Hi Everyone.

Early this morning I decided to hike up the mountains and take in a breath of the mountain air. I had to clear my mind. You see the place I hike is alongside a creek bed lined with hemlocks. After all this rain the bed is full and there is plenty of fast flowing clean water with intermittent waterfalls. You can feel and smell the moisture in the air and it is such a nice earthy smell and the energy is very refreshing. Today I sat by the creek and if I was to look up between the trees I could see the entire valley below. I could not help but wondering what the future would hold for us. I made a few wishes as I dropped a small stone into the creek one for each wish I asked for.  

So what is this Global Reset ?

It seems these days many of us are talking so much about this thing we call the global reset. We can’t wait for it to happen. We wish it would happen now. We hear so much about it from these dinar conference calls on our investment.  We have been told that when it happens it will include the revaluation of the Iraq dinar and we all will be rich. We get excited and pumped up. We watch presentations on You Tube and even read articles on the topic of global reset. I bet most of you would say you know what the global reset is…right?  You might answer to me that it is a reset of 190+ currencies world wide thus the term global.  Or maybe its making currencies asset backed in the process to make a more sound financial structure. Some of you may also say that it indirectly involves some new banking laws, regulations, shuffling of money around to make the banks safer and more solvent.  You all would be correct but it is much more than that. Let me explain the best way I can. Some things are hard to put into words without getting myself in trouble but let me attempt.

While we all wait in anticipation for better days to come we should be thinking about ways to prepare and take some minor precautions so the good times will last. Everything will be better and happier days will be back again, if we are cautious. This is at least what some of us are thinking but some of us know what is really coming. We also should be thinking about paying forward some of our newly found prosperity to at least to other family members, friends and a share to the unknown poor. Let’s now dig a little deeper shall we to see what this global reset may also bring us so we can take the needed precautions and safety measures to hold to our wealth.

I need to break this post down into three parts, parts A, B and C. This information is being provided for the masses so if you are already investment savvy it may or may not be a repetition of what you already know. But it will be a good read anyhow and maybe there is a tid bit for you too.

First I have to take a few steps back in time to set the mood of what I am presenting here. We need to understand that history repeats itself and also there is a global plan in place being executed at an exceedingly greater pace since WW2. It goes beyond economics.  It is taking some time to implement this plan since it takes time to gradually convince the masses that giving up their national sovereignty in place for a global doctrine is hard and difficult. I am not at all saying I agree with this doctrine or the means to which they are implementing it, if fact I was astonished that it could even be considered at all and they would have the guts to hold up this currency revaluation process. But its here and we are seeing the changes now and will see more at an even greater pace in the coming years post RV. 

My credentials
I know it is hard and often discouraging for some of you to believe some of the news I bring in my posts. But through my careers in the past I have gained sources that have allowed me privy to information not available to the common person. This is all I can say as I must maintain my privacy if I am allowed to step forward and relay this information. Someday you will know that I am correct. Since I now live in Europe I have sources readily available to me there. I also have relatives and friends in the USA so that too allows access to other sources. When I get information the first I do is try to synchronize it with other information. If everything syncs up I try to bring it to you. You are my special family and I selected you because of what I hear on the other dinar calls, the concerns and questions I hear and I wanted to make difference, as little as it may be. Often I do get a little worried because I keep hearing the same questions and concerns over and over again. I begin to ask myself if anyone is really listening to the answers given. My posts are all out in TNTDINAR so please use this source for my news and don’t listen or read any other site that is bent of plagiarizing and copying my news. They often take it out or context and thus create more confusion.  

A Step Back in Time
Let us step back in time briefly and eventually bring us where we are today. I will do this quickly and briefly since I need to address other issues too.

Since WW2 there has been an ongoing need, so some believe, to bring the world to a new world order. What exactly does this mean? I new world order you say? This scares me just hearing the term –you say? Does this mean doom and gloom? For some of us it may if we let it get out of hand. We all now know who “they” are – being the elite wealthy as they have an ideology that “they’ feel is in the worlds best interest for all. With the ever increasing exhaustion of resources, the over population of the planet and the environmental disasters, the increased violence “they” feel it is urgent that some action be taken now. I mean now. We are at the heart of full implementation. This is not 20 years down the road. Well I think we can all agree that on the surface this is great news as something surely must be done…right?  But we don’t see any real results. All we really see is just lip service and yet more problems and more issues. Surely man is smart enough with all our technology to solve all these issues.  But I want to warn you too. Many of the issues we are seeing are orchestrated to force the implementation of this ideology upon the masses. They are done to intentionally to create fear and confusion. So I ask you this for instance – would we have had an economic collapse if they didn’t want it? Of course not! Would we have all the environmental issues it they did not want it? Of course not! There is plenty of resources, money and technology to go around to solve all our problems and do it peacefully and in harmony with the planet. Don’t forget if they truely were on our side they would use their unlimited resources to secure a sound future for all in love and harmony.  

