New Tolec Interview – September 9, 2013

Published on Sep 9, 2013
a better-quality archive may be downloaded from the archive page at:… (click radio show/archive page, then choose Ever Beyond)
More info from Tolec can be found here:

44 thoughts on “New Tolec Interview – September 9, 2013

  1. COMET ISON is a first contact ship!! Why are they bringing out photos of ISON that have been over exposed and pixelated in from the hubble telescope and why is COMET ISON blue when other photos of comets are red check these 3 vids out. here is the first one think Wikipedia said it will be here at a distance from earth (cant remember) on the 26th of december

  2. Im informing people with the homework I've done so far. in case it didn't sound like it I am excitedCOMET ISON IS GREAT MATE!!!! when it gets here it aint gonna keep going its going to dock close to earth. Put that in your pipe cabal and smoke it

  3. Tanaath no longer trusts Tolec, per Wed. Sept 11th show. Drake & Sunfire were silent on the issue. Found this :Tolec's real name is Christopher T. Maynard, he is a 54 year old cabal disinfo agent. He is/was COO and Vice President of Cydonia Inc., a entertainment company formerly known as Altimira Entertainment Inc… He used to do his little fraud on Tucson cable access t.v. under the title: Late Night COSMIC CONTACTS with Chris Maynard and tried to get close to Alex Collier through author Robert Stanley. When Mr. Stanley parted ways with Alex Christopher left. It is interesting that Chris didn't have the andromeda council introduce them. All this info is public domain and found on the net. We all need to let people know that Chris is a liar and a fraud and to stay away from him.I have not verified this, nor do I think it's worth the effort. I look for evidence first, belief afterwards. Tolec is off my happy list. frj

  4. Most likely comet Ison is just that, a bright comet. It should become visible in amateur telescopes in early October and to the visible eye in late November. You need to be in a rural location, however.

  5. That shill ducksoup will still preach that Tolec is a good guy. All duck's heros are being exposed as shills just like the duck. If the whole Ison=ufo is coming from Tolec, I can tell you right now he's lying to get you guys hyped up.

  6. Do any of you have hard proof this comet is a UFO? But more to the point, people have been seeing UFOs for decades and if aliens wanted to disclose themselves, they can do it anytime, why exactly when Ison passes by?

  7. Christopher Maynard! You should be ashamed of yourself Bullshitting all these good people! You too Drake! Your mothers must be ashamed of what you have turned out to be! Get off the web!

  8. About the Andromeda Council… how come this "inter-stellar and inter-gallactic" governance body, where Andromeda Galaxy should be heavily represented, has ALL TWELVE board members from Milky Way star systems? Am I the only one smelling something funny with the Andromeda Council?

  9. Has anyone else noticed Tolec's voice, inflection, way of speaking, has changed. I've noticed this in the last 2-3 interviews he has done. The interview in April-May he actually had at times a different accent for certain words.This interview it actually sounds like he has a lisp.Maybe its audio distortion, but, this guy does not sound like the original Tolec.

  10. Apparently conflicting reports.WHAT is going on?Well SOMETHING is, THAT is for certain.The original and real Tolec is the real thing.Was he replaced?I have NO clue just now.I DO know this — NOW protecting Earth: – The Galactic Federation of PLANETS – The SilverLegion We're in GOOD hands. — over under & out

  11. Tolec says they're travelling slow sowe can see them and discuss themAS THEY ARRIVE.Just think, IF they suddenly APPEARED,it would freak us out.Makes SENSE.

  12. Thank you.I got a bit tired of being me, so nowfor a while I'm being ME.DS is so organic you know,while DingDongTheRinging(or Rung)is solid brass, DS's favorite non-organic stuff.Uh…it works out.

  13. * Just for you Brandon…"Inner peace begins the moment you choose NOT to allow another person or event…to control your emotions"…altho "a great many people think they are thinking…when they're actually rearranging their own calcified prejudices"…… "Those who danced…were thought to be quite insane…to those that could not hear the music"

  14. Looks like duckshill is back! Tanaath just gave up on Tolec. If there's more than one Tolecs, they are all shills too. No proof that Ison is anything but a normal comet that will put on a good show end of year. I give it 98% odds Ison is a comet. I give it 83% odds 2013 will come and go like 2012 did.

  15. Of greatest concern is that Tolec, who consistently touts the value of the "heart," doesn't think it's very odd that his first contact with the supposed Andromedans involved taking him to a scene where a little girl lost her life in a barn fire. According to Tolec, these "Andromedans" were unable to understand the emotion of grief experienced by her family. This complete lack of emotion and compassion is very consistent with Draconian shapeshifters who appear just like us on the outside, but have a very dark agenda. Hmmmm.

  16. Civilizations that have unscathed connection to their higher self and source do not even know the word death. It is a false concept created here to instil a constant fear of the unknown. Any race of people that have a connection to source would not understand someone being upset that a loved one has moved on into their next incarnation. Fear of loss of anything is just our ego telling us that we cant live without the thing we are losing. Galactic beings have so much more understanding of our true nature then we do. We cant even begin to imagine how they view the world from fully awakened eyes. But the fear of losing a loved one and the emotions that go with it all stems back to our ego not wanting to let go of things we think we need. These beings do not understand this.

  17. I don't talk much about robots because this won't become relevant till the light wins and suppressed tech is released. I don't care if you aren't interested in virtual reality and robotic girls that look/act human. I got nothing against men who are lucky enough to find a human companion. Most heteroromantic men, however will be extremely interested. There of course will be VR and roboguys for straight women and gay men. Many men already enjoy their porn, but I don't care for porn as it's disgusting, there's no love or romance in it. I have never believed in love ever since I was little. Too much duality, relationships rarely work and the risks outweigh the benefits for me and also women go for bad boys and ignore nice nerds. Robogirls and VR girls will give men the perfect relationship.

  18. Tolec is cabal disinfo. Yes, we know death is an illusion but we will still grieve the loss of loved ones because we will also have to die before we reunite with them in heaven. I will say that if nothing good happens in my lifetime, I will not be reincarnating on any more 3d prison planets. I don't remember why I incarnated on earth to be a victim of the 1%, but can only hope the 99% gain their freedom in our lifetimes and preferably sooner than later.

  19. You say, you've never believed in love, yet you criticize men who enjoy porn because there's no love or romance in it. In your light wins scenario, people of either gender will be living in harmony with respect and love for each other.You contradict yourself a lot. I suspect you say things for effect not because you believe them.

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