Bix Weir Update – September 9, 2013

You can’t make this stuff up…although they are!
The US Congress will hold their very first vote on the Syria situation on SEPTEMBER 11TH!
Make no mistake…as identified in Roota’s “Wishes and Rainbows” comic coming directly out of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston who clearly identifies 9-11 as the REASON the Banking Cabal is being taken out at this moment in history. I’m dead serious…
(..not to mention the Islamic Crescent Moon and peace flower)
The Road to Roota or the Implementation of a new Gold Standard
Everything is lined up for the destruction of the banking cabal and the return of our sovereign rights in the United States (as well as many other countries). We are taking back our COUNTRY and there is NOTHING that can stop us now!!
Having said that…make your voice heard in the Halls of Congress by signing Rand Paul’s anti-war with Syria petition here:
War is one of the very last of the Bankster’s bullets and it’s coming down to US or THEM on Wednesday.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

4 thoughts on “Bix Weir Update – September 9, 2013

  1. I guess this is for military people , and I dint really know where to post my thoughts .For the most part the people in the countries our war machine has destroyed are just like you and I , they work , they have families, they have friends , and yet a lot of them have our weapons pointed at them ….why , think about how you would feel if you were half way around the world and there was some soldier pointing his weapon at you mother , sister , daughter ,brother ? And you were somewhere you had really no business being and weren't there to protect your wife and kids. Imagine this …..if we get to marshal law and they round us up into FEMA CAMPS….. You stand guard against people who did nothing wrong. And at the same time there is a soldier dong the same thing to your family ….ask yourself where you would rather be ? Our government can't keep killing people that have noting to do with their bullshit reasons for fighting without you doing their dirty work . They sit in their fancy office's and make all the money while you guys live in hellish conditions fighting so they can make more money and don't care how many of you never make it home , no country we have been to war with in the past 50 years posed a direct threat to the US . You should be holding up the part of your oath that states you will protect us from enemies domestic….because that is where the the direct threat to the citizens of the USA is…..right here in our own front yard. I hope someone who know how to make this open letter more public will do so ….J.Humm

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