Casper Update – September 12, 2013 More weeks have passed.
As usual our Intel does not agree with most of the other messengers.
Regarding recent statements by some saying that China and its Politburo are no longer Communist, here is a NYT reprint of a China Newspaper Article, quoting, “ The police in Southern China have detained an outspoken advocate of democratic rights on charges of disrupting public order his lawyer and human rights groups said Saturday. They called his detention another step in a government effort to stifle dissidents who have challenged the Communist Party. The advocate, Yang Maodong, who is better known by his pen name, Guo Feixiong, was detained August 8, but the police notified his family only Saturday”. WE could expand upon this by referring to OUR LAST TRIP TO CHINA OR OUR MEETINGS WITH CHINESE/ASIAN BANKERS IN D.C. in times gone by but, as with OUR trip to Switzerland seeking original copies of the U.S. Corporations Incorporation Documents and copies of the U.S. Bankruptcy Documents held there, or, as with OUR trip to RENO to meet with all five Wells Fargo Branch Presidents there, WE didn’t see any reason, before now, to expand upon these matters as our efforts produced no positive results and therefore were not reported to you except perhaps ‘in passing’. The ‘Families’ do control China our sources say and the Communist Government is financially subservient to them. It is true that China is being moved toward their interpretation of Capitalism as quickly as possible but there is no attempt to replace Communism with Democracy. And also true, Obama and his Communist Czars are moving America toward Police State Communism as fast as possible. Even Putin has recently commented publically, WARNING OBAMA “don’t go there” (Central Command & Control). “It Is A Dead End” he warned. Obama is not listening to Putin, China, the American people or anyone else. What he believes was ingrained in him in his youth by his Communist Mentors and Muslim Schooling in Indonesia.  He is a self-absorbed ,arrogant, incompetent , narcissistic jerk and a wannabe DICTATOR (which always follows democracy) who works for Extreme Left Wing Special Interest such as Environmental Whacko’s, the Chicago Mafia, Unions, Hollywood, the NWO, The Cabal, Communism and Radical Islam, especially the Muslim Brotherhood which he is financing and arming so as to assist in the slaughter of Christians and the burning of their homes and churches and anyone else who loves individual freedom and/or Democracy. Christian villages are being given a choice, convert to Islam right this minute or be beheaded. He is wanting to attack Assad to aid these Al Qaida terrorist, those who are slaughtering Christians and which is an operational entity of the Muslim Brotherhood.
He is involving the U.S. and the American people in the thousand year old war between the Sunni’s and the Shia’s. He is the most dangerous enemy America has ever known (opinion). WE hear he walked into the G-20 parading like a barnyard rooster but left early with his tail between his legs as all nations present voted against his plans. Nor was he successful, WE hear, in his attempts to raise desperately needed funds in his secret meetings in Sweden preceding the G-20 meetings last weekend in St.Petersberg. He is slowly but surely being neutered by his own incompetence and disclosures such as the NSA worldwide surveillance, his arming and financing of Al Qaida and The Muslim Brotherhood, the realization that Obamacare is designed to bankrupt small business (80% of job creation), the actual ‘recruiting’ of participants for food stamps, free telephones and all manner of benefits even to illegal aliens, all designed to bankrupt taxpayers and smooth the takeover of America by his Communist Sponsors, the IRS Scandals, the Benghazi Scandal (occurring while he was drugged out of his head in the residence) the rewarding of his Campaign Cronies with hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars (to each), his constant and absurdly expensive vacations, exempting Congress from Obamacare, etc. etc. etc., the list is endless. How many American Military Personnel do you suppose died fighting Obama’s Syrian Rebels (Al Qaida) in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc.?  His ‘credentials’ are ALL, EACH AND EVERY ONE, fraudulent, counterfeit forgeries. Who is he do you reckon? Why was he not ‘vetted’ and formally presented as their candidate by the Democrat Party as required by law– for the first time in history– prior to his first election? Who rigged the election to return him to office (5 States) do you reckon? Why no response or challenge to any of this by the Republicans do you suppose? My guess is that he was ‘appointed’ by the Cabal/NWO  and with a little help from the NSA the Puppet Politicians were instructed to keep their mouths shut.  Are they, his handlers and he, creating a Regional Conflagration to overthrow Assad and expand their pipelines through Syria? Or is the goal bigger than that, WW III, the war of civilizations and the preservation of fiat monetary systems and fractional banking systems?  
