One World Of Nations Blog: Syria- In a war based on ignorance and duplicity, which people die for Lies?

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Syria- In a war based on ignorance and duplicity, which people die for Lies?

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The eyes of the world are upon you, those who would be Kings, but are they fit for purpose? History judges not. This is a way over the top reaction, inciting and releasing ever more Middle Eastern Terrorism, backing the wrong horse for a fast buck and unleashing hell among neighbours. Will US Foreign Policy ever get it right?

Who gives the US the right to bypass the UN and be above the law? Another Classic US Cluster F! SNAFU- again! The consequences will now hit the US by real stealth. Huge dangers stalk the world. Gung Ho US Hegemony exacerbates it all. There will be blood!

One World of Nations
7 September 2013 

What is now unfolding is not a battle for supremacy, but sordid saga of chicanery, with lethal risks. This irrational Buccaneering action to destabilize yet another Arab nation has united the big dog nations like never before. The same US Agency and Cabal Dogs of War who fund and arm the al Qaida Insurgents to slaughter civilians will find a horrendous lash back to this misjudgement. Empire ending for them, but it could be LIFE ENDING FOR YOU! Ignorance and stupidity protects no one. What of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Mogadishu, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Libya. Can they get one right alone? Has there ever been a more inept and crooked Empire than Washington?

Cyber Wars and HAARP will wreak havoc on America for this. 

They Lie- YOU DIE! 
Russia is being forced into play by the Agency strategists, who, true to form, will unleash hell on earth as ever. Every corner, another lie is exposed. But this time, it WILL get very personal and Russia, backed by China and Iran, will retaliate with YOU ALL being used by the US Cabal as just disposable Pawns to be cast aside in this Chess Board Game for YOUR LIVES!

This may be the Alamo that gets you all focused to say no more and act. Who does Bush Sr call the Useless Eaters? Who do the Tri Laterals want dead as vast population reduction? 

The report we are releasing for you, is a calm, clear and rational assessment of the mess unfolding and the history of realities. We are neither supportive to Russia nor Syria, but observant of facts, true historical sequences, and cognisant of the real Mongrels playing humanity to the brink of this needless, unfounded war and possible Holocaust. We need to stop these mad dogs in DC and Israel. Otherwise, a lot of decent, innocent Judaic Jews, who have also lived in peace for centuries with their many surrounding Arab neighbour will also become victims of more Zionist aggression. Jews and Arabs do co-exist in peace and harmony. Zionists do not. Israel is not Zionist land.

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2 thoughts on “One World Of Nations Blog: Syria- In a war based on ignorance and duplicity, which people die for Lies?

  1. Post and reply of the month found under this article at source. LOL!Jehemev 7 September 2013 20:20What is the role of the Galactic in all of this? We will see in the following weeks.ReplyRepliesVlastimil8 September 2013 02:30Jehemev In my opinion, we await actually for hobbits to rise from NewYorkshire, they will overthrow cabals and we will live happy after everyone driving Bentley.Whatever you take from my respond…, sorry reality hits hard.

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