11 thoughts on “What would it take for us to thrive ? Solutions – Foster Gamble

  1. I may get over it, but there is something distracting me from the official message of the interview.It is her neckline – the dark cavity between her breasts.I don't like to be presented such a thing, while unable to touch it.. ;-)On the other hand, this could be intended to influence (parts of) the audience in some ways.I'm thinking about the slogan "sex sells" now, but there could be more to it,including perhaps listening in a less alert state of mind.

  2. I do not believe in this Thrive movement. If these people really would want to help the earth and humanity, they could start by not putting fluoride in the toothpaste they make and sell, and makes them rich.

  3. Get over the "sex sells" brainwashing. Breasts are for nursing babies. Breasts are ugly lumps of fat. Sex is for procreation, not recreation. Chant this over and over in your head to lessen your brainwashing.

  4. Get over your "breasts are ugly…", anti sex, anti pleasure, anti life church pope brainwash, Anonymous 11:46!Perhaps you think, humans are ugly altogether and are trying to destroy that species – by very vile means.If you are not willing to let others live, you loose your right to live!Your medicine shall be applied to yourself!

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