David Wilcock Updates Via Ben Fulford Blog – September 17, 2013


I am working on a MAJOR new investigation that I hope to have out some time next week. I’m still on vacation in Canada and very much enjoying the solitude and break from the everyday routine.

I was on the phone with one of my top insiders last night, and told him, “Now that Syria didn’t work out, they’re going to have to quickly do something else, like a mass shooting, in order to try to keep the public distracted from this NSA stuff.”

The very next day we have this shooting in DC.

The biggest thing I was expecting Ben to say, but did not see here, is that this mass shooting could very well have been an attempt to get the public terrified of the military and the idea of any military action against the US leadership.

These events are so closely timed that it cannot be an accident, in my opinion. The Cabal is going to be pulling every dirty trick it can think of. However, all this is going to do is wake people up even faster, so they will be even more likely to support mass arrests.

This is going to be done. Russia is really leading the way, with the RT disclosures on 9/11 and many other things coming out. This is all stuff I want to write about once I am back into normal internet reception.

It’s tough to take a vacation with so much going on. Nonetheless, you can feel it. This is really going to happen. This is the practical realization of all the 2012 prophecies — and I am very happy to be here with all of you now, on the front lines, as we watch the fight for freedom drawing to its triumphant finale!

– David Wilcock


There is a lot of VERY major insider chatter going on… the most exciting I’ve ever heard.
However, things are getting so close to action now that it is VERY important that no leaks occur.
Therefore, there is a lot more that could be said, but I am certainly not going to do anything to screw this up.

– David


The data on Pope Francis is also extremely positive.

My focus is on RESTORING HONOR to our various organizations, and their members, rather than attempting to destroy them.

I have had multiple dreams lately informing me to keep focusing on the fact that most of the people in these factions are not to blame.

Most of them — the majority — would get out if they could.

We have not been helped by efforts to demonize them as sub-human in any way. They have an incredible story to tell, yes — a story very few of us could understand or relate to.

The mass arrests are definitely going to happen. Once they do, the biggest challenge the mass public is going to have, according to these dreams, will be that they did NOT want this reality to be real.

Some people will have a desire to “make it all go away”, and that involves atrocities and treating everyone as if they are equally guilty.

It will be very important, going forward, that accurate information be provided about how most of the people in these groups were being used, manipulated, lied to and forced, under pain of death, never to blow the whistle.

This includes high-ranking people who still could be held culpable for enabling crimes to occur, even if they did not support them.

A radio show I did before I left for this trip is still quite relevant for everything going on now. I suggest you check it out for the broader context of this entire mass-arrest discussion:

9/13/13 Radio Interview with David Wilcock

– David

Obama is very much caught in the middle at this point.

I think he has been involved in a terrible series of compromises between various power factions that are threatening him and his family with lethal force.

It would be wise, in general, to consider his actions from this perspective rather than as someone who is truly “in on it.”

Almost every insider I know, regardless of the faction, HATES Obama. If he were truly following their agenda, then why so much malice?


NSA Shares Raw Intel, Including Americans’ Data, With Israel


– David


Well, suffice it to say there is a lot to chat about, and once “it” happens, your word is only as good as what you said BEFORE it happened.

There will be MANY “know-it-alls” after the fact. They will point to things like the end of Ironman 3, where the Vice President gets arrested for financing and controlling a Bin Laden-type character, as an actor, to stage false-flag fake events against the American People.

– David


16 thoughts on “David Wilcock Updates Via Ben Fulford Blog – September 17, 2013

  1. My focus is on RESTORING HONOR to our various organizations, and their members, rather than attempting to destroy them.I have had multiple dreams lately informing me to keep focusing on the fact that most of the people in these factions are not to blame.Most of them — the majority — would get out if they could.Oh really? Or is it the thought of what's coming to them?

  2. Soon soon Soon Soon.. keep watching it's coming soon soon soon.. Buy my book buy my book, it's coming soon soon soon, here is a small helping of hopium to keep you coming back for more you weak minded neanderthals it's coming soon soon soon..All part of the distraction from going within to find your own truth..

  3. We have been seeing increasing number of cabal resigning so it's good news. But we still need to see mass arrests happen. Drake called them last year, but good guys didn't listen.

  4. Given all these comments here I can't help of thinking of something that David Icke has said where everything will collapse and truth will be reveiled around 2016-2017~~~~BUT~~~~from Drake and company I recall the issue of various timelines, so my thought is given all this stuff as our consciousness is unleashed, I can only wonder if this is causing things to move along as such? Furthermore I would also like to add that perhaps this whole process is like a new born baby that still needs just a little more time to develop until it's ready to give birth and in this case birth to the new age. Now granted, from various sources they're already saying we're here already and it's understandable with the various comments here, but I can tell you that from my own ever growing self-awareness that I definitely feel the, shall we say, worldwide buzz, getting there that has been spoken of. I also wanted to mention how on David Icke's web site that at first he put down Drake & Company, yet then a few months later a 3 minute Neil Keenan update was posted without fanfare on his web site and I believe to simply acknowledge that Mr. Keenan, David Wilcock, Drake and others are on the money, but to stay tight lipped on his end and to keep up what he is doing. Think about it for a moment~~~~nobody else is following this story enough in the U.S., yet I hear in Asia that everybody knows what's going on and also the rest of the planet now has a clue. Go figure~! Just a thought~~~~best to all here on this blog~!