Many Gurus have led readers to believe Jack Lew and C.L./IMF and China are wanting the R.V./GCR  done now. If so it could only be a fiat R.V. which would recapitalize the Criminals. That’s what the Fiat Dinar R.V. has been about since the beginning, WE were informed more than a year ago. WE have previously reported that Jack Lew is now and always has been OBAMA’S PET POODLE. Our Intel has always been, as reported many many times over the years, that the IMF and whoever is appointed to the post of Managing Director, is equally a PUPPET of the United States Corporate Government and the wholly corrupt United Nations and a full time member and defender of the Cabals Fraudulent Financial Playpen. In fact  there have been a number of articles published by well-respected writers saying that the IMF is actually the same thing as the Corporate U.S. Treasury in that the bankruptcy of the Republic and its ‘takeover’ by the Corporation, the U.N.,  Maritime Law Courts  AND THE  IMF actually resulted in our countries loss of its sovereignty long ago. These articles, which endeavor to explain to the people how their country was stolen from them by the Criminal Financial Elite, go on to say that the U.S. Treasury Secretary draws his salary from the IMF, not the U.S. Government even in its fraudulent corporate form. The IMF is broke say our sources, just like the U.S. and the U.N.. They are all ‘upside down broke’ and desperate to find a way (the fiat R.V.?) to recapitalize themselves. Lagarde wants and has publically called for the ability of the IMF to create and issue ITS OWN FIAT CURRENCY known as Special Drawing Rights, in other words she wants to lord it over member nations determining how much Fiat Paper and Computer Digits they each may have as allowed by Queen Lagarde. This is different than the mind set and actual reporting of virtually every Guru who still believe the two of them are working for the asset backed R.V..  Lew and Lagarde have always been part of the NWO World Government, Control of the world by the Bankers. This is common knowledge 101. Some Guru’s continue to report that Obama is ‘on our side’. WE do not now nor have WE ever agreed with any of that garbage and WE have said so publically dozens of times. Obama has sabotaged and purposely delayed ‘The New’ every day since he took office as the New means, among many other things, a return to the Republic and its Constitution which puts Obama and the rest of the Corrupt Political Employees of the Corporation ‘out on the street’. To us it appears the Gurus have been thoroughly ‘brainwashed’ and their ‘understandings’ that Lew/Lagarde/ etc. are on our side are upside down and backwards. Either that or ‘WE ‘ are  upside down and backwards, a possibility but not likely. Please remember friends WE have been ‘at this’ a very long time. The ‘Gurus’ are the ‘new kids on the block’. It appears they have little or no understanding of the bigger picture, bigger than their personal interest in an R.V. much less the status of the bigger picture. To the extent Lew/Lagarde/Obama or any other ‘establishment’ figure appears to want or assist with an R.V. it would be in Fiat (not metals backed) and should they succeed this would, in our opinion, represent a continuation and recapitalization of the ‘Status Quo’, a retention of power by the bad guys and would preclude a return to Constitutional Government at least during our lifetimes. WE discussed this subject at some length in our last update which is archived at  Could WE be wrong about this? Of course we could. This is an opinion piece.
Our Intel continues to say China (the Chi-Coms) do not want a Global Currency Reset and so informed Lew, Obama, Lagarde and others present at the “Trade Negotiation” meetings in D.C. 4 or 5 weeks ago saying their currency belongs to them and no one can tell them what to do with it, they will not participate in a Global Currency Reset, our sources say.  They will accept no ‘instruction’ from the deadbeat Obama or his Corporation Government. And yet, everyday brings new Guru Reports about China ‘pushing things through’. Perhaps there are ‘private interest’ in China who are aggregating Dinar using Wells Fargo as their broker but our Intel says this is not the Chinese Government as their position is that a reset of the Yuan would result in the demise of their export based economy. Perhaps buying dinar but saying no to a GCR are both true? WE have executive level contacts inside Wells Fargo- on both coast- who have consistently, over a period of months, denied knowing anything about their banks participation in a Dinar R.V.. They say not only are there no funds in the Bank sufficient to pay people for their Dinar, they don’t even know where such funds are supposed to be coming from. This week a couple of Guru’s are finally posting ‘news’ confirming what WE have been reporting since the beginning of time, it is not Wells Fargo delaying an R.V. as they have no funds to R.V. with, nor is it the UST delaying things as some Gurus are finally reporting this week, as they too are powerless pawns of higher powers namely OBAMA/The Cabal who have been blocking the ‘New’ in all respects for years. Obama threatens, blackmails, demands and instructs the world that he is god, by god, and all will do as he instructs. The world has had enough of his puffed up persona and are now paying little attention to his demands, we are advised.  