RTS: SWISSINDO and ITCCS and the case of the exploding head

SWISSINDO and ITCCS and the case of the exploding head

While most of the time I refrain from the “He said” “She said” type crap that proliferates the Internet, occasionally something get’s posted that jacks up my ire so much that I HAVE to respond ….. otherwise my head might explode.

These were brought to my attention about 15 minutes ago.  After I cleaned up the floor from all the exploding brain matter, I decided that I would finally address this openly and with full transparency.

Here is the first link for those of you who haven’t read it yet:


THEN DONATE NOW! We require funding for the One People, by the
One People, no matter how small! Take the first step and make a commitment
even if you are still too afraid to speak or step forward.
There is a new system rolling out. Go to http://www.i-uv.com;……

Before we even remotely delve into any of the finer details I want to make this perfectly clear to anyone out there that has read this and started scratching their heads:

The OPPT- The One People’s Public Trust, nor the Trustees of the OPPT are involved with either ITCCS nor SWISSINDO.  Now…. I haven’t been able to get a hold of Randall Hilner yet, but I just got off the phone with Caleb Skinner who has verified for 100% without a doubt that he has never asked for a single donation and he never had contact with anyone from these perceived organizations.   I know for an absolute FACT that Heather has not asked for or received any donations and has nothing to do with ITCCS nor (no matter how much they want her to) SWISSINDO.

So, if someone sends you a link or a document asking for donations on behalf of OPPT…… go tell them to jump in the lake.

As for the actual logistics of this ridiculousness…… OPPT was reconciled, along with all other Trusts, and the Trustees have retired from serving the now defunct One People’s Public Trust.  So, as the OPPT no longer EXISTS…… they can’t actually receive donations ANYWAY!!!!

The next document that was brought to my attention is this one that was released last night:


Next, my questions and comments on these documents:

– As the OPPT is no longer in existence, who is taking in donations under that former Trusts name?

– The only donations info is for the ITCCS and it gives a bank account number- WHY is the ITCCS asking for money/donations?

– Since when has ITCCS had anything to do with SWISSINDO and/or the UCC filings that were made by the OPPT trustees and then used by SWISSINDO to further their own political agenda?

– If the ITCCS needs money then why doesn’t Mr. Sino just release some of it to them?….. oh wait! 

– As the Donations paper sets out that all debts (in only South Africa?) are to be wiped out by the end of September, then WHY do they need donations?

– …. ask for money then they have the gall to say right on the document that uninformed questions just waste time?!    Seriously?!?   *thud*

– SWISSINDO has never asked for or received any permission to make any statements/demands/negotiations to the United Nations on behalf of OPPT or it’s Trustees.  Any Statements/demands/negotiations that SWISSINDO has made to ANYONE is solely based on their own actions and the actions of those people working with the perceived SWISSINDO  group.

Here’s my take on all of this:  we KNOW that we are the Value.  We KNOW that our Value is exponentially and perpetually increasing as we each DO for the betterment of humanity and our planet….. yet SWISSINDO wants to  limit the Value to a monetary/financial tool and limit the amount of funds that each person is to have to a mere $6million with monthly limitations on how that money is to be handed out, and to set up 5 new kingdoms with rulers to oversee the governance of our planet (my interpretation of all the info I’ve received over the past few months).  Who gave SWISSINDO the RIGHT to hand out OUR Value?  Who gave SWISSINDO the RIGHT to choose rulers and to set up “new governance” on OUR behalf?

Yea……. bite me.

Anyway, I’m tired today and trying to cook dinner for my family so I probably should of written this when I wasn’t hungry and grumpy, but……. Oh well.

In Closing, I would like to thank everyone involved in these documents for so fully and transparently outing themselves and their agendas.  I love Transparency and I love you.

Thank you for playing your role so well.


10 thoughts on “RTS: SWISSINDO and ITCCS and the case of the exploding head

  1. Sorry to inform you D, but the brains exploded out of your head a long time ago when you bought in to this OPPT crap. Will you ever reach the point where you can admit you were wrong and your powers of discernment were at an all time low when you jumped head first into OPPT?

  2. I think she knew OPPT was a scam, but she could not resist all that easy money she gets from the OPPT scam and working for cabal Heather. She preaches that good guys are winning but from the looks of it, she probably doesn't believe what she says. If the Syrian war happens, we will know all the hopium on the net was nothing more than false hope.

  3. Another Tweet from D. at the center of the OPPT black hole…You guys are so over. It's laughable how you continue to pump out hot air. It's also pathetic.Best thing you can do now is quietly restore yourself to anonymity. Anything else will only reinforce your intellectual bankruptcy.Goodbye.

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