I will simply call this ideology the New World Order or NWO. You might say these people, the elite, have tremendous wealth so why do they need more? That is not their goal in the NWO. Instead they seek power to implement their ideology. I can go further and describe the details of this ideology but this is not the place or time. If you read my list of resources in my past post you can begin to understand what I am talking about and so you can begin your own fact finding and expand yourself. Be careful though that you don’t fall into this doom and gloom rabbit hole since this is far from over and changes are still possible if we just know the facts and the truth.

So we, as dinar investors, have seen the action of these people as they hold up this revaluation process. Perhaps I too can give you some more insight in part B to the post as why it is being held up so long. I will try to relate this to our newly found wealth and how we can overcome some of these obstacles at least to stay grounded, sound mind and protect ourselves. Remember we will be in a better position to help than most at post RV. Now that I have set the stage let us now go to Part B of this post.

Peace and..
luv to you all

There is a  storm brewing on the horizon, are we prepared? 

Have you noticed a different feeling in the air since the 911 attack on the WTC in NYC? I am not going down a rabbit hole on conspiracy theory but you have to admit since this event things seem different. As if they will never be the same again. Why is this?  Even the government says things will not be the same. They know this for sure since they have instituted a number of new laws and agencies to make sure they never are the same  i.e. Homeland Security Agency (HSA), National Security Agency (NSA) the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Patriots Act to mention a few. Wow so much security! So may huge changes so quickly. The USA must be a very safe place……It must have taken a very long time to plan out all these changes. Well then how did they get implemented so quickly? Stay with me since this is important to our RV too.

I still keep asking myself why?  Why such a large knee jerk reaction to this event? We have had incidents before in the world. Why now is the time to instate so many of these security agencies? Do they know something we don’t? Are they providing security for our impending the RV…….? 

Some of these past incidents have been really bad too but we always seemed to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and started all over again. So I ask again…what is really going on here? Why was 911 different? For me I first began to note something was not quite right in the 70’s. It seemed the life of the late 50’s and early 60’s was gone. I remember we experienced the Korean war then the Vietnam war but these changes now manifesting are different .  I noticed the after math of the Vietnam war, the gas rationing, the first stirring up in the middle east, the numerous political scandals, etc. Later in the 80’s the savings and loan defaults, then the changes in the income tax laws. I could go on and on. But this all seemed gradual and life went on. One event after another but life went on seamless (as it appeared) and things always eventually got better. We all thought we just had to ride out these events and the economic cycles of bad luck. Then in the late 1990’s all of a sudden it seemed the changes began to be magnified. It all happened with this corporate change, sponsored by this thing called globalization. Then in the new millennium (the year 2000) all of a sudden it was as if someone turned up the gas knob on the stove burner to the high setting. They did this under the pan of water we are all sitting in. We are all now trying to jump out cause it’s too darn hot. What we didn’t realize is the water has always been warming gradually since the late 60’s only now all of a sudden we feel the change. All it took was just a little more heat to make us uncomfortable. The questions now are  – Just how hot will it get? How long will it take? Can we now jump out or turn the heat down or are we already trapped?

I do not want to shock anyone reading this post since I think maybe I gave everyone a little too much already in past posts that you can handle. Now I just want to educate you on your investment of the Iraq dinar and what impacts this global reset will have after this occurs. I had to set the stage so you can relate more to this global reset and what it really is. We all talk a lot about post RV what it will be like and what we will do with our money. But the truth is what will it really be like post RV. I mean not just in our finances but the structure of our lifestyle so you and I can enjoy it. You see – this global reset is a huge event like 911 it will be a reset of our entire society not just our financial world. So how do we cope with this new world or NWO.

