24 thoughts on “"The Event" Video

  1. Complete and utter bullshit.End of duality – fine, but then there's no need for Miss Ana May Ted Robot to mention 'Positive' et's in the next sentence….Blah di blah di blah. Nobody knows when its 'happening' so just more 'soon, soon, soon' hopium crap like Cobra, and the rest of the posse.

  2. Pure and utter nonsense. There are many who know *when* the event will take place, they just aren't telling anybody. Basically for very good reasons as well that were discussed in detail. They keep to themselves and do not have interest in the media. Also they tend to distrust humans (for good reason) so it is entirely justified there won't be any real details to come from them. When the event occurs though, as others spoke the whole world will know about it. It's not going to be something you can avoid, it will be on every TV station. So it the exact day makes no difference and has never been important, the changes that take place will be.

  3. "they tend to distrust humans (for good reason) so it is entirely justified there won't be any real details to come from them" There is a good get out clause for absence of proof. Probably ran it all past their Space Lawyers first. If Earth's magnetic grid goes down, there won't be TV's to show the event lol! Contradiction much – stocking up on food, gas, candles, medication etc. Anybody got a TV that runs on air yet?

  4. E – where did this video come from? What is it's source? I looked on YouTube and this is not there. PLEASE – you have to reveal the sources of things you post. We have a right to know!!Thank you.

  5. Do you even have any guesses for a rough estimate on the when, could you put it in months, years, decades? Skeptics are claiming the event is a hoax or at the very least, won't happen in our lifetimes.

  6. What good is a guess? When the guesstimate passes then what? You humans always want more. You will learn to take our word for it or suffer the consequences. Just be happy it will happen.

  7. and I though that banks were going away-dammit. Just hearing about debts and banks gives me the chills…and it sounds like corruption is not going away anytime soon. go away banks, disappear banks,.

  8. I finnally gave in! And listened duh!What I am sharing here is my UFOs experiences with the photographs, my Heliokineis superpower, the Aerokinesis one too, and my crystalline body!In an Ascension site!I talk about the bright white Sun too!I think it fits.AOne

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