Cobra Audio Update – August 27, 2013

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Alexandra: Good afternoon everybody. This is Alexandra Meadors of Today is August 27, 2013. I have my regularly scheduled guest Cobra at the end of the month to review the current events and to also review any questions the listeners have. I wanted everyone to hang tight. OMG. There is so much to review and so many exciting things are happening. I am looking forward to this interview in particular to see what Cobra’s perspective is. So hello Cobra, thank you for coming on the air with me.

COBRA: Hello everybody. Thank you for listening.

Alexandra: We have so much to cover today. I don’t even know where to start. I wanted to first bring up a controversial article on the false light based spiritual hierarchy. Are you familiar with this article?

COBRA: Yes I am.

Alexandra: A lot of people have written in and have been commenting on it in my e-mail box. I wanted to hear what you have to say that a lot of these Ascended Masters, that many of them haven’t had a human incarnation. Being a part of a corrupt demiurge and also that there are archangels and positive ET involved in this.

COBRA: First of all I do not agree with that article or anything written in that article. 1. Ascended Masters are not part of the corrupt hierarchy. Ascended Masters are Beings. Each has had an incarnation on this planet and have managed by their own discrimination to transcend all the matrix and liberate themselves and now are helping us on the other side of the veil. Reptiles have started a massive campaign. Starting in 1996. They are not part of the false light. Ascended Masters are part of the real light. Each person that had a personal experience with the Ascended masters will be able to testify that it is so.

Alexandra: I agree and 100% agree. One question is: Can there not be a creation in that person’s sphere or field or what have you. Not cloning per se. Could we not see them as a knock off of the original Ascended Master. Is that a possibility?


Alexandra: Just anyone. If a person calls upon St. Germain. Could they have someone who isn’t the real deal?

COBRA: You can call upon St. Germain you will get the response from St. Germain. The response might not reach you. The Archons can still create an etheric filter and create a fake St. Germain hologram.

A: That’s what I’m trying to say. Thank you

COBRA: This is still happening. This is confusing many people. Many of those channels are channeling those holograms.
Alexandra: O.K. That is what the article is probably referring too.

COBRA: Yes probably, but it’s not clearly written and people are getting confused.
Alexandra: You talk how the negative energies and Archons have been removed from the Astral field. Correct? (Yes) Where are we at this point? What is left to clear regarding Archonic energies?

COBRA: I will be very clear. The astral plane around the earth has been cleared. The only thing that is remaining is the etheric part of the Archon grid and only the part inside implant hemisphere’s of some people. Most people’s implant hemisphere’s have been disintegrated already. Those who are remaining are around the key people on the surface of the planet. The Archons are now focusing their attention on the key people and are trying to influence their free will decisions. (Interesting) I am speaking about the key people on the positive and negative side. They are trying to suppress the light and enhance the dark. This is their last concentrated effort at this point.

Alexandra: That’s a good point. Even those of the dark that are coming into an expanded light consciousness, they are even being suppressed.

COBRA – Yes.

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