My personal guess is that his fallback position from ‘Status Quo Forever’ is a Fiat R.V. which would recapitalize the Criminal Elite/Cabal/Corporation and perhaps ‘preparations’ for such a fallback ‘plan b’, likely involving the Fed Banks the Cabal controls, confuses those who think Lew/Lagarde etc. are working toward an R.V./GCR in asset backed currencies.
It is not clear enough in my own mind to have any hope of explaining it to you, but I believe the threatened attack on Syria by Mr. Nobel Peace Prize has everything to do with the behind the scenes fights over money. Once again attempted blackmail by Obama, IMO. Caveat Emptor. I sense that few purveyors of R.V. Intel have knowledge of these considerations which is a damn shame as it leaves them hoping and wishing for an outcome that would amount to a recapitalized Communist Police State and Debt Slavery for their grandkids, without realizing what they are wishing for. On a brighter note we see the ongoing implosion of the existing Ponzi Monetary System which would leave a vacuum into which the New Systems can step. To us this is the likely outcome, failure of the current system due to gargantuan unpayable debt and failure of the Cabals (Obama’s) fallback position of an R.V. in Fiat due to blockage by unknown powers.    
Fiat currencies ‘exhaust’ themselves over time. The Fed Res dollar had a dollars worth of purchasing power in 1913 yet valued today against that baseline it is now worth less than a nickel in buying power. It is on the verge of failure and each new Trillion of debt issued by the Obama Gov’t. makes it ever more worthless and that FRN also serves as the U.S. Dollar. Therefore complete ‘exhaustion’ is near to hand therefore the desperate attempts to R.V. the entire fiat system with a Fiat R.V. of the IQD and GCR which recapitalizes their Fraudulent Financial Playpen and their fraudulent Corporate Government.
Interest rates are rising despite the Fed’s best efforts and Bond Markets are collapsing. This is happening now not next year. This will crash the already crippled housing industry, all Real Estate for that matter. The whole financial edifice is a house of cards and a big wind is blowing. Will this fallen Ponzi Monetary System based on debt be replaced by that which we have been waiting for?  Or by the NWO beginning with a recapitalization of their fiat world disguised perhaps as a ‘Global Currency reset’?  
Given China’s reported (to us) veto of a GCR there appears, in the scenarios described herein, no room for a return to asset backed banking, the Constitution or legitimate Government in the U.S.– Not unless—as we discussed in our last update—someone or something is stopping the R.V. in fiat– in which case the existing exhausted Fiat Monetary System will implode as Batman, Superman, the Galactic Federation, The Families and Our New Government all jump down from the upper balconies onto the stage all at once to save us from a pre-planned scam to use the R.V. of the Dinar in Fiat to recapitalize their Ponzi Fraud while extending the Debt Slavery of the masses indefinitely. This might come in a pretty package with pink ribbons and be called something cool rather than the financing of the World Government it actually is. Yes, I am being repetitious. Intentionally.           
Wells Fargo ‘Pink Slipped’ 3400 employees Friday August 23rd and announced 5000 more to go shortly. JPM has announced the layoff of 17,000. Companies nationwide, tens of thousands of them, are cutting full time employees to 29 ½ hours to avoid the Obamacare Law, Obama’s number one instrument for the dictatorial takeover and intentional destruction of our country and the intentional destruction of its employment base. Of course this does not apply to the 2000 Unions and Corporations who supported his election/reelection as they have all been given Obamacare waivers. The treasonous Democrats voted for this Hitleresk takeover 100% to zero. The ‘not much better’ Republicans voted against it 100% to zero. Did WE not report and explain in excruciating detail what he was/is doing, i.e., following the Cloward/Piven (his Columbia University Professors) written plan, ‘How To Destroy America From Within’? Now that 65% of the American people have awakened, at least to the extent of now opposing Obamacare, do you think this huge majority will have any influence on Heir Hitler/Obama?  