Brad Johnson: Incognito Extraterrestrials and the Intervention Protocol

Published on Sep 14, 2013
This video will require a pretty open mind. Brad speaks on his beginnings of how this work unfolded for him and speaks on the outline of the intervention protocol. This is then followed up by further information relating to incognito extraterrestrials: who they are and why are they here on Earth.

10 thoughts on “Brad Johnson: Incognito Extraterrestrials and the Intervention Protocol

  1. For those like me who've never heard of this guy before here's a brief resume of him from his website.Brad Johnson is known as a Conscious Matrix Communicator. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Brad has developed his skillset pertaining to psychic ability, energy healing, conscious channeling, remote viewing, akashic record viewing and intuitive guidance for a span of 5 years. Through these skillsets, Brad has founded a whole new approach to how one is able to utilize all of these abilities to be culminated in wholeness. This involves the ability to access one's own soul matrix on a conscious level: Brad refers to this as "Conscious Matrix Communication." Brad is also the founder of a new energy healing method called "Body Regeneration Healing." He is also an akashic records reader, an author and a metaphysical public speaker and researcher.

  2. One ET group wants to make sure that humans learn to take care of their health by eating organic and non GMO. Brad I know exactly what you mean-thank you for lighting the way (my candle in the dark).Love and light,

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