Scott Mowry: The End of Economic Slavery Has Arrived

• Global Debt Discharged as of July 1, 2013
• Jaemes McBride of DivineProvince announces human race has been released from bankruptcy
• Pope releases game-changing Apostolic Letter
• Numerous resignations forthcoming including Fed Chairman Bernanke, Homeland Security Chief Napolitano and much more
News | August 31, 2013

Our world continues its inexorable march towards total and complete freedom. 
Freedom like the butterfly
As we had anticipated, humanity is throwing off the chains of slavery and finding itself being liberated at a truly astonishing rate. A miraculous process continues to unfold where we are seeing very tangible results coming forward into the public consciousness, despite a massive mainstream news media blackout. 
Almost every other day some new, amazing development emerges to positively confirm major and dramatic changes are upon us as never before. The momentum of these successive events is building to such a fever pitch, the end result will be a great shift of the paradigm which we call our reality. This shift is absolutely inevitable now. 
What we now see developing in our world is the return of personal power within each and every one of us. This power comes from the understanding and recognition we are completely sovereign beings with God-given, unalienable rights which no man, government nor corporation can put asunder. Those unalienable rights include “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as laid down by our Founding Fathers in the great document known as the Declaration of Independence
Regrettably, those God-given rights have been under attack ever since the Founding Fathers established our great nation. Through a slow and methodical campaign by the Crown of England (the City of London), the international banking cartel and the Vatican, we have witnessed the tables turned to a point where America has become a virtual police state and our rights have been ground into the dirt. 

Although many assume the United States of America is a “free” country, the actions of our government, the political elite, the wealthy aristocracy and the multi-national corporations over the last 140 years belies the ideals of freedom as envisioned at the birth our nation. The words of German politician and writer, Johan Wolfgang von Goethe have never rang more true: “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe they are free.”
The United States and the entire world remain controlled by one very key tool of enslavement ––  the availability of money. And nearly all the money in the world today has been reduced to mere worthless paper, or fraudulent numbers upon a bank’s computer screen. 
To that end, the world economy and its many currencies have been systematically hijacked and are now solely based upon the foundation of debt. In fact, debt is the engine which drives our global economic system and without the debt/credit relationship, the world economy as it is currently constituted, would cease to function. 
Thus we have reached a most critical point in the modern world history where a debt-based economy and its related fiat currencies simply must go. Neither can sustain themselves any longer nor do they adequately serve the needs of a rapidly evolving human race. In their place must come a wholly new system based upon lasting value, sustainability and fairness for all. 
And that is precisely what is happening at this very moment. 
A very determined effort from a contingent of brave, noble people and alliances is working feverishly behind the scenes to transform our world economy for the better. And now, we are seeing the results coming out into the open in a series of historic steps which are unfolding. Ultimately there will be an unveiling of many landmark initiatives such as the Global Currency Reset, the World Global Settlements, the Global Collateral Accounts and the Restoration of the Republic, among many others.
It is truly remarkable to behold all of which is occurring in our world. 
The year 2013 has already been one of the most historic and revealing years in the history of mankind. And we still have a whole quarter left to go. The amount of revelations which have come from heretofore secret societies and clandestine institutions has been nothing short of staggering.
As we dive further down the proverbial rabbit hole to uncover an understanding much more closely resembling a truth, we find the same story repeating itself again and again. That story is –– all roads lead to Rome. The Roman empire of Constantine, Cesar, etc. never really went away. It just moved into the Vatican and has remained there ever since to rule over the entire world in secret, hidden to nearly everyone on the planet. 
Nonetheless, the Holy Roman Empire finally began the process of seriously unraveling on the date of February 11, 2013 when Pope Benedict XVI announced he would be stepping down as of February 28th due to health concerns. This marked the first time in 700 years a sitting Pope voluntarily chose to leave office rather than being forced out. 
Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice? Two lightning bolts strike the Vatican on February 11, 2013.
Later, during the very same day at 6 PM local Vatican City time, lightning struck the very symbol of Vatican control, St. Peter’s Basilica, not once but twice. As it turns out, these lightning bolts were very foreboding signs of even more amazing developments yet to come out of the Roman empire. 
Within days of the Pope Benedict’s announcement, it was revealed an arrest warrant had been issued against him for crimes against humanity. On February 15, the Vatican revealed Pope Benedict would lead a quite life in retirement residing in a convent within the walls of Vatican City. In essence, the Vatican proclaimed it will protect him from any or all prosecution regarding the ongoing pedophilia and sexual abuse allegations against numerous priests and other members within the Catholic church umbrella. 
On March 13, 2013, the famous white smoke arose from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel to signify a brand new Pope had been chosen, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit Archbishop no less, from Argentina, who decided upon the name of Pope Francis. 
Almost immediately, the new Pope seemed intent on displaying a much different public profile than his predecessors when he returned back to pay his hotel bill, chose not reside in the lavish Papal apartment and to take the bus rather than luxurious limousines. Then, on Easter Sunday, March 29, 2013, in an surprising break from tradition, Pope Francis went to a youth prison to wash the feet of Muslims and atheists in an emulation of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. 

11 thoughts on “Scott Mowry: The End of Economic Slavery Has Arrived

  1. Every time there are more countries that are not afraid of the US government and do not agree with its nazi, imperialist, anti democratic, draconian agendas and they are willing to stand up against the US government. Soon the government will be publicized against from the outside of the country as well as within the country for the irresponsibility committed against humanity.

  2. The writer of this is either cabal disinfo or new-age-brain-damaged (OPT?) or accidentally got his rose-colored glasses stuck on with superglue.This is "regurgitation-surmising" at it's best (that is, worst).DISINFO

  3. What if the GCR is really happening? This will be a good thing. Prosperity for the whole world is a good thing. Everyone having enough food to eat is a good thing. Everyone having a nice place to live is a good thing. We are in for a month of pleasant surprises for humanity. It's time to get excited and be grateful to be alive!

  4. says: I’ve seen this article, Wade, and I believe it is largely by people who are misinformed. Check me out, though, because I didn’t dig in seriously. There will be no reset, etc. I know this. . . Hugs, ~JeanMy reply to Jean:I believe that all money is a tool of the cabal and those calling for a reset and RV are all for slavery 2.0 with a cabal reset for one world currency. Good guys should simply force the media to brief the public about everything going on, complete disclosures. Then with the release of all kinds of suppressed technology(free energy and replicators for example), money should simply become obsolete. I never cared for money since I know it can't buy happiness, freedom, knowledge, love, peace, etc.

  5. SAGE ADVICE you need to develop some critical thinking skills perhaps. Enlightenment is not a "right-brain" state- it's EVERYTHING IN BALANCE & FUNCTIONAL.The let's-do-nothing-but-send-lots-of-light-and-love meme is for mind-controlled wankers.

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