Is this ‘Justice’? Obama’s Justice Department is, right now, filing lawsuits against the States which have passed Voter I.D. laws. Can’t have that says Obama and Holder. You can’t stop us from bussing tens of thousands of  ”low information voters” back and forth between polling places, some of them voting 10 or more times to re-elect Obama studies have shown. “You taxpayers are not going to get between us and our Obama Money else we will burn you down”. Obama himself has, behind the scenes, threatened A Race War if D.C. Politicians and certain significant others do not accede to his every demand.  This Intel has come to us half a dozen times over the last few years, each time we reported it to you. How much NSA Generated Blackmail do you suppose has been used against such as John Roberts, A Republican, one of five Conservatives on the Court, suddenly goes against his fellows on the Court, all the Republicans in Government and goes against the vast majority of ‘the people’, joins with the minority Democrats on the Court to force upon the people the most unwanted and extremely odious Government Takeover Legislation in history?  Who else do you suppose lives with their testacles’ in the Obama/NSA vice? Obama, Sharpton, Rev. Wright, NAACP, Jessie Jackson, not a dimes difference between any of them, all are anti-American, ‘Victim Theology’ from dawn to dusk. Since the World Court and the Supreme Court are in possession of Obama’s Kenyan Birth certificate, since the world knows all about his counterfeit birth certificate and use of a dead man’s Social Security Number, knows he is a fraud from head to toe, who do you suppose put this jackal in office and retains him there?  Why nothing from the Republicans? Could it be that any remaining American Sovereignty was forfeited years ago and the whole of D.C. is “under new management”, i.e. the U.N., the IMF, the Intl Banksters, their Puppet Politicians and the ‘Czars’?   
Are you aware that Obama has paid out $50 million in commissions to those who work full time signing up anyone who can fog a mirror for food stamps? Are you aware Obama has ordered FOREIGN NATIONALS to be signed up also? Don’t believe? See the current update from ‘Sovereign Man’, free on the internet. Spend it into OBLIVIAN said Cloward and Pivin. OBAMA IS INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING AMERICA AS FAST AS HE CAN by spending it into oblivion, five trillion in new debt already, more trillions coming.  With rising interest rates our nation’s debt service will ‘break the bank’ at an even more rapid pace from here on. In fact, we will not be able to service the debt without cutting Social Security and Medicare. Voters don’t bite the hands that feed them. ‘Make everyone dependent upon Government’ are Obama’s orders. Do you ‘willingly blind’ Liberals understand yet, do you see what he is doing?  He has moved domestically at break neck speed but not fast enough, it appears his patience is exhausted, now he is trying to start world war III while providing his radical Muslim  Christian killing allies taxpayer funds and arms to fight the coming war with, a war with the infidels who must be beheaded here when they finish beheading them there.   
No matter what happens next remember that our Brand New Hillary Replacement spent his early years searching for a thorn in Viet Nam with which to scratch himself so that he could demand still another Purple Heart (wounded in action). He was a disgrace in the eyes of those around him. In later years he threw his ‘medals’ over the fence at the White House as he and his camera crew established his bonefides as an anti-war activist. Kinda like Shaun Penn showing up in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina with his camera crew in tow to film him saving victims on roof tops. In one of the funniest and most enlightening expose’s of Celebrity Liberalism he couldn’t get his boat motor started, as filmed by independent film crews and later seen on television, as he huffed and puffed and finally gave up on ‘saving’ anyone since he was not able to film his ‘heroism’. Heroism is better exemplified by that aspect of WE who pulled their boat several hundred miles, launched out of view of the film crews and proceeded to save lives. When done they quietly pulled out driving several hundred miles home never to be seen or heard from again. There is nothing in this world that stinks worse than the multitudes of Limousine Liberals. And so, when you see the Obama appointee Kerry running his mouth as the evil Hillary’s replacement, remember that you are watching Jane Fonda’s mirror image.
