43 thoughts on “Britain Will No Longer Support ANY Military Action Against Syria! IT’S OVER!

  1. If they do, they probably be wiped out of the map completely, such an easy target in now days for people and coutries with weapons that were sold by their own imperialist governments through theirown military industrial complex.

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  11. In light of a bit of positive news, the risk of war is slightly reduced, but let's not rest till we have proof of mass arrests. Drake called "greenlights" over a year ago and nothing came out of this. We will find out in a couple days if cabal resignations deadline of Sep. 1 comes and goes.

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  17. All the dinar guru sites you have shown us links to, those are the people you work for and you get paid each time someone clicks on a link you post. You also get a big, fat commission for helping gurus unload their vast dinar inventories. This is no lie, we know because we are awake!

  18. there's plenty proof something good is happening " Despite attempts by both the Republican and Democratic leadership to gain support for a war in Syria, a new Reuters poll revealed that only 9 percent of Americans support military intervention in Syria." "The massive and growing evidence forced out by the alternative media, which points to a US backed chemical attack by Al Qaeda led rebel forces to be blamed on Assad, has only accelerated the inevitable downfall of the corporate press that is now only trusted by 23 percent of the public."Read more: http://www.storyleak.com/brzezinski-global-political-awakening-making-syrian-war-difficult/#ixzz2dWnRAhfVand this is just brief example in America

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  20. Was this an unbiased random poll or did they preselect mostly awake souls? None of my friends and family are awake and they believe all the lies in the mainstream media. My attempts to wake them up have failed, they have made the choice NOT to wake up. If good guys ever figure out how to take back the media and brief the public, the light has a chance to win!

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