8 thoughts on “Skull & Bones Member John Kerry Speaks To Press – Propoganda For War With Syria

  1. * 'Lurch' calls the chemical attack an 'obscenity'?!?!…What 'unfknbeeleevable' hubris coming from this prevaricating & mendacious sub-human slug… laying down his slime trail of lies… 'He' is the epitome of a walking/talking 'Obscenity'….liar!…liar…liar!Oh yeah …I almost forgot! …he's a politician & his lips are moving.

  2. This is our government that manufactures epidemics in their biological labs and infects the people so they can sell vaccines or destroy the population, they then infect the vaccines, they spray chemtrails daily, they promote genetically modified food that has no nutritional value but creates disease in our bodies, they conduct false flag operations like 9-11 and kill thousands of their own citizens, they lie to their citizens to start phoney wars for profits for the multinational corporations, they brutalize protesters like the occupy movement, they kill their own citizens with drones, they commit mass murder of citizens in other countries, they lie always and line their own pockets at the expense of the world and all its inhabitants–surely we are not buying into this crap which is just the last desperate efforts of the cabal to hang on to their power as it is being stripped away!

  3. We don't buy into the lies of the mainstream media, but nearly everyone else does. I will believe the cabal have lost their power only when the media starts speaking the truth.

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