  5. Research comes from learning how to still the mind over the constant tirade of false light injecting self proclaimed gurus and ego running rampant competing for your energy. From top government to fake gurus on the internet. The truth I have found is that light and dark are part of duality so hoping light wins means you'll always have to be facing a challenge with darkness.When in truth it is a process of total transformation and duality is then not the controlling energy. Neutrality and being able to let go of many many many dogmatic illusions through at least 78000 years of true galactic winter is part of the soul journey that we ALL agreed to manifest in to this physical avatar we put so much stock into. It's a meat-suit for soul interaction. A very beautiful and clever design and a bio-electrical suit of pure wonderment but don't you ever wonder who designed it? The consciousness within the suit is the higher expression and the suit is a vehicle for this source energy. Bigger picture instead of "oh when is the new banking system coming I want a bigger TV" It's coming soon soon soon, who is behind all this dogma? gnostic societies that have plundered knowledge and maybe like fucking around with us? ETI? Or are we co-creating this awakening process and trying to make it as peaceful and loving as possible?Quantum theory would suggest that all these scenarios are possible, if this is true then who is in control of your destiny? Do you just follow the leaders or do you take a more active role?

  6. We are being threatened by mutual assured nuclear destruction to keep us in fear but we still continue to expand in consciousness. Some faster than others but the ellipsis is now in a fast approach instead of a gradual departure, this is true galactic science kept from us while in low consciousness.. Seasons in the galactic simply dictate life on planets and we are now in galactic spring, the dark age is finished. But the dark age dynasty has somehow been left out of the memo. But catching on real quick..Wilcock talks lots of truth but you don't need to buy in to any thing that you simply cannot find out for yourself from going inside of yourself.. And you'll soon discover as long as it's always about soon then it's keeping you fixed like a bull with a ring through it's nose. It's NOW. Once the critical mass reaches the right point then the idea becomes a seed and the seeds will grow. We already reached that point and remote viewers know this, precognition is not paranormal it is only paranormal when our DNA is dormant.. This and many many other things that will come to you, they wont be given to you by some external form , they are your birthright.. you already have all this as part of your DNA blueprint, self ownership and sovereignty will allow you to walk in to full consciousness as this is the new energy we are increasingly manifesting as galactic winter is over. higher expression to blow out the cobwebs of that tired old dogmatic dark age of religious zealotry and political ego fueled drama, and the old energy is the energy of "drama" it simply has to go. You feel this within not from books and following gurus. we are energy beings so reclaim your energy..Switch all that wireless scalar poison off from your own personal auric field when sleeping, it's hard to ignore it while out and about but you can help your dream-state by keeping that bubble around you as clean as possible, then your dream-state will improve, then don't be surprised that your dreams will begin to manifest slowly in to your reality, people, places, sounds etc etc.. This is part of the untangling and becoming more quantum aware.So much science kept but flooding back, the human avatar has been running on robotic slave mode compared to the original blueprint but that's due to a lack of energy that is galactic winter.. Be loving to ALL and you are close to the source of all that is. And it's the only way to co-create a new age of love which is what we wish to see collectively. the galactic is sending us subtle nudges to help us but you wont find it all while constantly looking to others for the codes within your OWN DNA, this is not 97% junk and it is communicating with the universe all the time and coming out of stasis which is what it goes through in galactic winter, Know thyself, we are the microcosm of the macrocosm and all have individual and collective souls contracts, be still in mind and heart and the truth will flood you. Do not walk forward in fear and love even those that would currently still intend to do you harm, ease their path with your own inner strength. this only comes from within and then you have the capacity to reflect outwards, All the hate baiting is your subconscious mind at conflict, our DNA is pure science and the universe is inside and outside of us. All this soon soon soon projections will keep you following the shepherd, how about Now Now Now and follow your HEART. And leave the shepherds to themselves, Know thyself is to know the whole, and university is about ready for a galactic graduation. How many are preparing for this? How many are following their chosen leaders? Follow your heart and walk together to higher expression of consciousness we are all brother and sister in the higher expression of our-self.People are waiting for the event. You are the EVENT and this is a graduation of the soul..

  7. We are born in to collective forgetfulness so we can manifest a collective experience of awakening. The banking system is the manifestation of the butterfly theory of evolution, the greedy organism just eats until it reaches a point of transition, so in theory the banking system needs to be here and it ultimately defeats itself, so why the constant hating? Look at the bigger picture, this system is doomed to fail just as the caterpillar is doomed to transcend in to a far more expansive and beautiful expression of life experience. So is it doomed of blessed? light tor dark? To me it is both. The cabal and the good guys etc.. It's both going through a huge transition and is now suffering from something called atrophy.this atrophy is the part where the caterpillar slows down and the more it consumes the more it slows, self defeating process is manifest. Then it is activated to go within. this is when the DNA transmutes from greed center to heart center and look what is then manifest..That time is NOW. Not soon soon..You don't need books, or seminars etc etc. you need to prepare simply for a process of transformation and walk forward with an expression of unconditional love for it is the next reality we are co-creating together. BE-LOVE. Not soon. BE-LOVE now and always..

  8. Good guys don't 'listen' to Drake because he is a nobody with zero credibility and even less authority pretending to be somebody. Good guys are doing what they do best ie getting on with it without blabbing about it to bozos who can't be trusted.

  9. 'I also wanted to mention how on David Icke's web site that at first he put down Drake & Company, yet then a few months later a 3 minute Neil Keenan update was posted without fanfare on his web site and I believe to simply acknowledge that Mr. Keenan, David Wilcock, Drake and others are on the money, but to stay tight lipped on his end and to keep up what he is doing.'OR D Icke is controlled opposition and has been told what to do ;/ OR they are all in it together working for the cabal ;/ ;/

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