to report on this everywhere. Especially Glenn Beck or Ben Swann, even Elliot Spitzer. I'll be waiting on baited breath for when that time comes! Like the Book of Revelations warns clearly, it's probably all just a scam to get people to accept the new Bank of International Settlements. Though Keenan's intentions may be in the right place, they aren't effective, and that's why the Cabal doesn't go to court over this it looks like. Likewise, Karen Hudes career has been in being a "lawyer" – even with her good intentions what really can she do against this obvious hydra? Exactly right. The legal profession will never serve much more than a stop gap, given how it's all controlled by the cabal. The best and single greatest solution is to stop using the Bank's money, get everyone to leave it, whether it leads to gold backwardation or not. Don't feed it anything and all the corrupt courts, lobbies, etc all shut off. You don't want to be holding "paper" money when the new International Bank gets introduced on everyone… It's a corrupt, unsavable system which should be crushed.

  13. Also one more thing to add….When has "central" control over money systems ever worked?It's always been corrupt so why would any new financial system use controllers. Does this even make a lick of sense?!?Any new system would be public and have a lot of public intermediaries who watch it.

  14. From the same blog as above Passiglight (sorry I mis-spelled your name)*Comments like this from AscensionWithEarth blog concerning my crew keenan expose (or as it turns out, me rather than the detail in the article) ~ " Sounds like you are full of your own self importance delusional ill or controlled opposition. Its a given in blog land that heavily moderated forums are cabal disinfo" ~ pretty much sums it up for me and reminds me of some of the more sillier comments and personal atacks one has to wade through when trying to engage in interesting conversations on forums for example.*Sorry friend but you are not telling the whole truth there and a half truth is still a whole lie.You personally attacked me when you called me a shill after I posted my opinion on closed comments blogs. Now you are trying to run with something that isn't true to validate your actions. You've edited my previous post to make yourself look like the victim. Shame on you! I rescind my remark about the possibility you are controlled opposition. If that's the best they can do then we have nothing to worry about!I am now calling time out on your shadow-boxing. I am not your enemy, and believe it or not we are both on the same side. Only you can know what motivated your actions but I know that mine where honorable. Go in peace.

  15. You are right, if Keenan, Fulford and whoever else claim to be good guys, they are going to have to prove it by going mainstream. Of course the cabal won't even allow this in the first place. Drake called the mass arrest greenlight last year but nothing happened. I get attacked for being skeptical too and wondering if good guys can win this or will the cabal succeed in ww3, completing their NWO agenda. We all know money is a cabal tool to oppress humanity.

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