Montague Keen Update – September 15, 2013

Message from Montague Keen – September 15, 2013

Mahatma Gandhi

The prison walls are crumbling. You are now seeing the corruption that has engulfed and enslaved humanity for what it is. The structure of the pyramid is becoming blatantly obvious and those at the top of it become more nervous each day. They obeyed their off-planet masters without question, believing that their plans were guaranteed success. They never considered, even for one moment, what they might do if humanity should wake up, as they thought they had covered everything to ensure the success of the plans. They have control of your lives from the moment of birth until you depart the earthly plane.

The fact that so many of you have awakened, even though everything was against you, is a miracle in itself. Those brave people who took the first steps to expose the corruption will never be forgotten when the history of your world is written. When you consider all that is being done to keep you in the third dimension, it is not surprising that some are still entrapped within it. Those are the people who are now being used to judge and attack the people who have moved on. This is happening all over the world.

Think with your hearts. You know in your soul what is truth and what may be questionable. It is a difficult path that you are negotiating at this time of change, when confusion, deceit and downright lies, are aimed at you from so many directions. Guidance is available. You just have to ask. You all need to raise your consciousness and leave all that was three dimensional behind you. Those of you who are awake must be ever vigilant to ensure you are never lured into the traps that have been carefully placed to entice you back into the third dimension.

The great effort to awaken humanity has served to shine a light on the truth. It exposes the false statements that are used to try to force you to accept a war. You made a choice: you do not want to kill nor do you wish others to kill in your name. The days are over when people foolishly believed that it was their duty to kill or die for a cause. Now, you ask, “Whose cause? Who gains from war?”
The answers to those questions become more obvious as each day goes by. Your stand on this, will make war obsolete. This is why your actions, your thoughts, and your beliefs, are so important. The desire for peace is gathering momentum. It will succeed !

You are finding your feet and realizing who you are. You are taking back control of your lives as those who had oppressed you, flounder, and look for ways to hold on to control. They have had it all their own way until now. Pity them, as this is a new way of life for them. Do not judge or show aggression, as that would take you down to their level, and you really do not want that at this time. You are in the process of creating a world where everyone lives in peace. A world where love is the guiding rule and all are equal. The changes that need to occur in order to achieve this, will happen in the not too distant future. Are you prepared in your heart and soul to embrace the changes that so many are doing their utmost to bring about on your behalf ?

Each one of you should be asking, “What can I do to contribute to these changes? Can we help in any way?” It is when you learn to come together and work together that you will triumph over the evil. The Cabal keeps you in a little box, soaking up its propaganda on your televisions that is used to control your mind. NLP [Neuro-linguistic Programming] is used as well as subliminal messaging. Until you understand this, you cannot protect yourselves from it. Think about it: you actually pay for your own prison guards !

Talk with each other, just as they did in ancient times. They knew how to live, then. They shared everything. This is how they were educated. I can assure you that they fully understood how the universe worked. They understood the importance of ley lines. Now, you are seeing how these great tracks of natural energy were blocked in order to suppress the energy lines that encompass your world. This, in itself, is a crime against humanity, that needs to be put right. All that has been altered on Earth in order to suppress and control you, will come to light, and you will be given assistance to put it right. You are well on your way to doing this. Light is being shone on so much in order to assist you.

Believe in your mission and know that you will succeed. Remember . . . everything happens in our time, not yours. So do not give in to impatience, as this slows things down. We will act at the moment we see that all is in place. We will succeed. Stick to your resolve and keep reminding yourself that you are not playing the Cabal’s game anymore. No more cannon fodder will be provided, no matter what excuse is manufactured for war. Mankind no longer wants to play war games in order to amuse and enrich the Cabal whilst CULLING THE POPULATION in the process. You ask how humanity could have been so blind to all this for so long: mind control is the answer.

It is time to come together as ONE BIG FAMILY which is scattered all over the world. Its members now wish to get to know each other again, and to share knowledge and experience of life on Earth. See yourselves creating a peaceful world, as this is why you are on Earth at this time. Let the blindfolds fall from your eyes and the shackles fall from your limbs. Free your minds and see, not what you are told to see, but what you actually see. Enjoy the freedom which you are creating. We are at your side to guide and protect you. Stand tall and know that you are on the right path.

My dear Veronica, those who are destined to be with you, will be at your side. Try not to worry about this. I will never leave you.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

19 thoughts on “Montague Keen Update – September 15, 2013

  1. "Guidance is available. You just have to ask. You all need to raise your consciousness"This is very true and time for more people to walk in to their soul memory, you don't need books, it's a process of remembering as the veil lifts and you become more multidimensional, pay attention to lucid dream-state and listen to the heart centre of your own intuition, and connect with others as this provides an empathic link that is magnetic and positive and effects all others around you, you have the capacity to send out love with just words, so choose better one's when speaking to others and feel the benefit as what you send out you receive in abundance.We have the capacity to raise or lower our own vibrations and the higher the vibe the better the manifestation so why feel negative if this feeds the shit scenario you're manifesting. It's hard t snap out of the negative feedback but it's important to remember that you have far more power than you've been fooled in to believing. We co-create our reality so send out love if you want a loving future..

  2. I still see the same shit everyday. Nothing is changing. I see the same fucking chemtrails daily, police brutality everywhere, people suffering from poverty, medicine killing people instead of helping. I wish you goddamned people take off your rose colored glasses and see the fucking slaves as we are. Cabal is still in control, the government is completely worthless. Why do you damned people lie to the masses?

  3. I see plenty of MSM articles and lots of nasty bile from shills on the internet but outside looks fine to me.. You reap what you sow and many need to remember this as in a quantum reality my reality can vary different from one who has nothing but hatred and fear in their poisoned, controlled and paranoid minds..

  4. More lies from 7:48, please show me the proof that shit is happening because the cabal is still in control. Why did the arrests not happen already? Why are MSM shills still lying to the masses? When will this nightmare shit ever end?

  5. 7:08, things are changing whether you can see it or not. I agree that the big picture is difficult to take in, as plenty of terrible things happen around the world daily. But that isn't to say beautiful things aren't happening daily as well. If you're a billionaire and would like to help poverty around the world, then please do so. If you're not a billionaire, these big picture problems are out of your reach to help directly. Find love within yourself and with the people around you. These things are just the beginning of changing the reality you live in. Your attitude and perception are of vital importance.

  6. don't listen too much to dates, but keep your eyes peeled for events unfolding. Here are some recent things that I believe show change:Pope Francis APOSTOLIC LETTER seems like a potentially huge change. Apparently Ben Bernanke resigned from the federal reserve on September 1st, which was connected to the letter above. Couldn't find any MSM confirmation though, makes sense that they wouldn't publicise it.Syria agreeing to hand over their chemical weapons (whether the weapons exist or not). This will prevent US from further control over other countries. This is huge. The truth movement is also massive, people never used to question MSM, now there is a big increase in people that can see through their crap. I believe big changes have been going on behind closed doors for a while now. Think about the enormity of the situation, this is no overnight process, be patient.


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