Important offshore banking contacts inform us the funds we seek have not been released, there is no large movement of funds underway, no funds for the R.V. in the system and that reports to the contrary are false. We don’t enjoy reporting this or being right about it month after month. Do you want our Intel or another shot of heroin? Perhaps a non-fiat R.V. will not come through the existing banking system but awaits only the announcement and availability of the New System? Perhaps our Intel is spot on and the bad guys, led by Obama, will push through their attempts to R.V. in fiat and for a very brief time we will all  ‘get our hands on some money’. Never mind that would be short lived and go up in smoke as newly distributed Trillions dramatically debase the value of all currency in circulation and leave your neighbors unable to feed their families. Perhaps W.F./Reno is performing a service for special interest in China that does not involve the entire bank nationwide? Perhaps everything will change in a few days?  I say a few because the SWIFT system is still the only way to handle massive movements of funds which can’t be handled all at one time or even in several transfers given the amounts needed for R.V., etc. etc.. Many transfers require time as the system limits the amount which can be moved in each transfer.  WE don’t know everything, we don’t profess to.
Yes, of course we are aware of the reports of deliveries. Those who claim to have received go silent supposedly due to the N.D.. Our banking sources say not possible, funds have not been released. Some say deliveries by U.S. Marshalls. Our sources there, which are executive level, say not true, all is B.S..  WE report, you decide.
On another front our Intel says the Fed Res Charter was extended for another twenty years at the time Bush was leaving office and Obama was coming in and that both approved the extension which was five plus years ago. How does this affect us? WE don’t know. It looks to me, and more so as the months pass, that the Cabal/Fiat Boys, the Corporation and the Puppet Politicians are continuing to do exactly what WE have been reporting for the last twenty years, extending the status quo and maintaining themselves in power no matter the cost, even including World War. Whatever the good guys are doing, assuming they exist, is not visible to us and we see no tangible results of their efforts. Our hope is that they do exist and they are busy bankrupting the corrupt Fiat System and they will land on stage momentarily along with Batman, Superman, arrest warrants and ‘packages’. Like you we have read millions of words and watched dozens of ‘promises’ come and go with no visible tangible results. WE are observers like you, not principles. Each time it appears an ‘insider’ may have some dependable information that too comes to naught as you have witnessed in recent weeks. Our Intel says the Governments Fiscal Year End on Sept. 30, Debt Ceiling, etc. etc. does not have anything to do with Our Business. They also say Obama is constantly and repeatedly blocking everything———- therefore let’s look on the bright side——– there is apparently something to block, all is apparently not smoke and mirrors.
          Casper    9-12-13
p.s. There is something else I could say, probably should say, so I will say. None of us know all that Obama knows about what is going on in the Middle East or what his worldwide NSA Surveillance has ‘picked up’ therefore analysis of his actions or lack of actions must be withheld for the time being.  And now that the world knows about the NSA capabilities, if  internal Iran communications were ‘picked up’ by the NSA saying Iran intends to rain down missiles on Tel Aviv at the first sign of an attack upon their proxy Assad, would it be Iran’s real plan?  Or the one Iran intended the NSA and Obama to hear?  And if Obama reacts/has reacted, with his usual indecisiveness, has the situation not become more complex and difficult by orders of magnitude? Even when he finally made a decision (to wait) after a 45 minute walk on the lawn with his Chief of Staff– he began modifying his modified position 24 hours later. The world is watching. It is not a pretty sight. He sends Kerry out time and again to play Churchill but within hours he is time and again playing Hamlet, leaving the impression the two of them have never met. It is sad, really. A terrible reflection on our country and especially on our one and only President. I personally think Obama is a Big Arrogant Bully on the outside but a very Big Incompetent Coward on the inside. He simply cannot make decisions, that’s why he constantly voted ‘present’ while in the Illinois State Senate. This is likely why he found it necessary to surround himself with forty some odd Czars in addition to all the usual Cabinet Secretaries and Advisers. He knows he knows nothing, is in way over his head, but at least he has had the good sense to admit this to himself and attempt to compensate. Unfortunately his ‘helpers’ are mostly Community Organizer Types themselves.  This Personality Trait/Character Flaw, inability to make decisions– is showing itself on the world stage with adversaries who are light years ahead of Obama in their conduct of Foreign Policy. This is a very dangerous time because Obama is a very dangerous man made more dangerous by his ongoing embarrassment on the world stage. All that said, none of us know what he knows and it is possible there are legitimate reasons for his strange conduct.

