Mountain Goat Update – September 7, 2013 Everyone,

I have a headache today. Yesterday I had a very long and informative yet disturbing conversation with one of my dear friends from one of your intelligence organizations. I really take no pleasure today in having to post this information but it does relate directly to our investment in the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. This post has direct bearing as to why this revaluation has been held up so many times. I know of no reason why my contact would lie to me. We have mutual friends.

Hope you don’t mind but this is going to be one of my very long post again. So put on your reading  There is just so much news and I feel it is now more urgent more than ever to share this with you. You must understand what is really going on in the background.

Today, as I compose this post, I sit at the edge of a cliff. It is a rocky cliff, I am in the Alpine mountains once again and I can overlook my entire Bavarian village in below. I came to this point because this is where I do most of my heavy thinking. The kind of thinking needed to find a way  I can relate all this news to you fine people. Yes…. I have my lap top and my two daughters who also hiked up with me today.  They are playing in the meadow behind me and I can hear them giggling and having fun. I only wish that everyone could experience the joy that these two kinder bring me. Anyhow let’s get down to our business of today.

It is most important to address some issues in dealing with Syria, the government of Iraq and how all these entities effect the Iraq currency revaluation. I will tell you about some deceptions and some lies that have been perpetrated on us and the Iraq people. I had to do a bit of detective work, investigation and phone calls to get this information but I got it.   I will try to tell my news in a chronological order as a story so it makes sense to you. There are so many twists and turns  in this plot that it may make you sick to your stomach. It reminds me of a brown bear clawing its prey until it no longer moves.

Let me add that I believe your President  Mr. Obama  has been chosen for this job.   He has chosen the “road most taken”. He loves being in the White House, traveling, diplomacy and the glamour and prestige of being the president of the United States. It is unfortunate for the entire world too that he can not put all this aside and live up to some basic ethical principles. Seems maybe he too has sold his soul to the devil.  He was technically elected into his position by popular vote however in reality he was supported and sent there by the elite.  You see- he must report to a second layer of government. He is just a figure head just like the queen of England is for Great Britain but maybe a little more power for civil decisions that don’t concern the elite’s plans. He is told to run his country but don’t cross the line. He is like an old fashion English governor from the 1700’s taking care of his colony. Unfortunately this is not the way it is supposed to be. Right ?  What is going on here?

Last week president Obama looked at all the options with Syria and made a decision not to engage with that country through the planned saturation bombings. He was concerned about the potential for any innocent lives that might be lost. He decided to try  another approach and he was dead against this proposed bombings scenario. I know this for a fact. This other approach I will reveal to you at this time. This other approach was presented to the top level and was not accepted. They wanted more immediate results since the timeline now for Syria is running the clock. They already tried it another way over the last year but with no final conclusions. They are growing impatient. President Obama is also getting pressure from some other people to stick to ”the  plan”. They think they need this war and will have their final results. It is a shame the US is going to use the remainder of its wealth to conduct this war. This is one last desperate attempt for imperialism to plunder the riches of this region.

After getting this information I said to myself- who the hell runs the country of  the USA anyhow? I thought you guys elected a president to make the final security decisions of your nation based on sound intelligence from all the cabinet members not some secret elite society.

Any kind of action from any country on Syria would be illegal without the UN Security Council permission.  They have tried and tried to negotiate with Syria already. This phase is now over.  They do not have much oil or other valuable resources in any quantity. So why are they so concerned about Syria.  It can also easily be used as a strategic staging areas for the logistics and air bases they will need for a later full scale invasion of first Lebanon and then Iran (if they do not tote the line). They plan once again to use the Iranian nuclear buildup as their focus for this action later. They will use terrorist camps as an excuse to bomb Lebanon and this will escalate. For now Syria is the main focus.

This will be their crisis to get US citizens all concerned to go along with this attack when the time comes. So they think. They have already primed the pump. Have you been hearing about this saran gas attacks yet in your news? It is now a know fact that these gas attacks were mostly fabricated and the limited gassing was done with old saran gas with limited effects. Most of the dead shown on you news were bodies shot from prior rebel actions. It is known that the rebels are responsible not Assad’s government. Units of B-2 bombers have already been relocated and bombs with nuclear warheads also have been relocated. It seems actions are already underway. When will the bombs begin to drop?  Obama is supposed to have a speech to the world on the topic next Tuesday.

