Ken’s Blog: Syria Watch

Syria Watch

Zo, Barry, you attack Syria to provide provocation, and we attack back, da?…

I’ve decided to post this entry to provide observations of the Syria situation as it unfolds in real time. And the first things I’d like to take note of are some peculiarities…

> Isn’t it peculiar how the “evil” Western plans for Syria keep getting leaked to the public, such as the master plan for training “rebels” to overturn the regime and the specific plan to deploy chemical weapons and blame it on Assad?

> Isn’t it strange how the Western intelligence services keep making simple mistakes like supposedly posting the chemical attack evidence on the web before it actually occurred?

> Isn’t it interesting how all this makes the West look like evil villains (wicked NATO!), allows Putin to come forward as the big hero who bravely stands behind his allies (virtuous BRICS!), and presents the globalist-run United Nations as the impartial arbiters who brave gunfire to collect the chemical attack evidence and who speak out to forestall the West’s planned attack?


Have you ever seen a cop show where the investigator comes across a crime scene containing “an orgy of evidence,” and he later discovers that it was too good to be true and was a frame-up all along? Well, my friends, welcome to CSI: Syria. And welcome to the orgy of evidence that is being neatly laid out before you. I’ve warned repeatedly about the contrived NATO versus BRICS conflict, and that it was all occurring to usher in the new system and have you meet it with open arms. Are you falling for the setup?

If you are a new reader, here are two entries that lay out the overview of their plan as I currently understand it…

From a worldly NWO perspective: David Wilcock and the Real NWO, Part 2 of 2
And from a woo woo perspective: An Overview of the Luciferian/Satanic Blueprint

And by the way, the computer system at First Convenience Bank Texas (my bank) is completely down this morning, and no one can transact business at any of the branches. Funny how all these “glitches” and cyber attacks are occurring at the same time as this Syria stuff, ain’t it?

I’ll be updating this entry as the situation unfolds, so stay tuned….

13 thoughts on “Ken’s Blog: Syria Watch

  1. I guess its a good thing that i've just been sitting back & not given the syria drama all that much attention(?)… I haven't been feeling the need to…

  2. Umm… Haven't expressed this yet but as far as i'm concerned, we're already in WWIII; not a physical war with guns & nukes & whatnot, but a psychological war for control of our minds, bodies, & spirits.If one ego is reacting to this psychological warfare, then they have pretty much already died in battle.

  3. Yeah, its one thing to be aware of the drama, but to get involved in it is something i guess i just rather not do anymore, as i think i've said before many times. =)

  4., can you post this? I admire Diane's optimism, but she's still an accomplice for the OPPT scam and works for cabal Heather. Her intel is highly unreliable, sorry. I hate to be so pessimistic, but give it 75% odds the cabal will get their war with Syria. They have already moved into position and are ready to strike anyday now. It really upsets me that there's still so many sheeple who buy into the lies of false flags and wars, including my family and friends. If this war commences, it will be proof that the light is losing and good guys don't know what to do or how to stop the cabal. We have never been shown proof of anything good happening from good guys, but the cabal have shown those who are awake all the proof of their NWO agenda. It is getting to the point where galactics will have to decide if they want to "save" us or let us all become extinct. I really need to start reading more NDEs to calm myself down. Yea we are immortal spirits but the experience that lays ahead will be very difficult and painful for most if the cabal start a war with Syria and it escalates into ww3. I no longer believe that war is impossible, the cabal have shown they are hell bent on starting ww3, it's all over the news. Call it fearporn all you want, but if good guys don't stop the cabal, they are in major trouble. My dad told me they are passing out gas masks in Israel and have warned the Israelis that Syria and Iran will attack Israel. Also I read that Russia and China will retaliate and attack America. Those of us awake desperately want world peace and I let my parents know this, but they are asleep and think war is necessary to protect us.

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