Galactic History By Andrew Bartzis

Update: September 12, 2013

I have had requests to supply an audio file for this 9 hour video.  I ripped the audio from the YouTube videos and combined them into one large file.  You can right click and save the file to your computer for future listening.

 Full Interview In MP3 Format…..–_entire_interview_9hr_.mp3


This is a 9 hour discussion about the Universe and its Galactic History from the point of view of Andrew Bartzis.  They have broken this down into a 20 part video playlist.  I posted the first part below. I have only listened to the first two parts.  I must say it is packed with information, so much so that I am sure many will listen to this interview a few times over.  The first two parts had information about ascension timelines, chakras, DNA, ascended masters, hollow earth, Atlantis, Lemuria, archons, time travel, spiritual sovereignty, George Kavassilas, Akashic Records, spiritual warefare, reincarnation, and more.  I can just imagine what the remaining 18 parts have in store for those who are interested in researching our Galactic History.

This is Andrew’s website…..

YouTube Video Playlist …..

77 thoughts on “Galactic History By Andrew Bartzis

  1. " Reflexive-Emotion-Driven" juveniles here, that think it's their personal playground…thereby MONOPOLIZING the commentary, with their 'tit-for-tat' ego drivel while they're looking thru the wrong end of their telescopes, in the shallow end of the pool.Alex by the way you present yourself in comments your still talking about yourself….

  2. * I'm really happy I got so far under your skin …that you just can't let it go…in the last frontier between your ears…keep stewing & stressing …gottaluv the stupidity…this is just entertainment for me…deep down you know I'm right….see ya

  3. I have read Eckhart Tolle"s books. They are awesome. "Red Hot and Holy: a Heretics Love Story" sounds pretty saucy! I am working my way through the Kryon books. That is probably 6 months of reading material for me. By then I hope we'll all be ascended. If not, I hope the Golden Age has been ushered in and we are all living our dreams.

  4. Forgot to mention that I have also read Kavassilas' "Our Universal Journey" and David Wilcock's "The Source Field Investigations". Both these two books i found to be very contrasting; one is a compilation of external research & scientific evidence, while the other is a sharing of intuitive & experiential knowledge & wisdom; I must say, "The Sourcefield Investigations" really appealed to my earthly & cosmic egos A LOT, while the other mostly resonated with my heart ^^

  5. Even if this is all made up BS. His stories are awesome!! I cant wait to see many seasons on TV. If it is real.. I am a few years/lifetimes away from comprehending what that would mean.

  6. This is interesting because one cannot access another's Akashic records without that persons consent. Andrew isn't the only person who can do this and his version doesn't line up completely with other who can do this too. He seems to have a mishmash of other people's concepts and pieced them together. Maybe that's why he doesn't have a book out because he'd be plagiarizing? Just saying.I also find it interesting that the spirit world is so full of deception and war and so on like he explains. Sounds more like human qualities not highly spiritual entities. But maybe I just don't understand quite yet how it all works. If u read a book like conversations with God, Andrews concepts don't fit in on what the purpose of humanity truly is.

  7. I'm with you anon 5:57. These shysters just change their names when the first name has been proven to be a liar. After the 2012 fiasco, why are they all still believed? It's all about generating revenue. Some of these people like Sage shouldn't continue to be so gullible after getting burned so many times so they must be part of the con.

  8. 6:50 I agree with you. I have read that its forbidden to access another's Akashic records without the prior consent of the person concerned so this man doesn't sit comfortably with me from that perspective.

  9. Anon 6:50 That's not exactly what Andrew is doing. He has Gaia's permission to access Gaia's history. And it is fascinating to hear these stories. When Andrew does an individual reading, he gets the individual's permission to read their Akashic record. As I recall, the Akashic record is the Book of Life. We can all read anyone else's Akashic record when we learn how to. I understand it is available for our learning and growth as a time saver so that we don't have to incarnate so many millions of times. Gaining the experience of others is what is valuable.We've never heard this information before. So is it true? I don't know. But I'm considering it. I am open to it being true. At some point we will all know if it's true or not. I read all of the Conversations With God books and loved them. But I don't think Neal Donald Walsh is 100% accurate. He has his own slant to his writings and I think his ego got in there a few times. I think the true purpose of humanity is still being revealed to us. We are here to ascend and help the whole Universe ascend in the process. How can we possibly understand our purpose before our ascension? A Galactic Historian is a new idea for all of us. If he is the real deal, he deserves our thoughtful consideration. The 10 hours of video is a lot and I will go back and watch it again.

