Neil Keenan & Jean Haines Update – August 25, 2013

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NEIL KEENAN UPDATE: SLUGGING IT OUT…AND WINNING (TWO VIDEOS) – Make this post viral: sing the song. . . all day long . . . and as long as it takes!! Hugs, ~Jean

Neil’s video couldn’t be more upbeat: In spite of a challenge or two last week, he and his Team came through with flying colors and lots of laughter. We had a lot of fun helping him put this post together. Neil  likes music, and he has chosen a song for us that we all believe is not just for Americans, but for the entire planet to sing – and sing – and sing – today, everyday, and until we free ourselves.
Not only is Neil’s Update connected to today’s Oracle Report, as you will see, but it is also deeply connected with the NorthPoint Astrology Journal post from yesterday, with Montague Keen’s post, and with the beautiful post from the Irish People, Ripples Through Our Nation as this great people takes back their magical history, and declares themselves free from Maritime Law . . .  Forget the news they’re throwing at us, family, and listen to what Neil shares, and make his ideas live, not just today, but every day!

‘Go Team Planet!’

by Michael Henry Dunn

(Jakarta video production by Johannes “Jo” Hutabarat)

Ø  How safe is your Western Union money?  Banking cabal blocks Keenan’s wire transfers – no surprise there…

Ø  Keenan allies detained at airports for days – but others slip through

Ø  Jakarta Supreme Court backdates document in an attempt to illegally keep Martha Wibawa in prison

Ø  Federal Reserve has a great idea – let’s reset the system…and cancel the Fed’s massive debts to the world!  Don’t think so, boys – Keenan says, “think again.”

Ø  Neil Keenan sends two messages: Cabal – you’re done.  Americans – time to clean up our country.

Ø  Two hard-hitting video messages from Keenan – worth your time.

August 25, 2013 – It’s not as if the cabal has been ignoring Neil Francis Keenan all this while.  Four (or is it five?) attempts on his life (and at least one on his team), bribe offers that rose from the millions to the billions to the trillions, the death of his best friend, plus constant surveillance by just about every major intelligence agency in the world (most on his side, some definitely not).  Ever since Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock broke the story on Keenan’s Trillion Dollar Lawsuit against major Federal Reserve entities, the pressure has ratcheted up on a weekly basis.

In the wake of Keenan’s breakthrough partnership with leading figures in the Asian clans who are the legitimate depositors of the vast majority of the assets in the Global Collateral Accounts (revealed in a widely followed story released on Jean Haines’ blog on August 9th), the corrupt Western banking elite (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, Warburgs, Windsors, et al) apparently managed to spare enough time from attempting to cut each other’s throats last week to focus on making life a little more difficult for The Keenan Group.

Martha Wibawa’s release from prison was delayed once again when the Jakarta Supreme Court apparently illegally back-dated a document to prevent his automatic freedom.  Keenan has a globally prominent attorney preparing an international lawsuit to expose this corruption – though there is a chance the court may yet take appropriate action, and avoid the global spotlight.

The (cabal-owned) Western Union wire transfers were mysteriously blocked (hey regular folks, you might want to just mail that check to Aunt Sally next time).  Allies arriving in Jakarta were detained for days at airports.  And the easy-to-spot surveillance guys have become so ubiquitous that Neil is now tempted to buy them donuts out of pity.  He winks at them.  And they roll their eyes in exasperation.

(I admit I’ve wondered if maybe the donuts are how they bribe spooks in Keenan’s native Rhode Island – but it’s probably the brazenly flirtatious smile with which he delivers the donuts that does the trick…it seems to work pretty well with hotel clerks and bored immigration officials.  Okay, I’m blowing the whistle on Neil Keenan: he turns down bribe offers in the billions…but he’s not above offering pastries to bank tellers).

While dealing with the blocked funds and detained allies (anticipated and provided for in advance), Keenan is deepening his partnership with his new allies (more are coming on board daily), and preparing actions to take down the Fed.  The Feds have recently come up with a startling idea – a new financial system!  The main feature of their version of a global reset involves wiping out the Fed’s own debts to the nations whose wealth they have been defrauding for the last hundred years or so.  See the accompanying two videos for Keenan’s emphatically expressed doubts on the likelihood of this occurring (along with an inspirational Woodie Guthrie classic in the second video).

Forgive the quips here, folks – we are well aware of how deadly serious all this is.  But Keenan keeps things light for his team by nearly non-stop puckish, wacko humor – which is much in evidence on the two accompanying videos.  But so is the tough and fearless essence of the man.  Listen to him urge the American people to take our country back (legally and peacefully, please note).  He reminds us all that we are not alone in this fight.  We have allies in the Pentagon, in the agencies, in the militia movement, among our brave men and women serving in the armed forces, in the non-aligned nations, in the Asian powers who own the assets, in courageous whistle-blowers like Karen Hudes – and even, some say, in off-planet friends who are helping in largely unseen ways.

I haven’t edited these videos one bit, folks (well, OK, I took out Neil’s Sinatra imitation at the beginning). This is classic hard-hitting, unexpurgated NFK.  He went twenty-nine and oh as a Golden Glove boxer – and still knows how to dodge one blow to deliver a flurry of counter-punches.

