Stanley Meyer – The Man Who Was Murdered For Inventing Free Energy Technology & Water Powered Car

Stanley Meyer demonstrates his water fuel cell a device that split water into hydrogen and oxygen, he later ran his dune buggy with this device

Stan Meyers was MURDERED to keep him from putting his conversion kit on the open market after he refused $1 billion dollar sale for all rights and pattens… died of uranium poisoning, and his brother Stephen is laying low.

7 thoughts on “Stanley Meyer – The Man Who Was Murdered For Inventing Free Energy Technology & Water Powered Car

  1. How many times has this happened? What a shame.This is how close we are. This is just one example of the new paradigm we can have once we get huge corporations and profits out of the equation.Thank you Stan

  2., September 16, 2013Fulford says NO to troops in Syria and RV is a scamFrom: Fulford Benjamin To: wtynan.brown Sent: Monday, September 16, 2013 2:01 AMSubject: RE: moving troops to syriaThe story from my sources is that there are only a few troops in Jordan and no plans for troops in Syria.The Dinar revaluation is a Bush/Clinton scam so don't fall for it.Benjamin Fulford(Strange of Nesaranews to post this, since this site works for dinar gurus and are now admitting what we have known that the dinar is a cabal scam! Of course, Fulford is also cabal.)

  3. This would require good guys figuring out how to mass arrest the cabal. If this ever happens, it will be the event where the light wins and we can have our golden age and star trek/Jetsons reality.

  4. I found a youtube rebroadcast of a local ohio news expose that showed them actually driving the car. still, no one has replicated it publicly since. a resonant lc circuit and a hydrogen combstion engine. shouldnt be too hard . . . where's his car now, and his design plans?

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