Here is the important statement to remember – it is not now about just invading Syria and then backing off as they did with Iraq and waiting for he 10 years as they have done. This time they are going after three countries and this game plan includes all three. This is going to be a long war. Expect long gasoline lines and expensive gasoline. Expect the cost of heating oil too to rise. Also consider this – will the US actually be attacked in this war? Is this actually what they want to happen? I believe this is a real possibility that the US will be bombed during this war.

By the way  I do not think they plan to return to this region again after Syria with all their equipment and soldiers. They are not openly saying it now but I really think they are going after three birds with one stone – Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

They also have plans to reinstate the DRAFT once this Syrian conflict  goes into full swing and a major ground attack begins with boots on the ground.   I think this will be a long war and they will need all the warm bodies they can get. Lets hope they stay warm.

Let not forget about Israel and Turkey.  They also made promises to USA to support them in this effort and I think they will keep their part of the bargain. I am not sure on their full commitment yet and how they play into all this. I am researching this now.

Once Syria, Lebanon and Iran are neutralized there is a part of the overall “plan” to use the Muslims and spread them throughout strategic areas of the world to do the dirty work of the elite. They are good for this and the elite knows they are easily bribed, easy to brainwash and they know that they can do the dirty work necessary. I will not get into this dirty work yet, but if allowed and we have time before the RV, I may. Pay attention to the large influx of Muslims into your country. Look for the mosque being erected in very conspicuous places. This is being done intentionally. I already see it in Germany. Do you already begin to see it in your country?  I am telling you this not because I do not like the Muslims. I am telling you because this because this is part of the big plan and if you pay attention you don’t have to take my word for it. You can see for yourself.  Of course you can always ask you gov’t why so many Muslims all of a sudden.

How does this effect our IQD investment?

Everything is related. It is very difficult for me to just give you a date and rate without telling the whole story. This is not a short story and it is a story about some bad people doing bad things and how they kept stalling the RV.  Are you ready?  I hope I don’t scare anyone in the process. I have written this almost word for word as I received it.

Here is the story

Remember all these articles and events coming in the news about  Iraq over the past couple years. These events did not just happen by incident. There is a reason for everything. Connect the pieces and the picture of the puzzle suddenly and almost weirdly becomes clear. Of course having someone at the top levels telling me the story helps too…lol…We will see clearly now.

Let me explain. If you have been paying attention over the last couple years what did we see happen in Iraq? How is this relevant with what is now happening in Syria?  I will show you.

First we read about the number one terrorist in the Iraq prison system “The Duke”. He got released and this release was supported by the prime minister Nori Al Maliki .  He did not escape he was released. We all hated Maliki for this and we said he was a crazy man. We all wondered just how he got away with this and how this guy could just walk away so easily. The occupying US special forces helped put him in prison. In fact the US wanted to take him back to the USA to stand trail but Iraq at the time said they would do it and it would set an example to all people not to join terrorist organizations. Almost 10 years later still no trial. Did the US make a stink when he was let go? Nope ! Where is “the Duke” today?  Read on I will tell you.

Next we read about the two recent prison breakouts around and in Baghdad. Originally they said in the news there were 1,500 prisoners. I remember. Am I going crazy? Do you remember? Then all of sudden the story was changed to only 500. Why? Cause that is all they conveniently managed  to catch and return to prison. These are the ones they wanted to catch. A show of vigilance and “good work”, a  pat on the back! Kudos! Was this just to satisfy the people? Did in fact another 1,000 prisoners just disappear. I also remember them hijacking a number of buses and execution style killing the drivers and driving away. Never heard this version of the story again. None of these prisoners were recaptured.

Where do you think they went ?

I know for a fact the Duke was let go to begin new terrorist operations in Syria. This is what he does. This was partof the plan. They wanted to see if the terrorists (rebles) could take down Assad. They were attempting to do this without getting the USA offically/publically involved. The  group of 1,500 prisoners were actually let go at his request. Since when does a terrorist make requests? How did Maliki communicate with the Duke once he was out of prison?

Now we see the reason for breaking them out of prison in the first place? It all ties together. How did Maliki plan and orchestrate it? Did someone tell him to do it?

