11 thoughts on “James Gilliland Update – The End of Tyranny

  1. As for Sylvia Brown, Those without sin cast the first stone. I would not worry about the person that told 2 familys who had missing children that their children were dead, who later turned up alive.

  2. People think I am a troll or shill for refusing to eat any more hopium. We have yet to see proof of mass arrests or disclosure and no one knows when or if this will happen. It's not just me, but most people are also skeptics who are facing doubts and fear of the unknown, they also get labeled as shills and trolls. Whatever happened to free speech where one can speak his mind without labels? If 2012 is a cabal hoax and every other date has also come and gone, I guess no one truly knows when/if anything good will happen. Right now it seems the eastern faction of the cabal is going to throw the western faction under the bus so they can appear as "saviors" and be the ones in power. I truly do hope enough people are awake to see this chess game for what it is. Even people like Jean/Keenan say there will not be a reset and no free ride and we will still have to work hard. Sounds just like slavery 2.0 to me.

  3. Only skeptic about your motives my friend. If you set intentions and detach from outcome you won't be consumed with anxiety of any perceived setbacks and delays. Looks like you have still got a lot to learn. Good luck to you.

  4. There was an energetic change on the 21st of December of 2012.You can confirm yourself the change looking out at the WHITE and BRIGHT Sun.It is not yellow anymore. It is the 6th Sun. The Aztecs prophecised about it.So there were changes. But it is too close to the date still, so we are not seeing much of it.But the Sun IS white and bright!AOne.

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