  10. There's a difference in being able to read everyone's Akashic record and having PERMISSION. Yes you are correct Akashic record is the Book of Life. You can access your own during meditation.Everyone has their own slant on things, it come with the territory, so to speak! You've answered your own question Sage! 'How can we possibly understand our purpose before ascension?' Our purpose is to be here now and help with the process, as you said! Sometimes things are a lot simpler than we expect ;)General question – how many other galactic historians are there? Anyone know?

  11. He is not talking about the organic universe but more he is unraveling the synthetic matrix we have been living in which is a technological controlled holographic false light. He is explaining how it works, mimicking the organic universe but purely for control and limitation. Even though it is contained in the 4th dimension it mimics our organic star systems as if it were composed of 12 or 13 dimensions but it leads to a dead end. So he is describing how they did it, how they tricked us through contracts and religion and how we can free ourselves by declaring our sovereign individual freedom and through love instead of fear we can dream sleep the collective human consciousness into the true organic reality where the moon and star systems are very different. Also the limiting notion of an asteroid belt does not really exist.That's just a short imperfect summary of where he s coming from in contrast to Chris Thomas who deals only with the organic universal akashic records.It gets very complicated when you look at multidimensional time wars and time jumping over the last 50 million years.

  12. Hey P and Linx,I didn't realize this but a few months ago someone sent me some info on Andrew. Was that you P? I actually had some of his earlier radio shows downloaded and it was on my computer and my phone. I just forgot to listen but I guess it is the "right" time for more info to come forth from another perspective aka Andrew. I am up to part 17 at this moment and am very impressed with the information presented but….. I did not resonate with all the material presented by Andrew. At least for me there was some truth as it pertains to my reality and some that I did not take as truth. The TIME WARS he talks about is amazing and like others have mentioned would make one Epic Sci Movie! LOL!

  13. I'm confused a bit here. Andrew said when he was 9 he was at some ball game and then downloaded everyone's records that was at the game. If you need permission to access the records I'm confused at how he was allowed to do this. I listed to a different interview where he took a caller and the caller asked about another person but he said he can't open their records without consent. So how did he get info for the people at the game? I think I missed something.

  14. Or there's another possibility he's telling fibs 😉 You gotta have a good memory ones you start down that road. Use a bit of critical thinking and you soon spot inconsistencies.People are still so easily lead, its unbelievable. We are supposed to be waking up but here we are acting like this guy is the best thing ever! Where's his proof that all the things he's saying are true? It does indeed have the makings of a good sci-fi series.

  15. Cld it possible Prime Creator hd permitted Andrew to download everyones Akashic records at d ball game…coz we hv bn blocked off of d truth…stripped of full brain functionality…3rd eye hijacked…dna preprogramed at prebirth…given d fact we r being used like whore (reincarnation after reincarnation) so they can feed off of our energy…helps finally arrived to end this ancient game of chess they play with our soul destination n sovereignty as a free willed incarnates…his revokations of all tat has stolen our soul rites r very powerful indeed ???

  16. I heard these 15 morons had placed electromagnetic cages over all, on a cosmic scale…whch means even d Sun is caged…d true Sun trapped inside d humangous cage to my understanding is liquid lite…whch wld mean tis universe is not meant to be of sound n electro BS…whch is wat they hide from d mass.

  17. I can tell you this about as close to the truth as you will ever find out there. If you can’t even look passed the instrument that’s delivering the message then you’ve already lost. Yours is the destiny is of reincarnation.

    You will never find salvation outside of yourself, you’ll never find salvation unless you’re ready to look within and ask yourself whether you’re really just the series of memories and emotional experiences you’ve been programmed to be.

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