 What the heck is this we might ask? A reset of society?
Just look at the changes made to our society in the aftermath of 911. It didn’t just impact you over in the USA. It also had global ramifications. Like the ripple in the creek when I threw the stones in to make my wishes this morning. The entire body of water felt it slowly as first then as the rings flowed out from the center soon the entire creek was in a disturbance.

All I can say is watch what happens in early 2014 when the USA Healthcare Reform kicks in full gear. There are many things we all should be thinking about now while we wait for post RV timeframe. I am not a financial planner or advisor in any way so these are just my personal beliefs and suggestions. Take them or leave them. They are just precautions. I am not saying we must panic or that a near future collapse is coming. We all should be prepared for the worst situations. We all want to hold on to our personal wealth post RV…don’t we?

Here are some of the post RV precautions in stored for us and some suggestions as to how we can avoid these mistakes. We don’t have to be victims! 

1.The elite are cranking down on money laundering and tax invasion.
This may be a good thing too if done for the right reasons .Why are they really doing this? 
Do not place or invest money abroad to hide it or try to avoid paying your fair share of taxes.

2.We have all seen what happened in the Cyprus banking system haircuts.
It may happen here too. Don’t get scared. I did not say is it going to happen in the USA. Infact it will probably happen to us in Euro way before the USA. Something to watch for.  Like the coming storm there will be signs if you watch for it. It may seem unbelievable now but things will change in 2014 and the coming years following. It may take some time to get to your country so watch the news for these “haircuts” happening in other countries and the excuses they use to pull this off. Once you see more countries having the same experience – be aware!  Get you money into tangible items slowly after you exchange. Do it soon after. Don’t hesitate or wait. I mean slowly. Nothing to be fearful or panic about yet. You will have time. We all know what tangible means. These are – homes, land, precious metals, etc. Also I need to mention that private property especially real estate will be very expensive in the near future and hard to come by large tracks of land. There will be tight restrictions on this type of new ownership so you want to do this ASAP. I know in Europe it is almost impossible to purchase new land. There is no real estate signs posted all over like in the USA. You have to be weathy and well connected.

3. The elite have wanted us to stay in debt and will crank this notion up yet even more
 in the near future.

Be totally debt free. Did you hear me!  Do not buy anything on terms of credit agreements. I can not emphasize this enough. The reset of currencies is a short term solution or band aid for the financial world and not the end result. So be aware that more financial problems are coming down the pike. This is not an end all solution.  “They” will use these upcoming financial issues as excuses to institute yet more laws and regulations on us. This terrorist cover up / involvement is getting exposed and so they must now move on to yet another issue to bring down society and move our attention away from the real root of the problem…the implementation of their ideology. Do you understand now? 

This financial situation is like a decease. If you don’t treat the illness and just treat the symptoms the decease may never go away.  In fact they have been using debt as an issue already but will crank this up increasingly. There is in reality no need for any debt in the world. They want every nation to be in massive debt in 2-4 years. This is not something 10 years down the road but is a short term goal for them to do. How else will they sell us later that the NWO is such a good thing for all of us? They must create a sense of desperation and urgency. They will later claim they are saving us and we will jump on the wagon to be saved. In the coming years you may not remember this post but I surely hope you will take immediate action in this area post RV. Maybe the 3+ million people who have dinar will be the catalyst that helps humanity?

4.In the coming years you will see “forced debt creation”  caused by governments giving handouts. This is where just about everyone gets on some kind of gov’t entitlements.

In other words the gov’t will not have enough money to pay for all these programs. GW Bush knew this when he signed into law entitlement D for Medicaid. So why did he do it?  He wanted votes of course but most importantly he added an ongoing burden of debt on the American people. It was intentional. We all now know it would be impossible ever to cut this program. Soo many now rely on it for drugs. If you only knew how huge of a mistake this was for the USA in the long term yet most cheered him on and thanked him for it. Some will do this in the future too with other entitlement programs. My suggestion post RV. Get off all gov’t entitlements yourself and help others to do the same. Teach others what this means long term. This may at least limit the national debt to controllable levels.

5.This one is for pre-RV and post- RV. If you have a mortgage thru a private bank (non Fanni) and you are thinking about getting into the government backed mortgage program with these very low interests rates…..don’t do it! Think again!