I am hearing he was given a direct order from the US gov’t CIA to do.

So why is he still the PM since he aided and embedded terrorists?

Seems to me he committed treason according to Iraq law. The worst crime and punishable by death according to Iraq law.

What the heck is going on here?

So these prisoners where transported to join the Duke in Syria to fight Assad !  Of course now I get it. Do you? This was the plan and it was Sec of State John Kerry’s visit to talk to Maliki that solidified the plan even more. We all thought he came over to Iraq to reprimand and to spank Maliki for all the bad things he had been doing -didn’t we?…we have all been taken for suckers !

Read on it gets even juicier.

So these terrorists were let out of prison and it was a plan orchestrated not so much from Maliki but by the USA. Surprise surprise, surprise!  I am beginning to sound like Gomer Pyle USMC,,,lol…
This is where is gets interesting. It was made to look like a breakout. Maliki was and still is their patsy. This is why he will never be tried for his crimes or leave his position as prime minister until he has done all the dirty work necessary for the USA. The USA is protecting him.  They may need him again for yet more prison breaks or god only knows what. We have not yet seen the RV since they need him around and since the deal was that he leaves 30 days post RV they must hold up the RV unless they make another deal. I have not yet heard of any more deals in this matter but with all the pressure building I am keeping my eyes wide open for it. This could be a sign they had enough and are willing to sacrifice living with Maliki till 2014 in lieu of getting there RV. If for some strange reason this RV goes into 2014 and no new deal is made than it will only confirm what I have just said. Personally I can’t imagine how they could let this go that long.

Here is how it all began
Remember all this stuff about a no–confidence vote in 2012 beginning around the April timeframe?  It was all real and they intended to take Maliki out then and then go with the RV in July.  Remember the influx of all those articles? They didn’t write all that stuff for nothing. They really intended to go through with it. We really could have had our RV in July…no kidding !  Talibani was leading the effort to get rid of this guy.

But with this new crisis in Syria gearing up and little to no progress happening they needed Maliki and the USA was getting desperate to have success on the ground. The USA was having talks with Assad at this time. They were attempting to convince him to step down peacefully. It did not work. Then they offered him a nice cozy home and lots of money in a nice place of his choice. This did not work. Then they began to play hard ball and threatened to take him out forcefully. This did not work. He said he was going to stay.

This is when the USA first began to think about using the terrorists in Syria and began to work with them closely to coordinate this future effort. But the terrorist with “The Duke” at the helm were not successful in what they had done so far. They informed this to the  USA. They reported they needed were yet more men, supplies and weapons. They changed their name to rebels at this time so the exposure to terrorism would not be connected to them.  I thought they also were called Freedom Fighters? I have not heard that term in a long while. I wonder why?

Here comes the needed supplies and weapons
The Maliki $4.3 billion Russian Arms Deal was nothing more that the USA trying to use Iraq to buy weapons for the terrorist (rebels) in Syria and use the Trade Bank of Iraq and/or the CBI  to pay for them. After all the elite own the CBI anyhow. They intended to use part of the 72 billion in the CBI reserves at this time for this purpose. How could they RV in July 2012 if they intended to use up some of the reserves intended for the currency revaluation?  They could not do the RV and it was held up again and announced it was postponed until January 2013 (our hearts sunk) with the hope they could dip into these reserves. Remember when Iraq said in July 2012 that the RV was postponed to January of the next year. This is the main reason why.

So fast forward to December 2012 /  January in 2013
So the arms deal was a bust. There was other corruption and payoffs associated with it. We still heard that Maliki made yet other trips to Russia to try to get these arms. Again no RV in January either. he still hoped to use the CBI reserves. He just had taken over the CBI  in December and this was a real possibility. It was not all in vain since he did get some money but was stopped mainly by the finance minister. Later he tried to kill him but missed since he was not in his office at the time. He cleaned out the ministry office and jailed everyone. A clear official explanation has never been given for this action. This assassination attempt and harassment was to prevent exposure to this plot to use the arms to supply the Syrian terrorists to the people of  Iraq.