40 thoughts on “Casper Update – September 12, 2013

  1. The first time Casper made any sense, and fessed up that this post is mere opinion/speculation, on par with other ' intel ' providers – ergo – no examinable evidence or proof. I'm beginning to think we will eventually die never having gotten more then guesswork. Our true enemy, behind virtually all this crap, is SECRECY. Look what these ' intel ' providers have to go through to even get a tidbit ! Countless billions/trillions are spent hiding the most telling of all human currency – INFORMATION. frj

  2. We are not from here, we are not humans.A new world and era is coming into view, that does not have the Federal Reserve. . .A great celestial awakening is coming and when that event occurs, you will certainly know about it.

  3. This entire pile of crap is PURE FEAR PORNOGRAPHY.It is ALL LIES — with a *bit* of truth here and there to make it SEEM valid.CASPER IS A DISINFO **SCUM,** just like COBRA.These traitors will rot away under the watchful and NEVER FORGETTING eye of Mr KHARMA.Simply attempting to fill good people with fear is evil. And the few that believe the fear porn LIES make the transgressions even more severe.Bye bye Casper you SCUMBAG FEARPORN LIAR.

  4. Casper says: "Politicians are continuing to do exactly what WE have been reporting for the last twenty years, extending the status quo and maintaining themselves in power no matter the cost, even including World War. Whatever the good guys are doing, assuming they exist, is not visible to us and we see no tangible results of their efforts. Our hope is that they do exist and they are busy bankrupting the corrupt Fiat System and they will land on stage momentarily along with Batman, Superman, arrest warrants and ‘packages’. Like you we have read millions of words and watched dozens of ‘promises’ come and go with no visible tangible results."Casper may be disinfo like every other insider on the net, but he still makes alot of good points. Where's the good guys? Where's the proof? Why haven't the cabal been mass arrested yet when they are trying to start ww3? Every date has come and gone and the cabal don't seem to be slowing down. Will sheeple be able to wake up to the fact the dinar and RV is a cabal scam? I hope for the best, but am skeptical that good guys know what they are doing. I have done my part in waking myself up and learning we are all eternal, immortal spirits no matter what happens or who wins in this game of duality. I am just sick and tired and want to be free.

  5. We are all from God/source and are immortal spirits having a human experience. No one knows when the event will happen, but if it doesn't happen in my lifetime, I do not want to reincarnate on any more prison planets. If I was incarnated on earth to wake, I have done my job and so have the 11% of humanity who are awake so far.

  6. Yes, the duck is a shill and he doesn't post much anymore on this forum as we all are awake to this. His handlers/bosses probably reassigned him to shill other forums and blogs.

  7. The information is all over the net for those who are awake. There is more than enough info for awake cops and soldiers to mass arrest all the cabal. Drake himself gave the greenlight and when good guys ignored it, he lost his reputation.

  8. Poof=Zap. Casper is a different disinfo agent that is more truthful than any other shill. Sad that I pay attention to this shill, but if good guys did their jobs, our mainstream media would be 100% truthful and the cabal would be behind bars. I have saved myself, it's up to the rest of humanity to do the same.

  9. 10:59 – Yet ANOTHER usless waste of human bio-mass."…probably…"In other words — you don't know shit.You THINK you know, but MANY deluding sheep do that all day long. Your life is one big DIAPER ACCIDENT.So why don't you plug your mouth with your boyfriend'spants and let smarter people get on with things, Eh punk?Could it be that your presence here is an example of the unimportance and deluding nature of this area and therefore unworthy of much attention at all???Any internet zone which posts NIDLE, COBRA, CASPERand ***MUCH*** OTHER PURE and INSANE DRIVEL really would be much better off DEAD & GONE.In other words, WHY WHY WHY bother talking to a toilet and its contents. Other actually IMPORTANT zones exist.