This is a ploy to gain control of private real estate. A way of getting around our right to own private property. Right now as I write this post the government is essentially buying up all private mortgages thru these programs of lending. How will they do this? There is a clause on every real estate contract that allows them to call in the note at will. So essentially they provide the service of lending the money for the property to you only as long as they want to. If you don’t believe me do talk to a real estate attorney and someone with years of practice. This is how they plan to confiscate nearly 80% of private properties in the near future when the time comes. Sounds unbelievable? Don’t believe me. Wait and see it all happen. This is all I can say  about this at this time. Why would they want all the properties? Surely this would cause more economic problems and another collapse? No! Absolutely not. It would not  since the time when they will do it is in the next collapse (one like we have never seen) would already have happened and most will gladly take their offer and be relocated. Reallocated you ask? But to where? To inner city government run “communities” and given ample food and shelter if you agree to go to work at government supplied employment opportunities. At the time this will sound good since food, housing and jobs may be scarce. Also did I mention that certain areas may be uninhabitable since environmental issue will get out of hand. It will be nice of the government to assist in these ways and all will glad they helped at first. So long story short – stay out of these programs. If you are already in one, sell it or pay off the note and own the property outright post RV.

6.Once healthcare Reform kicks in do not go any hospital unless you absolutely have to.
Find a private doctor  especially one who can do surgery and one who only takes in limited and the very wealthy patients. Go on a contract with the doctor to provide all you healthcare needs for you and your family. Do this just as soon as you can. You will not believe the changes coming in the healthcare industry. Good doctors are going to leave the profession like the wind blows leaves in the fall season. These coming changes will absolutely change the quality of the services we now get to a point you can even begin to imagine. All the fun really begins in 2014.

7. Do not invest in the stock exchanges unless you can afford to gamble and loss the money you invested.

If you do chose to invest, do it short term meaning buy low, sell high in and out quick. Initial IPO are a great means to do this. You must remain in control of all your funds. Do not and I repeat do not let some money manager have complete fiduciary control over any of your money. They have not changed very much in the area of financial control reform so you can expect the same. These money managers do all still practice old school money management and will try to sell you long term strategies in market investments. Times have changed. The stock market is not what it used to be. Especially these market portfolios. These are the worst investments. If you must invest use these private bankers to conduct your trades only at your permission. Allow them to advise.  You personally watch the stock and when you feel the rise is a sufficient gain, have an arrangement with them so you can contact them quickly to conduct the sell off for you. Don’t get greedy. There are now some really good companies in oil exploration and drilling. Also shale oil extraction and this 3-D manufacturing are some good investments. But stick to these that you know and meets that current needs of society and ones you can understand. Stay away from funny fortune makers. You already have a fortune. How much more do you want?

8.Do not buy paper. What do I mean by this? I mean if you buy anything have the tangible item in your possession or do not buy it. If you decide to buy gold or other precious metals have them send it to you. Do not open an account with them. Do not buy some elses debt. Do not store precious metals in a safety deposit box. When you do buy it,  buy in small denominations i.e 1/8 once bars or coins. Find a safe place to hide it. These will be easier to sell later. Do not store large sums of USD. It will do you no good in a collapse.

9. Wealth Managers
I know most of you will be newbies to this investment stuff. I am too. So it can be scary. I highly recommend getting an investment manager. Be sure that he/she has good credentials. Do not give them fiduciary rights over your money. Instead I recommend what I will be doing. See item 7 above.

There is a part C. Stay tuned.
Peace and Luv to ya,
mnt goat

In Sumamry
I know this has been a very long post having 3 parts. I am glad you made it to part C. But I wanted to get all this news out to you now. Time is very important right now.  You can see I have had many post recently.  I am not of course an expert but I believe that this global reset, when it happens, is not the end all solution and may in fact even make things worst in the long run since the global reset is much more than just currency resets and banking reforms. Just look at the signs and pay attention. I do believe in my whole heart and soul that from what I am hearing from many sources, one of which is connected to some extremely wealthy individuals, that this global reset is actually a reset of society. One last final control on the American people and of the world. Take this for what it is worth. This is not a conspiracy theory, a lecture or trying to scare anyone and create fear.  

I wish everyone happiness, abundance and to live a loving and fulfilled life. A life where all our dreams can truly be manifested in our lives post RV and we can raise generations of free, healthy and intelligent children. 

