Super Woo Radio – Episode 16

Sera Beak


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Hallo Friends,

I am inspired to announce Super Woo Radio Episode 16 “Awakening our Goddess Within” with special guest Sera Beak is now available at

Sera Beak is a Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions who spent years traveling the world studying spirituality – from whirling with Sufi dervishes to meeting the Dalai Lama on her 21st birthday; from taking the host from a Croatian Catholic mystic who had the stigmata to having life-altering visions with shamans (and everything in between).  Growing up in Catholicism from a young age Sera was doing what was considered “normal”, searching for something outside of herself that would validate that which she was experiencing on the inside of herself; and then one day Sera awoke.

We discuss identifying the common thread of the colour red that presented itself throughout the ages in all religions and spiritual teachings; and the distorted judgemental program we all harbor in relation to a major aspect of the Divine Feminine. Soon after, Sera makes a ground breaking statement revealing a most profound deception taking place in the Human spiritual arena. As a result of this most profound realization and revelation, Sera then shares with us about having the courage to walk away from it all in order to be authentic.

We talk about understanding our heart of hearts and our own personal Divine Sacred Union that results from such a conscious recognition. And how the resulting challenges ask us the ultimate question, whose answer forces us to stand true within our integrity. Also how consciously re-integrating with our Greater Being is the most exciting adventure we will ever experience. We also discuss how the healing nature of intimate touch has been miss-understood and even intentionally distorted into cheap sexuality away from honest divine participation of a heart soul essence.

This is truly a most compelling and deeply stirring episode as we catalyze the remembrance and awakening of our Goddess within.

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Be You!

Love and gratitude,
george kavassilas

2 thoughts on “Super Woo Radio – Episode 16

  1. Oh My Goodness!!! Sera!! I'm just taken away on how much I'm resonating with you & your Red Lady!! Red has always been the color i associate with the most & I too have also associated that color with my Divine Femenine within. Those who know of my vector art expressions, such as my avatar here, will definetly see this in me =)Been beaming with happiness listening to you speak throughout this whole episode Sera, and can truly relate to what you have to share, having had some very similar experiences with my "true & false" divine femenine within myself to use your labeling. Listened to this episode like 3 times now and totally off to read the book Red Hot & Holy! Thanks so much Sera! Big hugs from me to you sister!Oh and of course big thanks & hugs to GK for hosting, & Enerchi for posting X3 You're all such wonderful souls! Keep shining brightly!

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