So to make a long story short, Maliki did eventually get some outdated Russian WW2 operational tanks but the terrorist do not work this way and had no need for them. They also are not trained in tank warfare or the operations of the tanks. Will they now be used? Maybe. We should pay attention if this war escalates in Syria and see what hardware they are using.
Here is another coincidence for ya.

Just saying…Just recently US armor school personnel in Fort Benning, GA  just completed a 2 week briefing and instructions on firing and operating these same WW2 Russian tanks. Coincidence? I don’t think so. It  sounds almost unbelievable but I think either they plan to train the terrorists in Syria on how to maintain, operate, aim and fire these tanks or the US military themselves plan to use them in Syria.

So Maliki knew in December 2012 he was going to try to pay for this arms deal with Russia and needed the CBI. This is  why he replaced Dr. Shabibi  at that time. He felt there was no way he could ever get the funding  needed while DR Sabibi headed the CBI so he tried something else. Just get rid of Dr.Shabibi….problem solved. He actually got away with this bizarre move on the CBI . The UN and the US sat back and did absolutely nothing. I mean nothing! Why? because they supported this action my Maliki. We all read articles on this back then and could not believe nothing was being done to stop this takeover. We said where is the justice over in Iraq?  Remember? . Dr Shabibi, an honest man also got fed up with the lack of support by the UN or the US for the monetary policy and took off to his vacation home in Europe, where he now operates. He was warned that this conspiracy was coming to take over the CBI. So he flew the coupe. At least they did that much for him and allowed him to escape unharmed. After all he is part of the CBI and has done a lot of great work for the elite in the past. He is truly one of the “boys”.

Maliki really wanted this funding for the arms deal and he almost got it too. Except there were still many good, honest politicians in Iraq and they  investigated what was going on. So the funds were blocked and it was made to look like Maliki was the bad guy when in fact this plot was instigated by the US all along. You see Maliki is their patsy so he takes all the heat. The US is never publicly involved. This is why they need him to stay in power. Basically a huge cover up and as it almost was exposed too. Now I ask you this – did Maliki get charged with corruption for this yet?  Why? I think you now know the answer.

Let’t talk about what happened to Talibani in all this mess
Now that you know the drama of what happened, in what I just stated above, if I was to tell you that the Iraq president Talibani was one of the “good guys” and apposed all of this foul play by the USA and the constant interference in his country’s affairs and still he wanted to do a no confidence vote on Maliki – what do you think then would have happened to him?  They told him repeatedly to back down. We all know the outcome. He almost went to visit JFK or at least they tried to give him a one way ticket for the trip but missed. Sad is it not? This is how these elite operate. They care about no one and have no feelings for humanity. I kind of like the old pot bellied, smiling Talibani. He is a good soul.

Iraqi soldiers in Syria
Also did you read any of the articles about this timeframe when Iraq soldiers were crossing over the boarder into Syria to fight with the terrorists…I mean  “Rebels”.  We  never made a big deal about it cause we were told Assad was so wicked and he had to go and he had stock piles of chemical weapons and was just waiting to use them. The fact is Maliki was told to round up his own countrymen to go assist “The Duke”. It was not Iranian influence on Maliki as  most thought. It was the USA trying to support the rebel fighting against Assad. They told Maliki to send some of his troops into Syria to help out. Again we all looked at Maliki as a crazy man. Just how crazy could this guy be…we asked?   Now do you know why Maliki also never turned over the defense or security ministries to Dr. Allawi as agreed in 2009-20010 Erbil agreement? Don’t you think that the parliament should have nailed his butt to the wall by now for this? Are you catching on to what is happening here ? The USA supports this guy and actually makes request of him to do their dirty work. I am proving this to you over and over again that most of these past events were instigated by the CIA and they used Maliki. This is why he does most of what he does. This is why he never suffers the consequences. This is why they needed a crooked politician in the position of prime minister. This is exactly why they hand picked Maliki even though many of the US military generals and other Iraq politicians were against this move of putting him in power again for another 4 years.

Why do you think the US Iraq ambassador was replaced? He was an honest guy and many of the politicians were filling him in on the crap that was going on with Maliki and the CIA. He approached the US and requested this medaling should stop since it was sending mixed messages to the new democracy.   In his own good conscience he asked to be replaced  he did not get fired. He just could not go along with this crooked plan.