So I have eluded to the fact that we better think twice about what we wish for. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing amongst us telling us things and making us promises about this global reset and what it will bring us. Be careful in how you invest your funds and try to take the precautions I have outlined seriously. The years to come may be a bumpy road.

There are also some other issues that greatly concern me now but I have to confirm some of what I am hearing before I bring any of this news to you. Stay tuned.

I know….thank God this post is over…….

Peace and Luv to ya,

mnt goat

25 thoughts on “THE OLD SWITCHERROO by Mountain Goat

  1. His long post basically is warning us that the financial reset and RV is cabal just as I thought so and just as many other insiders(including RTS) have been warning us about. Those of us awake know that when shills promote something, such as "buy dinars or stay poor" there is a sinister agenda behind this. A major requirement for freedom is money becoming obsolete.If he's already talking about 2014, does this mean nothing good is going to happen in 2013 just like 2012 was a bust? Well, I can say this, if good things don't start happening very soon, the cabal will get their wars and it's game over for humanity, we die and go to heaven. The Syrian war is a major concern and there's an 80% chance of it happening. The only good thing is people are a little more awake than a decade ago so the cabal are getting desperate and are fast tracking their NWO agendas. It's going to be up to good guys to move faster than the cabal.His long post is a huge reality check and may sound like fear porn, but it contrasts sharply with false hope. Do a Google search for NDEs to learn that we are eternal spirits to lessen the fear of the illusion of death in case the good guys are unable to stop the cabal. Those claiming the light already won are spreading false hope. I will be compiling a list of requirements and so far, NONE of the requirements have been met. There is NO proof of anything good happening other than slightly more people being awake at this time.

  2. He/She is only looking at changes within a fiat based system. It has been stated over and over that the gold backed system deletes the cabal's power. If you are paying attention, it is apparent that the cabal is losing ground. Consider the fact that by now we would have had a few high level intensity hurricanes by now in the U.S, if not at least one disastrous one. Chemtrails are significantly down, while not entirely gone. Something is brewing over the Syria decision because the decision to strike or not strike has been put off for weeks. The cabal is being smoked out, starved out, and pressured out of their kingdoms. The proof is there if we have eyes to see, and minds to explore. It is possible that we are being taken on the Cabal Joyride by allowing us to think that a change in the monetary system eliminates their power, yet I tend to think that they are some tricky Mo'fo's and I would not put it past them to design an alternative NWO plan that has us all believe they have been eliminated only to take us over completely in 10 years. Perhaps our Dinar wealth should be heavily invested in making sure that they are out, over and done with and putting in place the kind of world we all want to live in.I don't agree with this post and frankly, it is very difficult to take anybody seriously who can't spell significant words correctly. And the following is a very telling statement "Since I now live in Europe I have sources readily available to me there." because this person talks in reference to living in Europe but the statement insinuates that they are "here" not "there".Nonetheless, I guess we shall all see in a matter of time. This RV has definitely been heisted and it is unfortunate if the Iraqi's continue to suffer. They, above all us petty little dinarians, deserve so much more than just the RV. We have a very interesting future ahead of us. Question is: What are we willing to do to make sure it's the kind of future we ALL thrive in?

  3. The entire dinar-scam is such a load… this "solving" anyone's problems is equivalent to putting a bandaid on a cancer tumor.There will be NO RV until the ENTIRE BANKING SYSTEM is taken down and crashed into the dust and zeroed out.Anything less than that is pure cabal-controlled fantasy.

  4. This is not new info. If you're a wealthy investor good for you, be careful with your wealth, please. Great advise.Do we live in the most dangerous time in recorded history? Sure.Do we need to be perpared? Uh, yes.Will those who are manipulating us now with their lies stop? No.Is there duality? Yes, in everything down to the atom so why would we expect anything else?I agree things have gotten much worse during my lifetime, lucky me, lucky you. This will be an interesting ride, make sure your helmet is strapped on tight and never let go of the handlebars. When in doubt, gas it.

  5. Historically, the cabal has been known to imitate, infiltrate the works of the Light, but with opposite sinister objectives. What is LIVE when it turns around? Its EVIL! This is how the Cabal works throughout history and has been very successful. Presently the Light is going to usher in a Legal Global Reset without the recourse to a bloody revolution. The Dark tries to undermine this by trying to bring in a False RV(Global Reset)with the objective to usher in a NWO. But this time its Not going to work because they are now completely exposed of the game they have been playing historically.

