9 thoughts on “Putin Stands Up Against The NWO Elite At G20 Summit & Declares Rebels Are The Responsible Group For Chemical Attack

  1. Good cop bad cop. Are you wake enough to realize that Rothschild banks own both continents. Only countries that Rothschild/Vatican dark sun occultism don't have central banks in are the one's currently being set up as global terrorists for the real terrorists to bomb and install new despots.Putin is a Rothschild stooge just like Obama and the rest is circus and pantomime.

  2. I think Putin is just a different faction of the cabal who are fighting other cabal as each cabal faction wants the biggest slice of the power pie. One good thing that can come out of this is as the cabal fight each other, what's left of the weakened cabal can be removed by good guys.

  3. Why does everyone believe he's against the Elite's and NWO. Just read Icke's books and you'll see they are all run by the same master. They just want you to pick sides, in doing so, you will amplify the energy of war either side you choose. I think we just need to choose peace and spread that outward. That is what needs to be amplified.

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