Cobra Update – August 27, 2013

Peace Portal Activation Report 

I have extremely good news. We have managed to reach the critical mass! Many websites and blogs have spread the message and our Peace Portal activation video alone has reached almost one quarter million views in just a few days. Our collective consciousness at the moment of the activation has managed to strengthen the network of Light on the etheric plane to the point that the whole etheric archon grid is disintegrating fast and events will now quickly follow.

It has been requested by the Light forces that those who are so guided can continue with Peace meditation every Sunday at 11:11 pm Cairo time:

This equals 11:11 pm in Central Europe, 10:11 pm in UK, 5:11 pm EDT, 4:11 pm CDT, 3:11 MDT and 2:11 PDT. For other locations and other time zones, you can see this link:

The negative archon vortex on the etheric plane above Syria has disintegrated as a result of our mass meditation. This means that the Cabal does not have any massive energy support for creating a war in Syria anymore. Any foreign military invasion into Syria by the Cabal may now trigger an action by the Positive Military and actually start the Event. It is extremely unlikely that the Cabal will be willing to risk that, although they will most likely push the situation to the edge.

The etheric archons do not have any large scale geopolitical power of influence anymore after they lost the Egypt vortex last week and Syria vortex on Sunday. Now they are directing all their power to influence key people on the planet, such as members of the Cabal, people with financial and political power, people with media influence and also key light warriors and light workers. Whatever they do, they will not be able to delay their fall much longer.

September will be a very interesting month.  

31 thoughts on “Cobra Update – August 27, 2013

  1. WOW! This whole Archron consciousness mentality really did have a whole on our collective consciousness, it amazing that some of us was able to by pass that way of thinking.

  2. COBRA activated another portal to let a critical mass of evil entities in – enough to start war (in Syria)?This is extremely good news – for whom?I believe there is still hope, this can be prevented!Do not support those lords of evil with your life force or attention!Do not take part in any kind of magic* rituals, that you do not really understand – lest you permit yourself to be abused for evil purposes!* whether they call it magic, religious, spiritual, technical or whatever

  3. If you use your energy to envision peace and love in the purest form it cannot be harvested from you no matter what they do. They only way an entity can harvest your energy is to either trick you into fear or for you to give that entity your power willingly, like worshiping god.

  4. I am soooo glad you posted this Enerchi. I couldn't post over at Cobra's site as I don't have a google account and you can't just use your name like you can here, but I feel like crying with joy!!! I have followed Cobra since the very beginning and joined in with the meditations. The cabal are so desperate, they are being attacked from all angles. I checked out the British papers' headlines tomorrow and some of them seem to be changing their attitudes over Syria. We are nearly there and I won't yell with joy in the streets just yet but when this thing goes down I will! When you take into account what's going on with other blogs you can just sense that it's all over for them. This news has really lifted me. Thank you Cobra!

  5. This is very good news from Cobra. Can't wait to see what's coming the rest of this year! Syria is the cabal's last hope that will wither away shortly. Love, Light, and Peace!

  6. Quack! Here I am! How can I help you ask?Buy as many dinars and dongs as you can afford.RV already happened in Iraq and will go global in days.Hurry so you don't miss out on getting rich.Being left behind to stay poor sucks.-Ducksoup

  7. Yes, Cobra the cabal SNAKE does want to start a war. This will not be allowed thanks to heros like Keenan and Drake.Do not give SNAKES a second of your energy!Luv n light does not work, but buying dinars does.Dinars will defund the cabal and make you rich.Being rich lets you fund projects to help humanity.-Ducksoup

  8. Stop paying attention to Cobra, how many times do I have to tell you MORONS that he lies?Cobra the SNAKE lies!and lies.and lies.and lies.and lies.Forever. Beware all snakes.-Ducksoup

  9. not all snakes are poisonous jeez ducksoup is a moron just like a preacher at church bible bashing get a life and leave others alone to their own life you PREACHER

  10. well you gonna be like all the greedy cabal and keep the profits for yourself and leave the poverty stricken areas. leave me behind then Id rather be poor in your reality where people get left behind with the others where we help each other out, doesn't sound like you wanna help sounds like you wanna be rich while others suffer. I only get enough for food and accommodation so how can I become rich when I don't have enough to buy any dinars and dong just like a huge percentage of the world. ducksoup do you care about unity I think not

  11. Somebodies tail feathers sure are in a bunch as usual, sounds pretty frantic, must have an ingrown feather.Some people enjoy fairytales and cannot see reality.What happens next should pretty much settle it one way or the other.

  12. Kate. I remember when I was a kid talking to my friend's grandparents who lived through ww2. They lived in the UK. They said in the darkest days of the war there was a serious chance that Hitler would invade in the coming days – I don't know what the exact circumstances were cause you don't pay that much attention when you're a kid! Anyhow, a member of the government (Churchill?) spoke to the nation and everyone took to the churches (might have been synagogues too but they didn't say) and prayed like they never prayed before – my friends g-parents prayed under their stairs cause there were air-raids every night. The invasion threat passed. The old folk seemed to think they'd helped. 🙂

  13. Only the lower part of the cabal pyramid will be eliminated. It's a long term plan from the reptoids and the Vatican. Eliminate all lower power structures so the upper part of the pyramid, the all seing eye (marduk-Ra, can regain control. So no matter how many dinars you buy, you're still helping the Vatican (HYDRA-REPTILIANS)

  14. Why do you suppose there is a dark idol in that picture between "victory" and "now"?- He wants victory for that dark idol…, not for the people!The people need peace and not so much "victory" – like in crushing many many others."Victory" has a pronounced connotations of crushing, enslaving, dominating…We don't need such things anymore, we need to heal!The perpetrators need to be restrained – not be permitted to do any more damage!, yes.But we need not more victory, domination, revenge and similar sadistic games in this "real world"!Meditating for peace may be quite OK – but don't let yourself be (mis)guided by charters like COBRA!That is not meditation!Remember fishing: the worm is a tidbit for the fish – but not the hook!

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