  6. As long as we are still in 3d, duality is "real" from our perspective. No one knows when or if ascension will happen. The whole "ascension" thing is still a theory without any proof. There are alternate theories that say duality is a universal law and still exist on all dimensions, just in smaller and smaller amounts. Such that as there's less evil and the evil is "less" evil. Still others say there's either limited consciousness and full consciousness, none of the dimension number nonsense.

  7. Again, one of the requirements for freedom is that humanity evolve away from the need for money. The release of suppressed technology, such as free energy and replicators should let anyone manufacture their own stuff for "free". If there is a reset(Jean says no) hopefully it's by good guys and only very short term during the transition.As for the cabal losing power, most hurricanes are natural but there's a theory that stats HAARP can be used to strengthen and steer hurricanes, such as the superstorm that hit the northeast. As for chemtrails, they need to be 100% gone! World peace is my wish to see happen! If no war happens in September, the odds of the light winning will increase. The war criminal Obama said he wants a Syria and ww3 and does not care what anyone else says, he has decided unilaterally. If good guys plan things right, they need to mass arrest O and his cabal banker buddies. We know huge things are happening, but it's too early to tell if it's positive or negative.

  8. Cobra* for what it's worth thinks there wont be an RV till after the event when the light is "victorious" and the RV won't make you rich, just a small profit. I have to say it makes sense because any RV or reset while cabal are still in power of course will only benefit the cabal. There is also a reason the cabal are paying shills to hype the RV and reset. More and more people are waking up to this as 5:25 is another awake human. Our biggest worry is not about money, but about world peace and hoping no more wars erupt, especially the one in Syria.*believed to be a conman and possible cabal disinfo agent.

  9. Who cares about money, it's nothing more than a tool of the cabal. If the light wins, money will become obsolete very shortly with the release of advanced technology that will make scarcity a thing of the dark ages.

  10. I do believe in a higher consciousness. Reading near death experiences, some of them talk about having visited heaven. It is our destiny to return to full consciousness, but no one knows how this will be achieved. Will there be a natural ascension to turn earth into heaven? Will we have to use advanced technology to "make" ourselves ascend? Is ascension only possible after physical death by going to heaven?

  11. 12:16Actually he's been busy setting up administrativelyto handle the $3.44 – $23.50 exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar, and the $.49 – $3.20 exchange rate of the Vietnam Dong.He also recently dropped a duck turd on yourhouse…SPLAT! — Check it out!

  12. Go do some research then you'll be able to answer your own questions. No-one can do it for you and there are no shortcuts. One piece of advice – avoid Dratzo's light-chambers or whatever else he's caling them now. No technology necessary – EVER!!! We came here wit the know-how already installed 😉 Check out George Kavassilas Leave what ever doesn't resonate with you. No-one has all the truth but most have some of it. Its up to each one of us to fit our own jig-saw together.

  13. Dear Mr Informed:Taking down the ENTIRE system became, at one point,fully considered. BUT we didn't have the necessary 50 years to REBUILD it.SO, we decided to REPAIR the existing system.BASIL 3 and Babylon 2(or equivalent security protocol)ARE that rebuilt structure.You MAY have noticed strange outages, etc, with the various global stock markets, etc recently — testing,adjusting.ding ding

  14. Same with regard to housing, properties, banking stuff — she mentions the old corrupt way as being the continuing way. While that might be the intention of some dark minded individuals, I don't see how that is possible. There are countless US court cases at the State and Federal level where the homeowners are beginning to receive positive rulings including the opportunity to go to trial. Going to trial means discovery, discovery means getting at the Truth and leaving no stone unturned – those of us fighting these battles finally have the opportunity to let it all hang out. Banks can brush off fake documents and fraudulent signatures all they want as "short cuts" but far too many people are waking up to realize the reason they are doing this and it's not about being lazy or taking short cuts – it's about perpetuating the fraudulent fiat based fractal banking system that has been created by vapor and "keyboard" money to keep us all in debt slavery.The very nature of a global reset must imply all of this being cleaned up! That's when folks will realize they've probably already paid for their homes and other major assets not just once but probably a few times over. But don't listen to me, do your own research and draw your own conclusions. My information comes from being a homeowner who has learned the hard way studying this stuff since 2009 and having been in litigation since 2011.Blessings to all:)

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