Assad: Syria to hand over chem arms in 1 month, only if US drops strike plans

Syrian President Bashar Assad (AFP Photo/SANA)

Syrian President Bashar Assad (AFP Photo/SANA)

Syria will start handing over information on its chemical weapons to international groups a month after it signs the Chemical Weapons Convention, President Bashar Assad has told a Russian TV channel.

Damascus has agreed to a Russia proposal to put its chemical weapons stockpiles under international control.

“Syria is handing over its chemical weapons under international supervision because of Russia,” Assad said in an interview with state-run news channel Rossiya-24. “The US threats did not influence the decision.”

Within days Damascus promises to submit to the United Nations all documents required for joining the chemical weapons ban treaty. A month after Syria signs the Chemical Weapons Convention it will start handing over information on chemical weapons to international organizations.

“I believe the agreement will come into force a month after the signing and Syria will start submitting data on its chemical weapons stockpile to international organizations. These are standard procedures and we are going to stick to them,” he said.  

Meanwhile, the UN says that it has received a letter from Syria on the country’s intention to join the treaty banning the production of chemical arms, their stockpiling and use. The Syrian government’s letter of accession is being translated, AP cited UN associate spokesman Farhan Haq as saying Thursday. Signing the letter accession begins the process for a country to become party to the international agreement, the official said.

“It doesn’t mean that Syria will sign the documents, fulfill the obligations and that’s it. It’s a bilateral process aimed, first of all, at making the US stop pursuing its policy of threats against Syria,” Assad said, adding that a lot would also depend on the extent to which Russia’s proposal is accepted.

“Terrorists are trying to provoke American strike against Syria,” Assad said. Rebel forces are receiving chemical weapons from abroad, he added. 

Syrian President Bashar Assad (Still from Rossia-24 video)
Countries that provide “terrorists” with chemical weapons should be held accountable, Assad said.
We should thoroughly investigate the [chemical weapons used in the attack] to discover their components and which side used them,” Assad said. 
All states claim that they do not cooperate with terrorists, but we know for sure that the West provides them with logistical support,” he said, adding that the West and some countries in the region, including Turkey and Saudi Arabia, “maintain direct contacts with terrorists and supply them with all kinds of arms.

Both the Syrian government and rebel forces have blamed each other for the chemical weapon attack in a Damascus suburb on August 21.

Talking to the Russian TV channel, Assad reiterated that the US has failed to present evidence that the Syrian government was behind the incident.

No country in the Middle East, including Israel, should possess weapons of mass destruction, Assad said. That would protect the region and the world from devastating and expensive wars in future, he said.

“If we want stability in the Middle East, all the countries in the region should stick to [international] agreements,” Assad said. “And Israel is the first state that should do so, since Israel possessed nuclear, chemical, biological and all other kinds of weapons of mass destruction.”

The president recalled that a project on the elimination of WMD had been proposed, but the US opposed it “to allow Israel” to have such weapons. 

Any kind of a war against Syria would “destroy the entire region” and lead to decades of instability in the Middle East, Assad said.

Syria is making serious efforts so that our country and other states in the region will not be involved in a new crazy war that some proponents of the war in the US are trying to unleash in the Middle East,” he said.

Earlier in the week, RT, citing unnamed sources, reported that rebels could launch a chemical attack on Israel by from government-controlled territories as a “major provocation.” Assad did not rule out such a scenario.  Toxic agents “were used against Syrian Army soldiers and civilians” and that therefore rebel forces did have these weapons, he said.
Everyone is aware that terrorist groups and those who control them are trying to provoke an American strike. Earlier, they attempted to draw Israel into the Syrian crisis,” Assad said.

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (R) shows the way to his Syrian counterpart Walid Moualem during a meeting in Moscow September 9, 2013. (Reuters/Sergei Karpukhin)
On Monday, as the White House was pushing for congressional approval of the military strike against the Syrian regime, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov urged Damascus to put its stockpile of chemical weapons under international control.

Moscow also called on the Syrian government to join the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. 

Syria accepted the proposal and agreed to sign the Chemical Weapons Convention. 

Moscow’s initiative was also welcomed in Washington. President Barack Obama urged the US Congress to postpone a vote to authorize military action, and said he was seeking a diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict. 

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, accompanied by groups of experts, are scheduled to meet in Geneva late Thursday to discuss in detail Moscow’s plan to dispose of Syrian chemical weapons.

11 thoughts on “Assad: Syria to hand over chem arms in 1 month, only if US drops strike plans

  1. I wonder whether the ´perceived´ enemy is truly cornered. What if a war breaks out and the cabal turns out to be a front organization of much more powerful interests? The general rule is and always remains that times do not change. Times are made to change…by the elite. During every age people proclaim that the inequity of the current system will not continue much longer with as argument that the ´times are changing´. The myriad of connected think tanks and front organizations will make times change indeed. Every minute detail is carefully planned out and its exact effect measured beforehand. So I wonder….even if the USA and China/Russia and a host of other countries go to war…..would it accomplish anything at all or does it merely mean that ALL sides have been played as fools? A Masonic checkerboard is black and white to symbolize both sides controlled by a third and complete unseen force: the grey. So I question the extent to which in particular the Worshipful Company of Mercers and the Worshipful Company of Fuellers (this last has major influence over the military industrial complex and the global energy sector) of the City of London are to blame. Furthermore I question the extent to which the Jesuits are to blame. No other time in history witnessed a Jesuit Pope. No other time in history witnessed the stepping down of a Jesuit Superior General. Hans Kolvenbach is still in the Middle East and it is truly an absolute chaos there with this Lord of Chaos present there. All war is deception. Being but one step behind in a chess game will ensure defeat. I question whether the intelligence we have is up to date enough to take on the most powerful intelligentsia in the world.Even the AIDS spin story is created by a Knight of Malta. Again another road that leads to Rome and more specifically the Vatican. Watch the documentary ¨House of Numbers¨ to see much of the real story behind AIDS. AIDS is first class quackery. A lie used to cover up hard drugs usage in the USA (which does lower one´s immunity system), to generate funds for black ops and for additional depopulation purposes via supposed ´treatment´. I consider it quintessential to follow the money as Karen Hudes suggests. If trillions of PP, WGS and GCR money has disappeared, then it seems to suggest that a more major player has not been uncovered yet. One who possibly pulls the true strings.More information about a variety of topics discussed above and related matters: from

  2. Hello 6:17 am, Which is why I am a skeptic and rightfully so. People think I am a troll or shill for refusing to eat any more hopium. We have yet to see proof of mass arrests or disclosure and no one knows when or if this will happen. It's not just me, but most people are also skeptics who are facing doubts and fear of the unknown, they also get labeled as shills and trolls. Whatever happened to free speech where one can speak his mind without labels? If 2012 is a cabal hoax and every other date has also come and gone, I guess no one truly knows when/if anything good will happen. Right now it seems the eastern faction of the cabal is going to throw the western faction under the bus so they can appear as "saviors" and be the ones in power. I truly do hope enough people are awake to see this chess game for what it is. Even people like Jean/Keenan say there will not be a reset and no free ride and we will still have to work hard. Sounds just like slavery 2.0 to me.

  3. [Anon 6:17] To Anon @ 11:25 I didn't write that post – I thought it was an interesting point of view worthy of being seen by a wider audience. It was written by 'Saturnalia' – sorry I did not include that originally, my bad. If you want to discuss with him/her you'll have to go to the blog at the link which I DID post lol!

  4. Humanity has a chance to defeat the cabal, but it's up to positive aliens to keep negative aliens away because humanity will be no match for an alien invasion and their superior technology. I did read positive aliens are helping us.

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