A reprieve for Maliki
Back in July 2012, they held up the RV again. We now know why. But what really happened between early March and July? We know that Talibani had put together a coalition against Maliki and they all wanted him out. But the USA wanted him to stay in power and so somehow they had to make arrangements to keep Maliki. But they had to convince the Najafi (the house speaker) and Talibani (the president) that this had to occur. How could they pull this off since they already made public they were about to do a no-confidence on this guy and get rid of him. They made backroom deals. Remember all the meetings at Talibani’s and Najafi’s homes back them. Maliki was not invited. He did not need to be there. This was the planning going on then. Not to get rid of him but how to keep him longer and save face. There was not going to be a no confidence vote. They needed to obey the directions coming from the USA. So later, as I stated above, this led to the Russian arms deal and the postponement of the RV in July. Its all connected.

The USA is working with Al Queda
Are you now telling me the USA supports terrorism? I thought after 911 they were the enemy and we had vengeance to stop all terrorism and clean this stuff up world wide?
-After all did the USA not lose 4,000+ lives fighting terrorism in Iraq?
-Did we not lose over 3000+ innocent lives when the twin towers fell 911?
-What is the body count now for Afghanistan ?
-Did I mention all the injured and life long handicaps from all these events so far

I have also heard that there are enormous amounts of Iraq dinar in the hands of terrorists. They are waiting for the RV to exchange and purchase weapons. Maliki could not buy the weapons they needed from Russia using Iraq funds. The USA is sort of short on cash these days. This is why I believe they will RV prior to any bombings or land invasion. The USA needs  these dinars to buy weapons for Al Queda, for “The Dukes” group, their new ally in this war. They need them at the new RV’d rate and they need a very high rate.Now you see why they need a very high rate too in the USA? They are going to use this rate to buy lots and lots of weapons and explosives. This deal with the devil (the terrorists) is three fold:

1. the rebels get their arms and they can help fight Assad,
2. the USA will  benefit since they can track these dinars from getting into the hands of uncontrolled terrorist in the future since this has been a major concern.
3. The rebels may be casualties of the war, thus they rid themselves of them too.

Knowing all this information from the past two years that I have presented in this post, all the dealings in arms, the release of terrorist prisoners, the takeover of the CBI, the stalling for more time etc.. now how do we know this is now all over and we can get our RV?

Next question I ask myself is – has the situation changed? What has changed? Let’s forget all these bank stories, bank screens, technical issues, timers running out, negotiating for higher rates. I believe the situation has changed and continues to change each and everyday as they go through their checklist of items to complete in preparation for the RV. I tried to  look at the coming war in Syria and what ground work was laid in  these last few years to support this ongoing effort and what they needed Iraq (their patsy Maliki) to do for them. This too held up the RV. Remember now there is a plan to supply the rebels with weapons and to pay for them with this revalued dinar. How can they do this without revaluing the dinar now. Could this now be the next item on their checklist? I think this will happen prior to any invasion.

I believe too that the US government is also sending out mixed messages to intel sources to pacify us on these dinar sites just like in Iraq when they announce to the people for the zillionth time “its going to happen in the coming days”.  Why do they do this? I believe they want us and need us to invest in this dinar. They do not want us to give up. There is a larger plan for using us investors and also a plan for post RV.  I have talked about this plan in prior posts. If they did not want us to have these dinars they could have stopped us from buying them at anytime. Remember they have to get through customs of every country. They also could have just simply put a law in place and made it illegal, as they have in come countries where they do not want the average person to have the kind of wealth it is about to bring us. They also could have just stopped selling them in the auctions.

Do I think we are now close to an RV?  Yes I do. I am counting on this next week if not in the coming days. Could it be something dealing with the Syrian crisis now holding it up? In fact I believe it has been in part the Syria crisis too all along. All you have to know is the process of how they are handling the Syria situation, the courses of action they have tried and plan for the future. The arms, soldiers, and money have to come from somewhere. I can see clearly now !

But I am also beginning to hear some other news that I have to verify and get back to you soon. It is telling me some events must all line up more closely to get this RV.  These events are all linked together. I will say more when I know more soon.

