10 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Live Cam at the Australia Zoo

  1. I love all cats, tigers being my favorite. I wish soon they will all be free to roam as God intended for them. Zoo's, however nice for us, are really no place for such powerful and amazing creatures of our creator. God bless little ones, and momma too, may you soon be one with us. I am so looking forward to that day.

  2. My opinion is they should be let go and adapted to their natural habitat, would you want to be in a cage and put on display for everyone to see? Just a thought they have a soul and a spirit just like you!!!!

  3. sometimes wild animals get sick or injured. People come to the aid of these animals and rehabilitate them at zoos. If the animal cannot recover they will keep the animal in captivity and take care of them. Not sure what the case for these beautiful tiger creatures.

  4. I get your point reenie, but instead of arguing shouldn't we celebrate life coming into this beautiful planet of ours and appreciate all the joy and happiness that comes with it. Ever wonder why most zoos are not able to have their animals procreate to extend the life of their species? this is truly a miracle.

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