  10. Huh? Good guys ignored Drake's green light? Oh yeh, I forgot Drake is god and gives all the orders. Perhaps we should put a notice in all the recruitment centers and mass media 'Cops and Soldiers take your orders from Drake Flake Bailey' That would sooo work! Surprised no-one's thought of it! LOL!

  11. Call it whatever you want, Drake tried to help humanity wake and warned us that mass arrests need to happen before the cabal get their ww3. Here we are in September 2013 and the cabal are pushing harder than ever for wars.

  12. Give dick Cheney, Kissinger, and the Bushes a Big F. U. From We the People!!! Let them know the more days that pass the more F.U.B.A.R. they become. We the people have awakened and you Casper are exposed like the rest of the cabal, 33 degree masons, skull and bones, illuminati, darksided evil minions of Satan. Time to go away, otherwise the light will incinerate your black souls!! We have declared the Victory of permeating light of love!! Go Home, and watch each other burn!! We the People are now FREE!!

  13. Drake said he was waiting for his 'insiders' to give HIM the green light June/July 2012. The green light would be to let us know the mass arrests had started. Drake opened his pie-hole too soon and the 'mutiny' was prevented and a load of military were removed from office last fall. Drake's intel dried up because the bozo couldn't keep schtum. Get your facts right. Cabal have given up on trying to start a war btw. They want a peaceful transfer from west to east. Russia far outflanks them on the arms front. USA don't stand a chance. All they can do now is put a brave face on it but anyone who's done a bit of research knows. See what weapons the Russians used to take down the meteor 😉 😉

  14. i agree with casper , people keep saying good guys but no one can name one , i dont think they even exist of course we have good people awaking us to the scam but none are in positions f power,, not one sitting politician has ever admitted publicly that 911 was a false flag or has raised any real questions about it, even ron paul falls into this group,, so when i hear good guys are winning i ask what are they winning at pool? until we have at least one politician, top general, cia big or fbi big come out and admit that 911 was afalse flag which is blantantly clear that it was, until then nothing will change 911 is the game changer here its the floodgates all else will follow, the thing is they all know it was aflase flag butr none have the courage to say it, so as for good guys sorry more like goodfellas

  15. ~~SO,I said >>> NO MORE WAR ALLOWED ON EARTH !And that talk of WAR is FEAR PORN.I hereby acknowledge my accuracy.PEACE (for thousands of YEARS) is comingto EARTH.FINALLY !Enjoy it. – GOD

  16. 10:58 donkey:Well just for starters:"Obama and his Communist Czars are moving America toward Police State Communism as fast as possible.""CASPER" is a RAT LIAR FEAR PORN SCUMBAG.Go "resonate" somewhere else dummy — maybe use a good vibrator — *you'll* dig it.

  17. 1:07 "Obama and his Communist Czars are moving America toward Police State Communism as fast as possible."Please point out which ear your brains dripped out of."Casper" is a FEAR PORN LIAR.Signed,NON-idiot (like you)

  18. Casper is an insider who is correct regarding how evil Obama is. If you did your research, you'd be aware that Obama is hell bent on ww3. Seems that Putin is doing the job that good guys haven't and so far, he has delayed the war in order to give sheeple more time to wake and for good guys to mass arrest the cabal. Casper is skeptical if good guys even exist and points out there's no proof!

  19. Casper is an insider who is correct regarding how evil Obama is. If you did your research, you'd be aware that Obama is hell bent on ww3. Seems that Putin is doing the job that good guys haven't and so far, he has delayed the war in order to give sheeple more time to wake and for good guys to mass arrest the cabal. Casper is skeptical if good guys even exist and points out there's no proof!

  20. Well, the good news is Obama and the cabal have postponed their ww3 plans thanks to Putin doing the job that good guys have failed to do. There's still a high risk of ww3 as long as good guys are unable to mass arrest the cabal. Maybe Putin will order his military to do the arresting too? If the light wins, peace will be eternal and last forever, not just a millennium!


  22. Hmm. Maybe Putin IS one of the good guys. Ever considered that? You might have been looking for the good guys in the wrong place. Do you think the bad guys will hang around once they all realise the game is up? Some of them are already jumping ship 😉 The replacement for Bernie has pulled out at the last minute 😉 😉 🙂

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