Something new dealing with Syria is now holding up this RV. We need to get to the bottom of this.
Peace and Luv to ya,

mnt goat

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  1. I don't care about what happened in the past. This scenario will be totally different this time. The elitist are toast. Learn about what comet ICON really is. It'll blow your mind. All wars are done.

  2. "After getting this information I said to myself- who the hell runs the country of the USA anyhow? I thought you guys elected a president to make the final security decisions of your nation based on sound intelligence from all the cabinet members not some secret elite society."Goat did you just wake up yesterday?…. The same people running the US government are prolly the exact same people running yours… I find it hard to believe that someone with such limited knowledge of the situation concerning our pyramid power structure can have any sound information about all this….

  3. Yup, the goat even admits that dinars are cabal and the RV will let the cabal pay the rebels. We should be glad there's no RV. Cobra says there won't be an RV till the light wins and till the event happens.

  4. Dear Mnt Goat, many people are still too scared or unwilling to see the truth and that is okay – for whatever reason this suits them and their lives at this point. Others like myself have known about the connection between the CIA and Alqeda (alCIAda) for some time. Topics like the Federal Reserve, Skull and Bones, Hidden Technologies, Black Projects, Project Paperclip, Fourth Reich, Mind Control, Haarp, Montauk Project, Bohemian Grove, Chemtrails, Bilderberg go on and on …you can spend decades of time researching how evil evil is – but what is the point of that? The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off – right? I'm more interested now in how good good is and what part I play in this immense play. I am accutely aware of what has happened in the past but also much more aware of the present moment. Tony does tough on these topics but tends to gloss over many of these maybe because he needs to – no one has all the pieces put together, everyone only holds a piece of the puzzle. You seem to have a much broader view of the story than most – but still leave out the vital information of who and what we are dealing with and how they achieve their goals through thought manipulation. This is not about the rv – that is just a small piece of the picture, its about the reawakening of our connection to eachother and our true purpose for being present here at this time. As with anything the rv can be viewed as good or bad. In the universe and especially 3d Earth the contrast of these two forces are at its most extreme. The point at which we are in now in is actually the last stand of this evil group and their insane agenda. In their mind they must create this war to hold onto any assemblance of power. They will try anything to stay in power because they know nothing else and fear loss of power though mankind's reawakening more than anything else. We as humanity need to wake up to see the grand illusion for what it is – lies built on lies -all designed to keep us all in fear and debt and powerlessness. Our power is heart based – our connection to creator is never broken just temporarily forgotten. In reality we have always created our world through our thoughts and attention. They use our creative energy against us mainly through mind control to manifest their agenda. As more and more poeple are awakened and aware, their control system can no longer work. Look what is going on at the town meetings with John McCain – people see the obvious lies being spewed forth and as they stand in truth the fragile matrix begins to break. Truth always wins out in the end – once you see the truth you cannot believe the same lie ever again. They will not win because in reality they have already lost – they just don't know it yet. Turn off the news – go for a walk in the woods, jump in the ocean, hug your children, feel the sun on your face – you are the one in power. Aloha

  5. How worried are you that the cabal will get their wars? How confident are you that aliens are watching us? Is there a chance the cabal could have made up the whole "alien" story and all the whistleblowers are just cabal shills? You come off as an insider so please brief us sheeple. Tell us more of your wisdom! Any estimate on "when" we will start getting our proof?

  6. Mountain Goat = another full of shit dinar guru, no real evidence this ' she ' is real or on our side. Probably another creation of Langley, Fort Meade or Bletchley Park.YEARS of disappointments many have let themselves in for by TRUSTING without verification. We are being played, with the Hopium carrot dangled in front of us, telling us EXACTLY what we want to hear. Had we demanded proof of any of this up front, a lot of us would be doing something different instead of being on the edge of our chairs, waiting for some event most have not one goddamn shred of evidence is real. All the hope for a better world is great, I want it too. HOW IS THAT WORKING FOR US SO FAR ? I take shit for being ' negative,' ergo — Do we have an RV yet ? Anybody here seen/talked to a provable alien ? Lately it seems most touchy-feely alien people are pointing fingers at each other, i.e., Tolec saying Tanaath and company are misinformed. Drakes " mass arrests " are past due by more than a year. " Channelers " of all kinds have been outed, by others who don't exactly channel, but receive ' telepathic messages.' Wow, THAT'S for real. Maybe I'm a worthless piece of shit, but I've never had a ' telepathic ' message. I'm either unimportant or this is likely another Disney Cartoon — " Alien/Cabal Wars – The Galactic Guano Series. " frj