One last note: I really don’t know whether it’s leprechauns, Indonesian devas, or angelic E.T’s….but the man seems to know things before they happen – even to the extent of answering questions I was about to ask, before I asked them.  It’s a bit spooky, really.  Not that I’m trying to unnerve the bad boys in Texas who are reading this (or in London, or D.C., or Jakarta, or New York, or wherever), but I suspect Neil has peeked down the timeline of the Galactic Mirror, and seen visions of NWO baddies doing permanent time – while the planet heals and humanity tastes freedom for the first time in a few thousand years.

Go maire subh bhur saol nua….
Michael Henry Dunn

23 thoughts on “Neil Keenan & Jean Haines Update – August 25, 2013

  1. I found this post by Neil a bit evasive and little info was passed on which in my opinion means that something very big is going on.Still, there are chemtrails in my neck of the woods (Southern Hemisphere).

  2. I figured out how to stop Keenan and friends –It would involve an array of galactic armed forcesand a few beyond time/space weapons, and eventhen it would be a rough go.I sure wouldn'd try it.Rock on Neil and Company — bring home the goldand your part of the World BOOSTER.Will they WARN the planet when you guys celebratethe final WIN?? Holy cats!!!

  3. Nothing can permanently "stop" any soul as death is an illusion for we are eternal souls. Even if the cabal were to nuke all of us, we would just end up in heaven where we belong and the cabal will end up in hell.

  4. I have been ready years ago. We have no idea what's going on and if the light will even win. As 7:41 says, the good guys can't even figure out how to stop them damn chemtrails.

  5. You "belong" in "Heaven" ? ?So SLIT your WRISTS on YOUTUBE.and PROVE IT.If that's where you "BELONG" — what the hell you WAITING for ? ? ?Call it education for the people of Earth.Hurry the hell UP — we've got OTHER classes to attend.

  6. Where I live — 3 (THREE) stinking tiny chemtrailsin 6 months.The "light" (HARD ASS MILITARY) havealready WON. (…enemies foreign AND domestic.")The ANALOGY:The MANSION IS ************FULLY********** BUILT —- We're just cleaning up the **REALLY**messy jobsite.We'll be hunting down sub-RATS for many years.MASSIVE FUNDING nearly in place and operating:- Global Funds (Keenan Etc)- Foreign currency- Future mining, tech releases, ET tech, etc (Nam has G O L D)Etc Etc.

  7. Suicide is a sin in case you forgot. We supposedly chose to incarnate on earth to fulfill our soul contracts and pay off our karmic debts. We know that either heaven will come to earth or we will go to heaven if our good deeds outweigh our bad deeds upon the end of our incarnation. The cabal will do hard time in hell regardless of what they do. They will also have karma that means they get to experience being part of the 99% for many thousands of lives on other 3d worlds.

  8. You must live in the middle of nowhere. Most of us live in urban cities where our skies are full of chemtrails and are mostly white with them. Yuck! I'd love nothing more than to see clear, blue skies! How long is it going to take to clean the messy jobsite? Start with those nasty chemtrails! On another note, have you heard rumors of a September one(1) cabal resignations? I gave my parents the headsup and said ill believe it when I see it, but they think it's nonsense and will never happen. Let's hope the "hard ass" military can force cabal to resign in the next few days then mass arrest them. Oh my parents also say mass arrests will never happen. I told them the good guys winning is contingent on arresting the cabal and briefing the public fully on everything. They have not yet won till they can prove they are in control to all of us. It's known as a positive event that we are waiting to happen. Next few days shall tell if Sep 1 doesn't come and go.

  9. We are talking about spiritual sin, not the religious nonsense preached by the cabal churches. The universal laws of karma applies to all, including cabal for their sins. Heaven is the higher dimension realms while hell is this prison planet and the 4th dimension negative. The cabal have an enormous amount of karma on their souls and will go to hell, aka 4th dimension negative or reincarnate on other 3d prison planets to work out their karma as we did.

  10. What if Karma is the sin and it is not a part of natural universal law? One thing we learn about stepping outside of duality is that there is no good and evil there is no light and dark or no negative and positive, all is neutral. I am starting to believe the theory about the 4% universe or the holographic universe as some refer to it as. It spands an entire universe with many planes and dimensions set up for us to explore and "Ascend" to but it is all fake and part of the same control system we are in here on earth but just on a much larger scale and with alot less walls and blockades holding us back. None the less I am starting to beleive we live in the 4% universe and have been totally cut off from the 96% by the vampires who have been feeding on our energy for millenias…..

  11. Karma is within duality – do something bad and you then have to do something good to ofset it, allegedly. So if we accept this duality shit was a set up by the archons and its all a great deception, karma has to be part of that deception too. The 'veil' was put there by the same entities so who knows how much is on the other side of the 'veil'? The possibilities are immense.

  12. I also heard there is no karma outside duality. If there is no evil in 5d, what happens if a soul makes the freewill choice to be evil, that soul finds himself back in 3d and also gets karma there? I suppose the cabal will stay stuck in 3d and receive massive amounts of karma too. There's a theory that our universe is ascending so I guess the cabal will find themselves in another universe.

  13. Thing is the 4% holographic universe I speak of goes past 5th density. Some say it has been set up as far as 7th density. Mind you there are 5th densities and so on outside our 4% but also contained within our 4% to give us somewhere to "Ascend" to as a distraction.

  14. Karma is a fiction that was manufactured as part of the control grid. The concepts of "heaven & hell" are part of the matrix construct.REALITY is much larger than these feeble concepts.

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