  7. Anon 5:48 You rock! You got it right on! The PTB are terrified we are waking up. They are making mistakes all over the place. Their plan is unraveling at the seams. It seems to me that it won't matter if ETs show up or not. The People have the power to stop these acts of war before they happen. Soldiers are unwilling to fight. People of conscience will do the right thing. We will hold candlelight vigils and we will work together to love instead of hate. There will be no WWIII because when we realize what is happening and how close we came to destroying our beautiful planet we will all bow our heads in gratitude to be here and be One People united and we will save our world and make it the pristine planet it is meant to be. Anon 6:25 The PTB have wanted to start WWIII for the longest time now. They will not be able to. The majority of the People on the Earth don't want war. We will not support it any more. As far as the ETs go, didn't you watch the Disclosure Hearings in May? Haven't you seen the many hours of eyewitness testimony that proves there is a massive cover-up about the ETs by the US Government? Proof is coming. It will get here when it gets here. Have faith and take Anon 5:48's advice – get out in Nature. Find something to be grateful for and be really grateful. Put your fears behind you and focus on the beautiful world you wish to create.

  8. 6:25: you want proof? go outside and look at the sky at night. I have and am seeing ufo's nightly. So………….I am very confident that they are watching us.As for wisdom, well……………………its in the mind of the beholder and you have already declared yourself a 'sheeple' so a craft could fly up your ass and you would go to the proctologist and ask for a diagnosis. Go back to sleep. We don't need your kind on this blog. It's not for sheeple.

  9. Can't say that I have ever been " on the edge of my chair". Drake always sounded like a self absorbed liar. D from BTS always sounded like a self absorbed liar, right from the beginning. Poof always sounded like a Dinar fraud to me, even more ridiculous then the rest. All these other fakes are working for the same offices and these "truth" sites have very little truth.

  10. My sentiments exactly, Mtn Goat, I do love your posts, and I also agree with Anon above. It's a hard pill to swallow for alot of people because they are blinded like I was at one point. I understand Tony and there are reasons that he had to take down the post I'm assuming because he just needs to also for now. I will continue to read your posts here or at Tony's site so please keep it going.

  11. Who cares about dinars and the shills pushing it? This isn't about money, but freedom! I would love to see proof, world peace and the event happen, but how much longer do we have to wait? Many of us are skeptics because we keep getting promised that things will happen, but we wait and wait and wait. For those of you who saw UFOs, what did they look like? Never seen one in person.

  12. It is so hard to believe any thing anyone says. With all the different sides being told,we need someone we can trust, but that is hard 2 none of us know anyone personally. I for one would like 2 see truth come out.

  13. I have only monitored the RV from the boundaries so I don't claim to know all the intricacies and machinations that have been going on, but, one thing I do know, and that is that over the last couple of decades of working my ass off, to provide for my family, and monitoring the commercial and residential real estate markets, together with the financial markets and derivatives' bubbles, I have consistently been too early in my calls for a steep meltdown in all the markets. I was certain the markets would not survive past late 2007, a full year after I was witnessing the edges of the coming crash in the mortgage/derivatives markets. The financial markets took another year to pop a bit, and here we are 6-years after my gut told me I needed to get the hell out of my investments and move what I hadn't lost into gold and silver.So what's my point? The son's of bitches running the sad parade we call currently call life, have always had control of the financial markets, geopolitical ebbs and flows, military might, and a very close working relationship with the corrupt, sadistic, evil bastards the world has seen in a very long time. Working in concert with the devil him/herself (why not? everything else is upside down) they have perverted and corrupted all that we thought we knew about history, they work on their own clock, and unless and until these leaches are rounded up a buried, once and for all to see, with 10,000 independent DNA tests to verify their very painful and prolonged demise, I will take my chances on being a day late and a dollar short.There is no comfort or future in trying to figure these animals out, nor is there a prudent way to try to negotiate with likes of their kind. They are evil, and will always be, until their time is up – God willing, very, very soon. CNH

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